Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Jaime Lannister Episodes

Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Jaime Lannister Episodes

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A decade after Game of Thrones first premiered, it’s interesting to look back on the groundbreaking series and the journeys of its characters. One of the most complex and controversial characters was Jaime Lannister, who gave the series some of its most talked-about moments.

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Jaime’s arc of the detestable villain to the complicated knight built in a fascinating way. Some aspects of his story worked better than others, but he remains one of the best characters Game of Thrones produced. For those looking to revisit Jaime Lannister and his greatest moments, these are the most essential episodes in his story.

10 Winter Is Coming (Season 1, Episode 1)

The very first episode of the series has a lot of heavy lifting to do as it introduces this fantasy world, the different locations, and the many characters who inhabit it. Given all that, it’s not too surprising that Jaime Lannister’s screentime is limited.

It is established that he is the brother of Cersei and Tyrion and that he is somewhat of an antagonist to Ned Stark. But it is the final scene where Jaime really makes an impression as he is caught having sex with Cersei by Bran Stark and proceeds to throw the young boy out a window.

9 Walk Of Punishment (Season 3, Episode 3)

Looking back on the series, Jaime doesn’t really stand out all that much as a character in the first two seasons. He is mostly shown as an arrogant villain who is very easy to hate. But that all changes in season 3 when he becomes a lot more compelling and begins his astonishing redemption arc.

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After he and his escort Brienne are captured by Bolton men, Jaime makes the uncharacteristic decision to help Brienne. He convinces the dastardly Locke and his men to not harm her. However, Locke takes offense to Jaime’s arrogant attitude and chops off his hand, ridding him of his talent as a swordsman.

8 Kissed By Fire (Season 3, Episode 5)

While his single kind act towards Brienne might not have convinced fans Jaime wasn’t so bad, this episode made everyone start to see him in a different light. Not only did fans sympathize with him as he faced life without his sword hand, but he also revealed the truth about how he earned his nickname, “the Kingslayer.”

In a vulnerable moment alone with Brienne, Jamie tells her about King Aerys’s plans to ignite wildfire all around King’s Landing and burn it all down. His act of killing the king was not a cowardly betrayal to save himself but a heroic act to save everyone.

7 The Bear And The Maiden Fair (Season 3, Episode 7)

Game of Thrones Gwendoline Christie Brienne of Tarth in bear pit at Harrenhal

One of the highlights of season 3 was the growth of Jaime and Brienne’s relationship. Starting out as bitter enemies, their opinions of each other improved to the point of mutual respect. This episode cemented their bond and showed they had a much closer connection than admitted.

While the episode seemed to be the end of Jaime and Brienne’s journey, his heroic rescue brought them back together. The moment Jaime leaps into the bear pit to defend Brienne solidified his potential to be a hero once again.

6 Oathkeeper (Season 4, Episode 4)

Jamie Lannister Oathkeeper Game Of Thrones

Season 4 introduced an interesting crossroads for Jaime. Despite all he had been through and all he had lost, his time with Brienne made him a better person. Returning to King’s Landing and his family threatened to see him return to his old ways.

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However, Jaime showed he still had goodness in his heart, especially when it came to Brienne. Defying his family’s wishes to see Sansa Stark brought to justice, Jaime gives Brienne his sword and sends her to fulfill her promise to protect Catelyn Stark’s daughters. Brienne naming the sword Oathkeeper was an especially touching moment.

5 No One (Season 6, Episode 8)

Jaime threatens Edmure

Season 5 and 6 began to see Jamie growing stale as a character. Seeing him return to Cersei and go on adventures in Dorne didn’t help to push his story forward. It wasn’t until late in Season 6 that he was given something exciting to do.

As Jaime joins the siege of Riverrun where Blackfish is holding strong, Jaime continues to prove he is not the ruthless killer everyone assumes as he seeks to end the situation with no bloodshed. However, his conversation with Edmure also shows that he can be that villain if he is forced to be.

4 Spoils Of War (Season 7, Episode 4)

Despite Daenerys arriving in Westeros in Season 7, the Lannisters still seemed to be dominating the war with some big early victories against the Targaryen queen. But just when Jaime is getting arrogant again, Daenerys reminds them of the power she has.

The attack scene on the loot train is one of the very best battle sequences the show ever produced, and that is saying a lot. Seeing Jaime in the midst of the chaos and on the losing side of the fight makes him seem like a more vulnerable warrior.

3 The Dragon And The Wolf (Season 7, Episode 7)

game of thrones the dragon and the wolf cersei golden company

The highlight of this season 7 finale episode is all of the biggest characters on the show coming together for the first time to discuss what to do about the Night King and his army. In that respect, Jamie is one small part of the story.

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However, the episode ends with a moment fans had been waiting for since they started liking Jaime. After Cersei admits to lying about joining the fight against the Night King, Jaime decides that is the final straw and finally leaves Cersei to help save Westeros.

2 A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms (Season 8, Episode 2)

While season 8 of the series was a huge letdown, many point to this episode as one of the few highlights. As the Night King’s army approaches, the heroes gather in Winterfell and contemplate what they think will be their last night alive.

Along with some nice character moments, the show’s most emotional scene comes when Jamie uses his position as a knight to name Brienne a knight of the Seven Kingdoms, something she has always wanted.

1 The Bells (Season 8, Episode 5)

Jaime’s choice to return to Cersei in the end was frustrating for fans but not all that surprising. Despite his redeeming moments, Jaime was still guilty of some terrible things and perhaps his twisted relationship with Cersei was all he deserved.

But even if the end isn’t what fans wanted, it’s hard not to get caught up in the emotion of the twins’ final scene together. They were able to die in each other’s arms, which is better than what most characters on the show got.

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