The 9 Greatest Redemptions on Gossip Girl

The 9 Greatest Redemptions on Gossip Girl

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The Upper East Siders from Gossip Girl had incredibly turbulent personal lives. They all participated in schemes and lies, caused heartbreaks, and manipulated their loved ones. And while some actions went unpunished, other characters had to pay a high price for their mistakes. Just as the main characters betrayed each other left and right, there were also a few redemption arcs that evened things out in the end.

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No matter what horrendous acts they have done in the past, no character was beyond redemption. But curiously enough, those characters who had done the most horrible things, such as the Bass family, never had to pay the price for their actions. Others, however, had to own up to their mistakes in order to be redeemed.

9 Dan Came Clean About Being Gossip Girl

The biggest mystery of them all in the series was who the titular Gossip Girl was. Turns out it was Dan Humphrey AKA Lonely Boy, which caught countless fans by surprise. That means Dan knowingly continuously cyber-bullied his sister, friends, and girlfriend!

Even though he’s done a lot of horrible things, even Dan wasn’t beyond redemption. By coming clean about his identity, he tried to save face, and partially, he did. After all, Serena forgave him for his wrongdoings and married him anyway.

8 Jack Was Redeemed Against All Odds

Jack Bass In Gossip Girl

From attacking Lily in season 2 to making indecent proposals to Chuck, Jack has done all kinds of horrible things throughout the show but never had to own up to them.

The characters he hurt along the way seemed to forgive him and so, he was redeemed by the end of the final season. Why? Because he suggested to Blair and Chuck that they should get married and helped them make that plan come true.

7 Ivy’s Reason For Sticking Around

Ivy Dickens is one of the most hated characters on Gossip Girl and many wish that the entire Charlie/Lola storyline would simply disappear. She was hired by Lily’s sister Carol to pose as her daughter and get access to her daughter’s trust fund. Growing up poor, Ivy was bedazzled by the Upper East Side. Considering how poorly the Upper East Siders treated anybody who wasn’t filthy rich, it really isn’t a surprise that Icy pretended to be Charlie for so long.

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What redeems her is that she stuck around for so long because she finally felt like she belonged somewhere, possibly for the first time in her life. After CeCe died, everybody was mortified to find out that she left all her fortune to Ivy. The family subsequently demonized her, without ever stopping to consider just how horrible they must have been themselves to not be included in CeCe’s will in the first place.

6 Georgina Helped Blair & Chuck Out

Georgina started out as a villain. She blackmailed Serena, manipulated Dan into thinking he was the father of her child and told Eric’s entire family he was gay before he was ready to come out. In season 5, she planned on destroying Blair’s wedding and revealed the horrible truth about William van der Woodsen: he had kids with both Lily and her sister Carol.

In season 6, Georgina redeemed herself when she worked for Dan and became somebody he could rely on. Additionally, she helped Blair and Chuck escape Bart’s death scene and made sure everybody attended their spontaneous wedding.

5 Blair Became More Humble

gossip girl blair wedding

As the one with the most social capital at Constance, Blair sometimes abused her power and thought less of other girls. She bullied Jenny, for example, and never stopped to consider how her actions were affecting others.

But as time progressed and life dealt her some bad cards, she redeemed herself and became more humble. In the end, she realized that all that matters is family. She even did right by Jenny who ended up doing a line for Waldorf Designs, called J for Waldorf.

4 Jenny Owned Up To Her Actions

Gossip Girl Jenny

There are two camps in the Gossip Girl fan base: those who despise Jenny and those who think she was a blameless victim. The fact of the matter is she was an extremely talented and smart girl who unfortunately stooped to the level of the Upper East Siders in hopes of getting what all teenagers want: validation. As a consequence, she schemed against Serena and became just as toxic of a queen as Blair.

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But while others tended to hold grudges and justify their horrible actions somehow, Jenny always owned up to them, admitted her mistakes, and apologized. In that regard, she’s definitely redeemed herself!

3 Nate Makes A Name For Himself All On His Own

Gossip Girl Nate Archibald

When the show first started, Nate was one of the richest and most privileged kids in school. It was especially Dan who was frustrated with the fact that outstanding merit didn’t seem to matter half as much as your last name. Nate was one of the friendliest characters but wasn’t always taken seriously as he wasn’t as shrewd and conniving as most others.

After his family lost all of their money, Nate had no choice but to work hard to get back on his feet. He proved that he wasn’t to be underestimated. He succeeded and eventually became the editor-in-chief of The Spectator.

2 Eleanor Waldorf’s Journey As A Mother

gossip girl eleanor and Cyrus Rose

Gossip Girl is teeming with questionable parenting decisions and Eleanor Waldorf is not an exception. In the earlier seasons, she was outright cruel to Blair, reminding her that her youthful beauty is going to pass and criticizing her.

As the story progressed and she met Cyrus, Eleanor softened up a little bit. She became a more considerate mother and showed concern about Blair’s well-being.

1 Chuck Bass: The King Of Redemption

Gossip Girl Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass started out as a problematic teenager, but eventually really came into his own. He was forced to grow up fast after his father died and face his demons. He went to therapy, sorted out his commitment issues, and managed his family’s fortune.

His character arc is proof that nobody should be beyond redemption. What isn’t completely fair, though, is that Chuck never had to own up to his past mistakes.

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