Fans Share Ideas For How to Improve Wildcard Twist

Fans Share Ideas For How to Improve Wildcard Twist

May 16, 2021 0 By admin

The Masked Singer’s new wildcard format hasn’t been received well by fans. They are sharing their own ideas on how to improve the twist.

The Masked Singer wildcard twist hasn’t been well-received by fans, who shared their own ideas for how to improve this new element of the show. The celebrity singing competition series is currently in its fifth season. Past winners include T-Pain, Wayne Brady, Kandi Burruss and LeAnn Rimes. Viewers and judges alike are less than two weeks away from finding out who the latest champion is. The Masked Singer‘s Black Swan, Yeti, Piglet and Chameleon are the last remaining contestants to be unmasked.

Producers added a new twist to The Masked Singer season 5. There were four weeks during the season in which wildcard contestants were introduced into the competition. Over those weeks, Orca, Crab, Bulldog and Yeti were the new mystery singers. Host Nick Cannon ended up being under the Bulldog mask as a surprise reveal to celebrate his return as host. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and ended up missing several episodes at the beginning of the season. Actress Niecy Nash filled in for Cannon during that period of time. Two of the other wildcards–Orca and Crab–have already been eliminated from the show. Yeti, who made his debut during the sixth episode, is still in the competition.

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Fans aren’t thrilled with the new wildcard element to The Masked Singer. They have taken to Reddit to share their ideas for how to improve this twist if it continues on in future seasons. The fan who started the thread said, “It might be more interesting if the Wildcards were associated with or had some form of relationship with either the judges or even better one of the contestants.” Another idea they had involves a sing-off in which they are “the unexpected mask-off. Like a duo that don’t normally sing together.” Another fan chimed in with their idea, where the show airs a wildcard-specific episode. They said, “Have wildcard shows where everyone unmasks except one person. That person joins the other singers.” They noted that The Masked Singer could potentially “get a few bigger names” if it only involved appearing in one episode. When the twist was first announced, some fans hoped that the wildcard contestants would be battling the singers who receive the “lowest number of votes in a Smackdown.

When it comes to The Masked Singer wildcard twist, fans just aren’t interested. They believe it “fell flat” and call the twist “lazy” and “boring.” One fan in the Reddit thread has a theory as to why the wildcard element was introduced. They said, “I’m convinced that the only reason there were wild cards was because they were short people for Group C.

Fans are right to question the wildcard twist. Producers seemed to be looking to add more excitement and drama to the season and hoped these new masked singers would cause viewers to get excited. That clearly didn’t happen. The Masked Singer fans have provided some promising ideas for the wildcard if the show keeps it around for future seasons. At the same time, if a contestant who’s introduced later in the game ends up doing really well and potentially winning, then that wouldn’t be fair to the celebrities who were with the show from the season premiere. This is reminiscent of American Idol‘s comeback twist that saw season 18’s Arthur Gunn return to the competition. As for The Masked Singer, maybe producers will listen to the fans who hope the format is changed or removed next season.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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