Angelica Is Up To Her Old Tricks In Paramount+ Rugrats Clip

Angelica Is Up To Her Old Tricks In Paramount+ Rugrats Clip

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Paramount+ offers a sneak peek at its reboot of Nickelodeon’s Rugrats. Premiering May 27th, the new series redesigns the iconic baby gang in 3D CGI.

Angelica is up to her old tricks in a sneak peek clip of the upcoming Rugrats reboot from Paramount+. The subtly satirical ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon looks at the world from the perspective of a group of toddlers. The popular show went on to produce three spinoff movies and a spinoff series, All Grown Up!, which follows the babies in their teen years.

Paramount+ recently shared a Youtube clip from a nostalgic revamp of the series that will stream on the service on May 27th. All of the key players from the original are back in action: the toddler cohort consisting of Tommy, Chuckie, Phillip, and Lillian are mingling with their older pals, Angelica and Susie. As she is known to do, Tommy’s domineering older cousin Angelica ruins the tots’ ball game for no good reason. Check out the clip below:


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The scene is a classic Rugrats setup: the babies are engaging in some mundane activity that gets disrupted by something or someone (usually Angelica). In this case, Tommy and co. are enjoying their favorite pastime (playing in the backyard) until Angelica shakes their entire world by sending their ball into “space” (the next-door neighbor’s lawn). If the classic episodes are any indication, the babies are in for a miraculous adventure that extends far beyond their backyard fence.

Two main kiddy characters, Tommy’s younger brother, Dil Pickles, and Chuckie’s step-sister, Kimi Watanabe-Finster, have yet to make appearances in any promotions for the reboot and may not be in season 1 at all. Dil’s introduction later in the series and Kimi’s in the movie, Rugrats in Paris, would be consistent with the original show’s timeline, so fans will hopefully still get to see their favorite characters return in Paramount+’s 3D CGI rendering.

Here’s the synopsis for Rugrats from Paramount+:

A reimagining of the classic ’90s hit, the brand-new series features rich and colorful CG-animation and follows Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and Angelica as they explore the world and beyond from their pint-sized and wildly imaginative point-of-view.

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