The Potential iPhone 13 Features Apple Users Are Most Excited About

The Potential iPhone 13 Features Apple Users Are Most Excited About

May 14, 2021 0 By admin

A survey of iPhone and iPad users has identified the most hotly anticipated potential iPhone 13 features, although not all are likely to appear.

A recent study has delved into the iPhone 13 features that Apple users are most looking forward to. The new iPhone is expected to debut later this year, as per Apple’s usual release cycle, but supposed details about it can already be found online. There’s a lot for prospective features to be excited about, not least a rumored starting price of $799

Soon after the iPhone 12 was released, rumors began to surface about the iPhone 13. Some have suggested a 5nm or even 4nm A15 processor will power the device. Apple may also offer two new colors and new finishes for the iPhone 13, including a jet black option. And, back in March, it was suggested that the iPhone 13 may be available with 1TB option for internal storage

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As part of its Apple 2021 New Products Survey, phone trade-in firm SellCell asked iPhone and iPad which potential Phone 13 features they were excited to see. While it won’t be known for sure which will definitely be included in the iPhone 13 until the device is launched, the potential feature that users are most looking forward to is an upgrade to the Touch ID fingerprint authentication. Another possibility users are excited for is a higher display refresh rate of 120Hz. To put that in perspective, the iPhone 12 has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means there would be much smoother on-display visuals and scrolling. Users are also keen for a smaller notch, which could result in more screen real estate and could impact how the iPhone utilizes Face ID, as the notch is where the front-facing camera is located. Finally, 15 percent of users surveyed are hoping for a charger to be included in the box again.

How Likely Are These Rumored Features?

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Rumors regarding the return of Touch ID have been doing the rounds since November of last year, right after the iPhone 12 came out. Face ID has, of course, become a little tricky to use since people have started wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Touch ID would be a great idea right now. Apple is probably aware of that, which is why the feature has been rumored since the very beginning. A smaller notch on the display is also likely. MacOtakara is the source of that particular rumor, and it’s gotten important iPhone details right before. Indeed, images of what the new glass panels may look like have already been leaked.

One anticipated feature that is particularly unlikely, though, is the return of the charger in the box. Apple is dedicated to improving its carbon footprint. Not including any new chargers — or EarBuds, for that matter — is a big part of that effort. As Apple has already made great environmental strides, it’s unlikely that it will go back to including chargers in the box. In addition, it likely wants to keep pushing its line of wireless MagSafe chargers. 

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Source: SellCell

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