Everything to Know About The Show’s Have-Not Slop

Everything to Know About The Show’s Have-Not Slop

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Big Brother houseguests dread spending a week on slop, the show’s infamous food punishment. Learn more about this oatmeal-like food.

While longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen-Moonves always reminds the fans and the houseguests to “expect the unexpected,” the have-not slop can always be expected in a season of the show. For those who are not familiar with the dreaded meal, houseguests who become have-nots for the week are restricted to a slop-only diet as a part of the punishment. To fans, the ingredients of the oatmeal-like food are pretty unknown. However, they do know it doesn’t look appetizing at all.

A lot has changed on Big Brother since its first season premiering in 2000. One of the most infamous additions to the show was the have-not slop. Specifically, the slop was a twist added to Big Brother 7: All-Stars. Moreover, have-nots weren’t a factor of the game until a few seasons later. On Big Brother 11, the have-nots were an added twist to the competition that has stuck around ever since. Similar to the way that it is currently on the show, have-nots would have to sleep in the most uncomfortable room in the house, which would always be designed specifically to cause them to have a lack of sleep. On top of terrible sleeping arrangements, have-nots were also forced to take cold showers. Typically, a player would be a have-not for one week at a time. However, there have been instances in which players have been have-nots for longer than a week.

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Up until Big Brother 15, the houseguests would partake in group competitions to determine which players would be have-nots for the week. The only exemption was the reigning Head of Household. But on Big Brother 16 – which was suddenly removed from the streaming service Paramount+ – this additional competition was eliminated from the game. So how bad really is the slop? According to an official video shared onto the official Big Brother Twitter account, the recipe is rather simple. In order to make slop, “Just add water to a mixture of steel oats, whey protein isolate, unflavored soy protein, and vitamin and mineral powder.” Production ensures that the ingredients in slop are enough to keep the players safe and nourished while being on this strict diet.

In addition to eating the slop, there are also other strict rules that the have-nots must follow. The houseguests who are subjected to eating slop are not allowed to eat anything else for the entire week, but they can flavor and cook the unpleasant meal however they want. In season 20, for instance, Haleigh Broucher added barbecue sauce to her slop, whereas Kaysar Ridha tried to turn the slop into cookies during the latest All-Star season. A few houseguests have tried to transform the slop into some type of burger patty, while others simply eat it as is. There are also consequences for breaking your slop diet. Houseguests who break the strict diet are subject to a penalty vote during eviction, which ultimately gives them a higher chance of being evicted. Some brave players have taken this risk, such as one of the most controversial players, Jackson Michie, did in season 21.

After hosting Big Brother for nearly 21 years, of course Julie Chen-Moonves had to give slop a taste for herself. She claims that it actually does not taste all that bad. However it is pretty flavorless. While it may not be bad at first taste, there is not doubt that it gets tiring eating the same flavorless food over and over for an entire week.

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