The MonsterVerse’s 8 Mystery Titans After Godzilla vs Kong

The MonsterVerse’s 8 Mystery Titans After Godzilla vs Kong

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After Godzilla vs. Kong, there are still eight Titans who are a mystery in Legendary’s MonsterVerse. They were all mentioned in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but none have been officially revealed thus far. It remains to be seen if that will change in the near future.

Ghidorah’s wide-reaching call in King of the Monsters unleashed over a dozen Titans on the Earth, including Behemoth, Scylla, Methuselah, and a third member of the MUTO species. Among the creatures awakened by the call were eleven Titans who never did appear in the flesh. Instead, their names were spotted on monitor screens at one of Monarch’s bases. They were out wreaking havoc with Rodan and all the rest but didn’t show up for the final battle when the Titans bowed to Godzilla. There was some expectation that at least a few of these monsters would have a presence in Godzilla vs. Kong, but that didn’t happen.

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That being said, three of them have been revealed. The King of the Monsters’ novelization described Mokele-Mbembe in great detail, by explaining that he’s an “earless elephant” with a snout like a crocodile and a whip-like tail. Later, the MonsterVerse showed off two more through Godzilla: Dominion, a graphic novel prequel to Godzilla vs. Kong. In the comic, Godzilla had brief encounters with both Amhuluk and Tiamat. Now, there are eight left that fans are still waiting to learn about. Here’s who these monsters are.


Being monitored at a Monarch outpost at Ayers Rock in Australia was Bunyip, who shares his name with a creature from Australian Aboriginal mythology. Back in the 19th century, there were supposed sightings of a large black animal. Based on some of the old stories, it could be that the MonsterVerse adaptation of him is an enormous, long-necked seal or hippopotamus.


Egyptian goddess Sekhmet

The Titan called Sekhmet was hibernating in Cairo, Egypt. The name is associated with an Egyptian deity that’s typically depicted as a lioness. This has given some the impression the MonsterVerse’s Sekhmet might look similar to a lion, which would draw comparisons to Toho’s King Caesar. The Sekhmet in the myths is said to have created Egypt’s deserts with her hot breath, so it could be that this story originated from something this Titan is actually capable of. She may possess the ability to breathe a fiery blast.


In Greek mythology, Zeus faced down and defeated the extremely powerful Typhon, a snake monster known for having a hundred heads. For unknown reasons, Monarch gave this name to the Titan that was being observed at their outpost in Cambodia. The connection gives the implication the MonsterVerse’s take on Typhon could be a formidable, multi-headed serpent Titan.

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Godzilla King of the Monsters Baphomet

None of the eight Titans may be more puzzling than Morocco’s Baphomet. Most of them have deep mythological ties that have clues pointing to their real identities, but it’s much harder to say what Baphomet is. According to history, Baphomet was an idol head worshipped by members of the Knights Templar, and that it represented their twisted interpretation of Islam’s founder, Mohammad. That information doesn’t really shed any light on what exactly Baphomet is, but a later MonsterVerse installment may solve this mystery.


Quetzalcoatl, who was asleep in Peru during King of the Monsters, was one of the Titans Godzilla paid a visit to while he was patrolling the planet. This was mentioned in the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization. What’s not known though, is what happened between them or what kind of monster Quetzalcoatl is in the MonsterVerse. While very little has been said about him officially, there’s a consensus among fans that Quetzalcoatl must be a winged serpent of some kind. After all, that is how the god from the Aztec legends is normally described. Also, this detail has many thinking Quetzalcoatl is really a Warbat, which is a flying snake monster. Kong battled two Warbats in the Hollow Earth in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Yamata no Orochi

Orochi the eight-headed dragon Toho

Before the mass awakening of the Titans, Yamata no Orochi was living within Mount Fuji in Japan. The name is associated with an eight-headed dragon from Japanese mythology and the real inspiration for King Ghidorah. Toho even made their own version of Orochi in two of their kaiju movies. As for the identity of the MonsterVerse’s Orochi, Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty confirmed on Instagram in response to a fan question that just like the creature from the legends, the Titan has eight heads. However, further details weren’t mentioned. If he is a dragon, that would make him one of at least two multi-headed dragons to have existed in the MonsterVerse. This reveal would also make him quite similar to Ghidorah. Plus, the fact he has multiple heads raises questions about a potential connection to Monster Zero. It may be that both of them are alien invaders.


The Bible mentioned two powerful creatures, Behemoth and Leviathan, who are counterparts to each other. One is a land-based creature, while the other is a massive sea monster that dwells somewhere in the ocean. Only one – Behemoth – was seen on-screen in King of the Monsters, but both exist in the MonsterVerse. The MonsterVerse’s Leviathan, who was briefly mentioned in the King of the Monsters novelization, travels through the Hollow Earth tunnels deep under the ocean and lives in the Loch Ness lake in Scotland. Obviously, it was this creature who is the subject of the alleged Loch Ness Monster sightings in MonsterVerse canon. What he looks like hasn’t been confirmed, but it makes sense it would resemble the creature from Scottish folklore, who is believed to be an aquatic, dinosaur-like beast with a long neck.

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The Wyoming Titan, Abaddon, is linked to a dark entity from the Book of Revelation. The Bible referred to him as an “angel of the bottomless pit“, and “the Destroyer“. Looking at these labels, it sounds like whatever Abaddon is, he’s one of the MonsterVerse’s most malevolent and destructive forces. To have earned this reputation, Abaddon may be a Titan that Godzilla may not be able to keep in line. It’s worth wondering if Godzilla was forced into killing him at some point between King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong. Even if that didn’t happen, there’s always a chance that Abaddon could bring trouble for Godzilla in the future.

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