How to Unlock Every Reward in Final Fantasy 14: Moogle Treasure Festival

How to Unlock Every Reward in Final Fantasy 14: Moogle Treasure Festival

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The Moogle Treasure Festival event is back. Until June 14, players can earn both rare and brand new items to celebrate the next expansion, Endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14 is continuing to surge in popularity, both from its endless free trial and complimentary upgrade to PlayStation 5. The next expansion Endwalker is due out later this year. Until then, Square Enix is keeping users engaged with high-end raids and relic weapon quests.

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For a limited time, the Moogle Treasure Festival is back. By engaging in less popular content like story dungeons and Rival Wings matches, players can earn mounts, minions, and gear for free. Some of these items are special, so avid collectors will want to participate before the entire event.

Gaining Tomestones of Pageantry in Final Fantasy 14

Frontlines yield Moogle Tomestones in Final Fantasy 14

Certain instanced content will reward Tomestones of Pageantry, either in fixed or alternate amounts. Players will need to be at least level 30 in a combat job to get started, with more Tomestones being obtainable in level 50 and 70 content. Parties must enter at the normal level sync, as using the undersized party feature to increase levels will disable Tomestone rewards.

PvP Maps

Players will need to be level 30 and completed the quests A Pup No Longer and Like Civilized Men and Women. Frontline matches change every day to prevent segmenting the player base. Because Rival Wings matches tend to be shorter than most Frontlines matches and are 1-vs-1 instead 1-vs-1-vs-1, Hidden Gorge is the best option for Tomestones of Pageantry. The amounts for each map in follows:

  • Borderland Ruins: 6 for third or second place, 10 for winning
  • Seal Rock: 6 for third or second place, 10 for winning
  • The Fields of Glory: 6 for third or second place, 10 for winning
  • Onsal Hakair: 6 for third or second place, 10 for winning
  • Hidden Gorge: 6 for losing, 10 for winning

Storyline Dungeons

Another option is to play 8-man story dungeons from A Realm Reborn. Players will need to be at least level 50 and have done the quest Rock the Castrum. Due to these being important story content, cutscenes cannot be skipped making each run 30 minutes or more, which can lead to the hefty amount of Tomestones actually being inefficient.

  • Castrum Meridianum: 14
  • The Praetorium: 20

Extreme Trials

Players can take on two extreme level difficulty trials at the end of Heavensward and Shadowbringers. One will need to complete the normal versions first and then speak to either the Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona, or Minstreling Wanderer in The Crystarium, respectfully.

  • Nidhogg’s Rage (level 60): 8
  • Hades’s Elegy (level 80): 10

8-Man Raids

8-man content from the first three expansions will also yield set amounts of Tomestones of Pageantry. Players can also use their daily Duty Roulette to enter these raids, though it provides no extra Pageantry.

  • Alexander Fist of the Father (level 60): 2
  • Alexander Cuff of the Father (level 60): 2
  • Alexander Arm of the Father (level 60): 2
  • Alexander Burden of the Father (level 60): 2
  • Deltascape 1.0 (level 70): 2
  • Deltascape 2.0 (level 70): 2
  • Deltascape 3.0 (level 70): 2
  • Deltascape 4.0 (level 70): 2
  • Eden’s Gate Resurrection (level 80): 3
  • Eden’s Gate Descent (level 80): 3
  • Eden’s Gate Inundation (level 80): 3
  • Eden’s Gate Sepulture (level 80): 3

24-Man Raids

All past alliance raids will grant a good amount of Tomestones of Pageantry. Because many players will be running these raids daily, it will be among the fastest ways to collect rewards (but also may become tedious).

  • Labyrinth of the Ancients (level 50): 6
  • Sycrus Tower (level 50): 6
  • The World of Darkness (level 50): 6
  • Void Ark (level 60): 8
  • The Weeping City of Mhach (level 60): 10
  • Dun Scaith (level 60): 14
  • The Royal City of Rabanastre (level 70): 10
  • Ridorana Lighthouse (level 70): 12
  • The Orbonne Monastery (level 70): 14
  • The Copied Factory (level 80): 10
  • The Puppet’s Bunker (level 80): 10
  • The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach (level 80): 10

Moogle Treasure Rewards in Final Fantasy 14

Blissful Kamuy Mount in Final Fantasy 14

Tomestones of Pageantry can be exchanged by the Itinerant Moogle in the three major cities: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 9.4, Y: 11.6), Ul’dah Steps of Nald (X: 9.6, Y: 9.1), and New Gridania: X: 12.4, Y: 12.1). Many of the items they trade are not unique and can be gained by other means (thus saving Tomestones for other goods), including from the market boards for gil. This also means players can sell back what they gain from the Moogle for huge profits. Several prizes can also not be bought until certain dungeons and stories are completed.

  • The Great Serpent of Ringa (100): a glamour ring with basic stats. One of the few unique items for this festival.
  • Legendary Kamuy Flute (50): a possible mount drop from Shinryu’s Domain. Also a guaranteed trade-in for clearing the trail 99 times.
  • Blissful Kamuy Flute (50): a mount drop from Emanation Extreme, or tradeable after 99 clears.
  • Reveling Kamuy Flute (50): the mount from The Pool of Tribute Extreme, and also rewardable for beating it 99 times.
  • Disembodied Head Resonator (50): a mount obtainable for 10 Gelmorran Potshards found randomly from Palace of the Dead.
  • Ballroom Etiquette – Excessive Petticoats (50): an emote that can be gained for 10 Empyrean Potshards from within Heaven on High.
  • Ballroom Etiquette – Insufficient Petticoats (80): an emote gained from The Forbidden Land Eureka: Pagos.
  • Modern Aesthetics – Gyr Abanian Plait (50): a hairstyle found randomly within Heaven on High.
  • Modern Aesthetics – Form and Function (50): a hairstyle gained from The Forbidden Land Eureka: Pyros.
  • Dancing Mad I-IV (50×3, 30×1): music tracks from Sigmascape 4.0. The first three are random drops from said raid, the last can be bought for two Sigmascape Bolts from 1.0 or 2.0.
  • Scarf of Wondrous Wit (1): glamour mask, possible reward from Lodestone contests.
  • Monster Earrings (1×5): limited items from conventions.
  • Toaist Moogle (1): new minion for the festival.
  • Wind Up Ramza (7): minion from The Orbonne Monastery.
  • OMG (7): minion from Alphascape 4.0.
  • Dwarf Rabbit (7): minion from Aquapolis.
  • Zenos Card (7): Triple Triad card from Ala Mhigo dungeon.
  • Susano Card (7): card from The Pool of Tribute.
  • Lakshmi Card (7): card from Emanation.
  • Lost Allagan Armor of Fending (15×5): level 70 armor gained from Poetics or Centurio Seals.
  • Skallic Armor of Healing (15×5): level 70 armor from The Drowned City of Skalla dungeon.
  • Housing Furnishing items (30×13): various high-level crafted items.
  • Verdant Partition (60): furnishing from Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum Hard and Fetes.
  • MGP Platinum Card (60): 50,000 Gold Saucer Points.
  • Job Mastery Magicked Prism x 10 (1): creates temporary stars over the player, exclusive to all Moogle Treasure Festivals.

While the Itinerant Moogle is set to leave on June 14, 2021, when they return for another Moogle Treasure Festival they often allow the purchase of the previous set of items (but no festivals older than the last). It may be possible to use Tomestones of Pageantry in the future.

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Final Fantasy 14 A Realm RebornHeavenswardStormblood, and Shadowbringers are available now on PC and PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 5 beta is open for an indeterminate amount of time.

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