Destiny 2’s Transmog Season Cap Takes Around 180 Hours To Hit

Destiny 2’s Transmog Season Cap Takes Around 180 Hours To Hit

May 14, 2021 0 By admin

A recent report reveals that Destiny 2’s complicated new transmog system would take 180 in-game hours to fully max out a player’s equipment.

An assessment of Destiny 2‘s new transmogrification system reveals that the system’s cap will take players around 180 hours to hit. The free-to-play multiple shooter, developed by Halo creator Bungie, was first launched back in 2017. The game continues to receive new content in the form of updates and seasonal events, like the upcoming Destiny 2 Season 14.

Bungie continues to improve and expand Destiny 2 through seasonal events, maintaining its large and devoted player base with constant new content to explore. Destiny 2‘s annual competitive event, The Guardian Games, recently ended after returning to the game on April 20. The event pits the game’s three character classes against each other, with players earning medals with which to vote for their favorite class, and Guardian Games 2021 ended in a win for the fast and deadly Hunter class. Bungie also recently released a trailer for Season 14 of Destiny 2, which began on May 11, which will see the return of the franchise’s very first raid. Season 14, referred to as Season of the Splicer, will bring Destiny‘s Vault of Glass back as a playable raid.

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An article from Forbes reveals that Destiny 2‘s new transmogrification system, added with the start of Season 14, will take 180 hours per season for players to completely utilize. Transmogrification systems, popular in role-playing games such as Destiny 2, allow players to assign one item’s qualities onto another item’s physical appearance. This lets players customize their character’s appearance without sacrificing power or in-game statistics. The newly-introduced transmog system requires that players use Synthstrand, an in-game currency that must be earned by defeating enemies. Forbes reports that Synthstrand can only be earned every two minutes or so, meaning that in order to transmog all ten weapons on all three of a player’s builds will require around 180 hours of playtime.

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Bungie continues to improve Destiny 2 with new features like transmogrification, but not all of these features are implemented flawlessly. On May 11 Bungie accidentally added crossplay to Destiny 2 ahead of its intended official launch. The developer has previously expressed plans to add crossplay, which allows the game’s player base to play online together regardless of which gaming system they are using, but the feature was accidentally added earlier than intended. However, crossplay will be left available for some time, allowing players to try out the upcoming feature.

Bungie has been able to take advantage of the live-service nature of Destiny 2 in order to implement player-requested features and fixes. Transmog was a particularly popular request from players, but unfortunately Bungie has implemented it in a needlessly complex way. Forcing players to collect resources, and locking those resources behind a timed limitation, ruins what should be a simple mechanic. Time will tell whether Bungie respond to this criticism in the future.

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Destiny 2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Forbes

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