Moira’s Slow Transformation (In Pictures)

Moira’s Slow Transformation (In Pictures)

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When the Roses lost their wealth in a blink of an eye on Schitt’s Creek, the family left their former life behind for the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Moira depended on her husband Johnny Rose to get the family back to where they used to be but when it was taking longer than expected, Moira and the kids stepped up.

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What made Moira so special was her dedication to her craft in the hardest of times. Her love for theatrical fashion, colorful wigs, and song never left her on her darkest days. But there was one thing Moira found that she loved more than acting — her family. By the final season, Moira went from a selfish soap opera queen to a caring and supportive mother and wife with her eyes on the prize. She completely transformed whether she realized it or not.

6 Season 1

Schitts creek season 1 - moira and her family

At the start of Schitt’s Creek, Moira cared more about her wigs than her children. She revealed that she didn’t know Alexis’ middle name or what her kids did when they weren’t around. But never the one to overthink, Moira focused on getting the family out of Schitt’s Creek over getting to know Alexis and David better.

Along the way, Moira and the Roses met the fabulous people of Schitt’s Creek (whom she judged every step of the way). Due to her unique accent and fashion statements, Moira was the odd duck in town.

5 Season 2

Schitts creek - moira in season 2 hugging alexis and cooking

By season 2, Moira was more familiar with the town and its people. She didn’t see herself staying there long-term but decided to make the best of it after a potential buyer of the town backed out. To fit in better, Moira joined Schitt’s Creek’s a capella group, the Jazzagals.

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She also tried cooking for her family and making their motel living situation more comfortable. Her new maternal skills kicked in in “Bob’s Bagels” when Alexis fell ill. Both Alexis and Moira had never had a close mother-daughter relationship. Watching Moira stall her plans to make sure her daughter was okay was huge for her character.

4 Season 3

Schitts creek - moira buys a car with johnny : moira sings for grad night

In the third season, Moira started a new chapter in her life by joining Schitt’s Creek’s Town Council. Ever the talkative one, Moira finally had a say in the small town making her life a misery.

However, when her son set his sights on the old general store with hopes of starting his own business, Moira discouraged him. She feared he would lose all the money he had because it was her and Johnny who secretly helped him sell things from his art studio in their previous life in New York. The two got over their differences, of course, with Moria showing support for both her children. She was there for David’s grand opening of Rose Apothocary and for Alexis as she graduated high school.

3 Season 4

Schitts Creek seaosn 4 - moira performs with david

Moira seemed to be hitting her stride in season 4. While their new life in Schitt’s Creek was nothing like their old days of affluence, the Rose family was slowly building themselves back up. Moira performed at Asbestos Fest and made headway in Town Council. But her true character came out in “RIP Moira Rose.”

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A rumor was being spread that the dramatic soap opera actress, Moira Rose, had died. She had to read everyone’s comments and stories about her life on Earth, which changed things for her. She wasn’t ready for the world to forget about her. Luckily for Moira, she made it known that she was alive and well.

2 Season 5

Schitts creek in season five - moira in the crowns

Things were looking up for Moira when she was offered a role in a low-budget horror film, The Crows Have Eyes. As silly as the movie was, Johnny encouraged Moira to give it her best because it was a job and it could get her back on the acting map. Moira did just that and somehow made her character compelling.

Outside of acting professionally, Moira had great times with the Jazzagals and Schitt’s Creek’s production of Cabaret. A new soft-natured side of Moira’s came out when she offered Stevie the leading role in the play as she helped her prepare for it. Watching Moira care about the town’s happenings shows how much she had changed from season 1.

1 Season 6

Moira in season six of schitts creek - she maries patrick adn david

In season 6, Alexis was officially Moira’s publicist and tried to help her get back in the spotlight. Alexis arranged a Crows premiere for Moira and the town, which went viral on social media after a murder of crows attacked bystanders. The ordeal was ironic enough to get Moira a job on the reboot of her former soap opera, Sunrise Bay.

With a new gig on the horizon, Moira and her family realized how much they were going to miss Schitt’s Creek. It made the family closer and humbled them. In the final scene, Moira and Johnny jetted off to California while Alexis headed for the Big Apple. David, however, chose to stay in Schitt’s Creek to run his business and live the newlywed life with Patrick.

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