Clownhunter Comic Pits Punchline Against Gotham’s Most Violent Hero

Clownhunter Comic Pits Punchline Against Gotham’s Most Violent Hero

May 14, 2021 0 By admin

DC’s latest installment of Batman Secret Files puts two fan favorites on display: Teenage vigilante Clownhunter and Joker’s girlfriend Punchline.

Gotham City’s lethal vigilante, Clownhunter, may have finally met his match in the form of the Joker’s partner, Punchline, for DC Comics‘ upcoming continuation of Batman Secret Files.

DC Comics will be bringing yet another character-focused installment of the Batman Secret Files series, this time focused on Joker War standout Bao Pham a.k.a. the Clownhunter.  A relatively new Gotham vigilante conceived from 2020’s Joker War crossover event, Bao Pham was an ordinary child before facing tragedy at the hands of the most dangerous clown there is, Joker. As Clownhunter begins to ramp up his crusade against the clowns who plague his city, Bao finds a formidable source of conflict in his nemesis’ new lover Alexis Kaye a.k.a. Punchline.

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Ed Brisson and Rosi Kampe’s Batman Secret Files Clownhunter #1 will consist of 40 original pages for readers to enjoy this summer, along with two brand new covers to commemorate the start of the new Clownhunter focused series. Clownhunter #1’s cover by artist Mico Suayan (Joker / Harley: Criminal Sanity) will serve as the main cover that most fans will be able to get their hands on when the comic releases in August, while the variant cover by character designer Kofi Ofosu may likely be the cover that some have a more difficult time acquiring.



Clownhunter’s opponent, Punchline is no slouch either; being a highly intelligent and physically adept serial killer armed to the teeth with a variety of gadgets and deadly weapons. There is a reason that Joker fell in love with Kaye after all. While Punchline’s expertise may present a new set of challenges for Bao, Clownhunter has been one to use the high odds in his favor.

Armed with only a Bat-Bat and an unmatched determination, Clownhunter has been making lives hard for clowns in Gotham for the past few months, since his turn to vigilantism. While Clownhunter remains a teenager and a relatively inexperienced one at that, Pham takes the extra step that Batman fails to take, by eliminating his enemies for good. Batman’s sole rule of non-killing is often a fatal flaw against protecting the citizens of Gotham City, including Bao’s parents who became unfortunate causalities of The Joker’s rampage.

If Clownhunter is to survive his brutal and bloody feud with Punchline, the win will only see his reputation peak to a level that will take Bao’s crusade to its greatest heights. Even Batman may have to take a step back out of respect, if not surprise, toward Clownhunter if the young crusader proves successful in truly bringing an end to Gotham’s clown infestation.

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