Kameron’s Husband Court Slams Tiffany Moon for Alleged Racism

Kameron’s Husband Court Slams Tiffany Moon for Alleged Racism

May 15, 2021 0 By admin

Kameron Westcott’s husband Court is stirring the pot and causing drama on Twitter by accusing fellow RHOD cast member Tiffany Moon of racism.

Things are heating up on Twitter between The Real Housewives of Dallas cast members Kameron Westcott and Tiffany Moon, as Kameron’s husband Court accuses Tiffany of racism. Tiffany joined the popular housewives franchise in season 5, as a replacement for LeeAnne, who was fired for her racist remarks towards housewife Kary Brittingham. She was introduced to both the other women and to the viewers as D’Andra’s friend, as the first housewife of Asian decent. Right off the bat Tiffany was put in the center of drama, when she met Brandi, who was just coming off a year of online torment after a video resurface of her mocking Asians. What followed was a tough conversation, but it seemed like the two were able to make amends and move on.

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While it seemed as if Tiffany would be welcomed nicely into the group, she never could quite find her footing with the ladies. Whether it was her pushing them to try new foods, all the rules she wanted the ladies to follow, or her constantly correcting their grammar, the women just couldn’t get on the same page with her. During the reunion, it became apparent that Tiffany had the most issues with Kameron, and Kameron had the most issues with Tiffany. They went back and forth about Kameron’s refusal to eat chicken feet, and whether or not that was racist towards Chinese culture. Most of what they were fighting about didn’t even happen on the show, but rather on Twitter, while the show was airing. In the end though, they made up with what has to be the most awkward hug in the history of television.

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The truce between the two housewives did not last long, and now Kameron’s husband and brother in law are involved too. Court took to Twitter, seemingly to defend his wife’s honor, by calling Tiffany a racist because she preaches an anti-racism ideology. In some way, he believes an anti-racism ideology promotes discrimination based on skin color. He equated Tiffany’s believes to the beliefs held by Hitler in Germany during World War II and said he is shocked how patients would be comfortable with an openly racist doctor treating them. The tweet garnered a lot of negative comments, most of them calling it embarrassing. Court decided to delete his Twitter account due to the backlash he received from this tweet.

Tiffany Moon of rhod on bravo

The drama does not stop there, as Kameron took her own opportunity to call Tiffany a racist. Journalist Gibson Johns jokingly shared a picture of Kameron at the reunion with all her receipts against Tiffany. Tiffany responded by commenting a clown emoji under the tweet. Kameron did not take well to the clown emoji. She responded by asking Tiffany if the clown was meant to be white face, alluding Tiffany is racist towards white people, or if Tiffany was just calling her a clown. Either way she was not happy with it and said Tiffany clearly did not mean it when she said she wanted to move on and start fresh with Kameron when they made up at the reunion.

Sadly, the drama also does not end there, as Kameron’s brother in law took his own shots at Tiffany, in a completely random and unexpected turn of events. Chart took to his Twitter account, to express his confusion over why Tiffany chose to block him on the social media platform. According to him, they only met one time and she was blackout drunk at the time. He took it one step further when he wondered whether or not she went into surgery with a hangover the next day. All their hate towards Tiffany probably stems from her accusations against Kam and them wanting to protect her. Fans on Twitter stuck up for Kam too, when one pointed out that Kameron has always showcased her childlike palette and it wasn’t about racism when she didn’t eat the chicken feet, and Tiffany should not have taken it there.

Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Dallas is expected to start filming soon, so it will be interesting to see how this affects Kameron’s relationships with the other women. They all had their own problems with Tiffany, so it may not be a big deal to anyone, except for maybe D’Andra, who is a good friend of hers. It will be exciting to see if this is even brought up at all, or cause a problem between Kameron and D’Andra. It is also rumored that Tiffany is not returning to film for season 6 of the show. Was this the straw that broke the camel’s back in helping Tiffany make the decision not to return? We’ll find out soon.

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