Which Lucifer Villain Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Which Lucifer Villain Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

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The characters in Lucifer have been very intriguing for followers of the TV series as they are a blend of personalities. For someone as hedonistic as Lucifer, there’s a person as sweet as Ella. Fans have taken to using zodiac personalities to judge how they resemble the protagonists, but it’s worth checking out the villains in the same way.

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These are the characters who have directly challenged the main character, with even allies like Maze or Eve falling under it due to the fact that they’ve tried to harm Lucifer before. In addition, there are the antagonists who’ve been there firmly to bring Lucifer down, and even these characters are so different in nature that they can be arranged according to their zodiac signs.

12 Gemini: Michael

Tom Ellis as Michael in Lucifer season 5

Those born under this sign are known for their duplicitous nature when they’re at their worst. Gemini personalities can fool anyone by turning their charming nature on or off, which is how Michael conducted himself when he pretended to be Lucifer.

Pretty much all of the bad things he’s done have come to Michael changing his attitude constantly, as he switches from being extremely friendly to contemptuous at the drop of a hat. He retains his knack for manipulation throughout, something that Geminis know they share with Michael.

11 Libra: The Sinnerman

People under the Libra sign are known for their empathy, which can take dark turns as well as those who have more mischievous personalities can end up empathizing with horrifying things. The Sinnerman, as he’s known, was a mysterious man who ended up being a fake but had genuine intentions to cause Lucifer harm.

This was simply because he agreed with Cain’s dark sense of morality, tying in with Libra personalities’ tendencies to do the same. People of this sign will understand better than most why The Sinnerman took such an interest in antagonizing Lucifer.

10 Pisces: Cain

Cain looks to his side

People are generally attracted toward Pisces personalities for having just enough intrigue in their attitudes. However, they can also be extremely emotional and volatile, leading to these people alienating the same people who found them attractive.

This describes Cain very well, as he instantly captured the interest of everyone around him without effort but whose descent into villainy was marked by his emotional instability. It was his dilly-dallying over wanting to live or die that ultimately made him so all over the place.

9 Scorpio: Maze

The people of Scorpio are considered to be very in their own ways, being too comfortable with who they are. They can also have a strange interest in the macabre should their personalities be darker, and Maze will find such people to be relatable.

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She hasn’t changed much from the first season, with Maze driving her friends away constantly due to her refusal to compromise. Of course, her link to Scorpios will mostly be her love for the macabre, as Maze is the character shown to indulge in such dark fantasies.

8 Taurus: Eve

Those born under this sign can be very friendly and the life of the party, but their failings are usually due to streaks of extreme possessiveness. Eve was the villain of the fourth season for this reason as she put baby Charlie in danger due to her possessiveness of Lucifer.

Despite this attribute, Taurus personalities still tend to leave people wanting more of their presence, with Eve frequently brought up as a romantic interest who should return. This mainly comes down to people of Taurus having a kind of magnetism to them and it showed with Eve to whom both Lucifer and Maze were attracted.

7 Virgo: Goddess

Virgo personalities are generally responsible people who like to take charge of things. However, this can have the side effect of turning them into control freaks that want to have a constant presence in other people’s lives. 

Goddess falls under the Virgo trait the best out of all the villains, having pressured her sons to do what she wanted all the time. She also had the knack for controlling Lucifer and Amenadiel by ordering them to complete her goals, which Virgo personalities can emulate if they go to extreme lengths.

6 Capricorn: Uriel

Uriel Lucifer

Ambition is the dominant attribute in Capricorn personalities, who are known to even ignore closed ones if it means they can dedicate time toward furthering their positions. Uriel was such a person, having made it clear he would kill both his mother and Chloe just because he figured it was God’s plan.

Capricorn people can also be emotionless in some aspects by detaching themselves from their empathy and Uriel was shown to easily overlook his familial relationship with Goddess in order to accomplish his mission.

5 Aries: Malcolm Graham

The heroic nature of Aries personalities makes them headstrong and confident while villainous ones can be extremely violent. This can take dangerous turns if people of this sign are left unchecked, with Malcolm Graham representing an extreme version of a wayward Aries.

He resorted to straight-up killing Lucifer to cover his tracks, while intending to do the same to Daniel, Chloe, and even Trixie. Malcolm’s violence was such that he seemed to derive pleasure from him and he’s the best reason why Aries personalities need to focus on their good attributes.

4 Cancer: Father Kinley

Cancer personalities are another bunch who are comfortable being themselves and avoid listening to others. However, they can also be manipulative in order to make others agree with them. Father Kinley’s role was such in Lucifer, as he swayed Chloe’s opinion about the titular character.

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Kinley also attempted to manipulate Lucifer himself to make him believe he really was evil and it’s hard to argue that he did have a knack for this skill. Those born under the Cancer sign will be aware of their skills of persuasion, although Father Kinley was obviously leaning on the evil side of things.

3 Leo: Perry Smith

Those born as Leos will vouch how much they love themselves, with most of these personalities believing they are a class above the rest. While this is a good thing in terms of confidence, the more sinister ones can cut corners or save their own skins at the expense of others.

Perry Smith fits the bill here, being the one to get Chloe’s father killed to cover the tracks that led to his involvement with the crime world. He was absolutely in love with himself and had no qualms in making others suffer if he got off scot-free.

2 Sagittarius: Demons

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar King of Hell Demon Form Lucifer Season 4

Sagittarius personalities prefer to be around people they’re comfortable with, to the point where they develop dedicated groups. The more extreme path these people can take is to join cults or something to that effect, with demons of Lucifer being similar. 

The demons are united by the intense devotion to Lucifer, so much so that they planned on replacing their king due to their mob mentality. People of Sagittarius can relate to their preference of sticking together, even if it sometimes at the expense of foregoing some common sense.

1 Aquarius: Pete Daily

Pete wears a suit and looks mischievous

Aquarius personalities are charming and can come across as innocent if their disposition is such. However, the “evil” types can have sociopathic tendencies, possessing the means to deceive people while ignoring certain boundaries.

Pete came across as something of a male version of Ella for the majority of his time in Season 5, only to reveal himself as a sociopathic and a killer. He was able to make everyone like him for his nice-guy attitude, which was all a sham. That doesn’t mean all Aquarius people are like this, but some toned-down aspects can be understood.

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