What Happened To Savannah, Baby & Dad After Season 5

What Happened To Savannah, Baby & Dad After Season 5

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Savannah Mooney and her ex-boyfriend Stone were featured on 16 & Pregnant. Since the show, Savannah continues to raise her son as a single mother.

Savannah Mooney and her boyfriend Stone had one of the most contentious relationships on their episode of 16 & Pregnant, and the years since the reality series have not rectified the couple’s rift. During her pregnancy, Savannah and Stone exhibited quite a few faults in their young relationship. Even though Savannah continues to have issues in her love life since starring on 16 & Pregnant, she has evolved into a mature adult and mother without the help of a man.

Savannah Mooney was introduced to the world as a 17-year-old high school student living in Jefferson City, Missouri. At the time, Savannah was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Stone Nesmith. The pair had been friends for a few years before dating, but their romantic relationship was not exactly viable. Throughout Savannah’s pregnancy, she and Stone worked hard to make co-parenting work as exes, but it came with its difficulties. Stone demonstrated prime examples of the awkwardness that comes with teenage exes trying to prepare a family when he stormed out of Savannah’s baby shower before looking for girls with his friends. When Savannah would attempt to hold Stone accountable for his inappropriate behavior, the soon-to-be-father would only grow more aggravated. In addition to the teen mom dealing with her troublesome ex-boyfriend, Savannah’s relationship with her mother caused conflict during her months of pregnancy. Savannah’s mother suffered from alcoholism, which caused even more tension between Savannah and Stone.

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Savannah and Stone’s son, Rowan James, was born on February 27, 2014. After Rowan’s birth, Savannah’s home life grew more hostile. Unfortunately, Savannah’s mother struggling to stay sober culminated in a volatile outburst aimed at the new mother. Soon after, however, Savannah’s mom attended AA to try to be a better mother and grandmother to Savannah and her child. 16 & Pregnant left Savannah facing the challenge of raising Rowan as a single mom without a stable mom of her own to rely on. Like almost all unstable Teen Mom romantic relationships, the years after appearing on MTV did not help Savannah and Stone rectify their relationship. According to Stone’s Facebook page, he currently works as a cook at a restaurant in Jefferson City, Missouri. Stone has also shared photos of Rowan on FB, calling him his “everything.”

Since giving birth to Rowan, Savannah has navigated life as a single mother. Savannah would go on to have a short-lived relationship with a new boyfriend, Malcolm. Savannah and Malcolm’s relationship resulted in Savannah becoming pregnant once again. With her second pregnancy, Savannah joined the other 16 & Pregnant alumni who got pregnant again after a few years of their reality TV debut. The young mother found herself in a position of preparing to welcome a new addition to her family without a partner to support her financially or even emotionally. This precarious situation led Savannah to make the difficult decision to give her second child up for adoption. On June 6, 2016, Savannah gave birth to Samuel Joseph, who was quickly placed with his adoptive parents and brother.

Savannah Mooney and her ex-boyfriend Stone faced a very difficult journey upon welcoming their son Rowan. From supporting her mom to breaking up with Stone, Savannah was forced to overcome several hurdles as a young, single mother. Since 16 & Pregnant, Savannah has managed to keep taking care of her family despite also needing to make so many tough calls.

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