Mass Effect’s Legendary Mode Vs Classic Mode Explained

Mass Effect’s Legendary Mode Vs Classic Mode Explained

May 14, 2021 0 By admin

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition introduces some new gameplay changes, including level scaling, which gives players two new mode options.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition combines the original Mass Effect trilogy with over 40 DLC and a complete visual overhaul. Along with the updated graphics comes several changes to gameplay systems, including level scaling. Legendary Edition gives players the option to either gain levels in Classic Mode, as was originally featured in the series, or the new Legendary Mode.

Of the three games, Mass Effect 1 is the most impacted by the adjustments brought by Legendary Edition. Various aspects of combat and exploration have been tweaked, though in some cases players still have the option to instead experience the original version of these features, such as elevator conversations or Mako controls. Mass Effect 3 also receives some big changes. The original ending has been replaced with the Extended Cut version of events, and ME3‘s multiplayer game mode has been removed entirely.

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Other additions to the series in Legendary Edition include a new photo mode and updated character customization, which now features a much larger range of skin tones and more diverse hair options. To compensate for the lack of multiplayer, the galactic readiness measurements were also adjusted. Players will now need to complete almost every piece of side content in ME3 in order to get the best possible ending, unless they import Shepard from the previous games of the franchise.

Legendary Mode vs Classic Mode Differences In Mass Effect

Once players progress through character customization, they are brought to the options screen where they can adjust the game’s overall settings such as difficulty and squad power usage. But along with the standard Mass Effect options, Legendary Edition introduces a new setting for level scaling. Mass Effect 1 featured a level cap of 60, requiring players to run through the game twice to reach the cap. Legendary Edition adjusts this to make it more feasible to fully upgrade Shepard’s abilities.

In Classic Mode, Shepard’s level cap is still 60 as was the case in Mass Effect 1, but the level scaling has been changed entirely. Players gain experience quicker, and assuming they do enough quests to earn significant experience points, they should be able to reach the level cap in one playthrough. Legendary Mode cuts the level cap in half to 30. The amount of skill points is the same with both settings, so ultimately it comes down to whether players want more frequent levels with less points to spend or if they’re willing to wait for larger points with less overall levels.

Essentially, the only change is the number that players will see displayed as their level. Classic Mode mainly seems to be provided for fans of the original release who want their experience to be as close to the authentic ME1 experience as possible, so players shouldn’t worry too much about which setting to pick. Either way, they should still be able to max out Shepard’s skills over the course of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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