Which Roomies Follow Each Other On IG (& Which Don’t)

Which Roomies Follow Each Other On IG (& Which Don’t)

May 15, 2021 0 By admin

While the Jersey Shore cast is perceived as a tight-knit bunch, they don’t all follow each other on social media. Could there be unknown tension?

Despite the drama and fights, the cast of Jersey Shore is perceived as being a tight-knit bunch on camera. But is that the case outside of the show? Surprisingly enough, they actually do not all follow each other on social media. In fact, some do not follow a single roommate on Instagram.

When Jersey Shore first started in 2009, social media was barely making its way into existence. At the time, the only well-known platform was Myspace. Now, fans get to continue to stay in the know about their favorite roomies’ lives on Instagram and Twitter, even when new episodes are not airing. The cast is oftentimes seen on social media either spending time with their fellow roommates or sending love through comments on their posts.

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But just because the cast has formed closed friendships over the years does not mean they all follow each other on social media. The only Jersey Shore stars that follow all of their fellow cast members, including the latest additions, Lauren Sorrentino and Nikki Hall, are Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, and Deena Cortese. The three girls even follow Angelina Pivarnick, despite their nearly never-ending drama following her 2019 wedding.

Jersey Shore Family Reunion

Angelina, on the other hand, follows everyone except Vinny Guadagnino and Lauren. In return, Lauren does not follow her either, but the rest of the cast can be found on her Instagram feed. Many believe there is some tension between Angelina and Lauren due to past drama. Lauren and Mike recently admitted Angelina will be the only roommate not allowed to babysit their baby boy. Although Lauren does not follow Angelina on Instagram, Mike does. The only castmate Mike does not follow is Pauly’s girlfriend, Nikki. Ronnie and Mike are on the same page. He, too, follows everyone except Nikki.

Where things get really interesting is with Pauly and Vinny. The dynamic duo has rarely ever been caught up in any of the drama on the show, seemingly getting along with nearly everyone. Since Angelina does not follow Vinny, he does not follow her in return. Despite filming the upcoming season of Double Shot at Love alongside Nikki, Vinny does not follow his best friend’s girlfriend. Nikki does not follow Vinny nor any of the other men aside from Pauly. However, she does follow all of the ladies from the show.

Shockingly enough, Pauly does not follow a single roommate on Instagram, not even Vinny. He has a very short list of accounts that he does follow. As fans know, Nikki is included in that list. Pauly recently even embarrassed Nikki on Instagram. It is unknown why some of the roommates do not follow each other on social media. Perhaps there is some drama fans don’t yet know about which will be portrayed on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. At least all of the girls have moved past the wedding speech drama.

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