How Powerful Aaravos Is Compared To Avizandum

How Powerful Aaravos Is Compared To Avizandum

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Aaravos, the main villain of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, is an incredibly powerful sorcerer, but how does his magic stack up to Avizandum?

How does Aaravos and his magic stack up against the might of Avizandum in Netflix’s The Dragon Prince? Aaravos, who is shaping up to be the overarching villain of the animated series, has been depicted as one of the most skilled sorcerers in the world.

Aaravos is arguably one of the most powerful beings in The Dragon Prince, along with Zym’s father, Avizandum. Once the king of his kind, the great Storm Dragon protected the Border between Xadia and human civilization for centuries, but was killed before the setting of the series. In flashbacks featured in The Dragon Prince season 3, Avizandum fought with a group of humans led by King Harrow and Viren. When the king’s wife because a casualty of the first fight, Viren used black magic to create a deadly weapon for Harrow to use as a tool for his revenge against Avizandum. The plan was a success, and the final battle ended with Harrow managing to kill the dragon king (thanks to the element of surprise).

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It’s unlikely Aaravos would have achieved the same results, even though there’s no denying that his prowess and knowledge of the magical arts is vastly superior to Viren’s. While the show has yet to reveal the full scope of Aaravos’ power, it looks to pale in comparison to the dragon’s. That’s because it’s been confirmed that Avizandum is responsible for Aaravos’ current situation. He was found in a mirror prison when the character was first introduced in season 1. According to him, he was put there by Avizandum himself, though the details of what happened and why haven’t been made clear yet. But the implication of that reveal is that Avizandum must have defeated Aaravos. In order for Avizandum to accomplish this, it makes sense that his power must exceed Aaravos’.

When taking into consideration how much he’s been able to aid Viren, it’s easy to see that Aaravos is an extremely talented mage. But at the same time, it’s not surprising that even he would fall to the Storm Dragon. So far, there’s no indication that there is any being out there that’s stronger than Avizandum. To have earned the title of king of the dragons, he’d have to be several levels above any human or elven sorcerer.

That could be part of the reason why Aaravos was so pleased when he spoke of Avizandum’s death. Aside from having a grudge against him, he also may have understood that the dragon would be a huge threat to his existence if he were to ever break free. With Avizandum out of the way, it’ll be up to others to stop him from getting what he wants. He has since assumed the form of Viren’s caterpillar companion, and appears to be using Viren to advance his schemes. In The Dragon Prince season 3 finale, he was shown to be metamorphizing into some new creature. It’s possible that if Aaravos regains his full power in The Dragon Prince, viewers will have a much better idea of what he’s truly capable of.

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