How To Find The Season 13 Cast On Instagram

How To Find The Season 13 Cast On Instagram

May 16, 2021 0 By admin

Fans are thrilled by the return of A&E’s Storage Wars. If you can’t get enough of these thrifters, here’s your handy guide to finding them on IG.

A&E surprised viewers by suddenly bringing back Storage Wars for a new season. After several failed spin-offs, including Barry’d Treasure with fan-favorite Barry Weiss, and Jarrod and Brandi: Married to the Job, A&E realized nothing could replace the original. Many of the original cast are returning, and viewers are eager to see what all the characters have been up to since season 12 ended in 2019. Besides seeing them on season 13, fans can also catch up with many of their favorites on Instagram.

Noticeably absent from season 13 is Dave Hester. He outed the show for being as fake, much like, well, most reality shows. He was fired, he sued the show, the case was settled out of court, and Hester returned to the show for multiple further seasons. Hester has plenty going on despite not returning to season 13. He has moved to the other side of auctions, working as an auctioneer, as well as selling some of the treasures he finds online.

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As for the season 13 cast, many of them are active on social media, including Instagram. Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante broke audience members’ hearts by ending their relationship, but they have both returned to the show, even attending some of the same auctions. They can be found at @jarrodschulz and @brandipassante. Rene and Casey Nezhoda are still together and have similar handles, each starting with their own initial: @rbargainhunters and @cbargainhunters. Dan and Laura Dotson are also still together. They each have their own Instagram accounts, @dandotson_ and @paytheladylaura, as well as a joint account, @americanauctioneers.

Brandon Sheets, who was once fired for budget cuts, can be followed at @brandosheets, and his father Darrell “the Gambler” Sheets is @darrellgambler. Ivy Calvin, who has also brought his sons into the business, uses the handle @grandmas_attic_action. Kenny Crossley, who once managed storage units and now bids on them, can be found on Instagram @kencrossley. Crossley originally worked with antique collector Barry Weiss, who doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account.

–While all of the Storage Wars cast members seemed to have moved on to other projects after season 12, many of them jumped at the opportunity to return to TV for season 13. Audiences have eagerly welcomed the cast back as they dive back into the world of storage unit auctions and secret treasures hidden among the trash. A&E hasn’t announced how many seasons they are planning, but the franchise has been one of their most popular shows. If season 13 brings in good ratings, it’s a safe bet that the auctions will keep rolling.

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