10 RPGs That Are Better Played With Friends

10 RPGs That Are Better Played With Friends

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Gaming with friends is always an enjoyable pastime, no matter what the genre might be. Bullets might fly, starships might be destroyed, and fighters might be met with gruesome and gory fatalities, but there are few themes more enjoyable than joining together on a quest in search of an adventure.

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RPG games come in a variety of flavors from fantasy to sci-fi and beyond. Since it’s dangerous to go alone, why not invite a friend or two to join in on the loot and the action? There are dozens of titles to choose from, and the genre is rich in quests, side missions, and excitement to share.

10 King of Dragons

King of Dragons Beat Em Up

RPGs and side-scrolling-beat-em-ups are two games that are often blended together in a delightful cocktail of action and adventure. If gamers are just getting into that beloved combination, this Capcom classic is an excellent way to start.

The beat-em-up combat is the core of this adventure, but it has a healthy handful of RPG elements that perfectly complements the traditional fantasy aesthetic. It’s an arcade gem that more than likely inspired a number of other games on this list, so why not give the original a go?

9 Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Knights

It might not be as classy as some of the other entries on this list, but it’s impossible to say that Castle Crashers isn’t fun. Beating and brawling through a cartoony fantasy kingdom will definitely keep players entertained for hours, but don’t let the Newgrounds look mislead, there’s some strategy at play too.

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Players can upgrade their knights, pick different weapons, assign skill points, and take different paths throughout this over-the-top adventure. And with plenty of unlockables, there’s reason to come back for more.

8 Borderlands Series

Borderlands 3 Next Gen Feature

Borderlands has been called a hybrid of FPS and Diablo, and that essentially isn’t too far from the truth. Fighting off hoards of mutants and bandits through a cell-shaded wasteland has never been so much fun, especially when this game has more loot than a dragon horde.

With multiple classes, tons of weapons, and four entries in this cult-favorite series, there are plenty of ways to get thrown into the fray. Best of luck, Vault-Hunters.

7 Torchlight Series

A player builds a custom base in Torchlight 3

This top-down RPG might have a Diablo-inspired makeup, but Torchlight has a fantasy flavor all its own. Its lore, world, and characters alone are worth giving the game a once over, but as is the case with most dungeon-crawlers, this one is definitely better with a full party.

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There are plenty of monsters to mash, character classes to experiment with, companions to aid, and a world to explore and conquer. Single-player is fine, but nothing beats a full party.

6 Lord of the Rings: War In The North

An underappreciated hack-and-slash title, but one that will scratch every fantasy itch imaginable. An epic journey set against the backdrop of Tolkien’s War of the Ring with a fellowship of three original characters? How has this not gotten a re-release yet?

The split-screen might take a little getting used to, but it makes for an epic quest between friends once everyone’s locked in. The action is the biggest selling point, and crushing orcs together never gets old by any means.

5 Gauntlet Series

If there’s one co-op RPG that the entire genre owes its life to, it’s Gauntlet. It’s the OG of dungeon crawlers and every entry from the arcade original to the modern remake deserves to be played with a full party of adventurers.

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Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, and Elf join forces together against an army of goblins, skeletons, and more on their quest to raid dungeons, gather loot, and get to the exit. A little rinse and repeat, but not a formula without its own distinct charms.

4 Battle Axe

Two heroes fighting in Battle Axe

Perhaps the newest entry on the list, but not one that was considered lightly. Battle Axe is what happens when Gauntlet, Golden Axe, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors get put in a blender. When an evil sorceress puts a curse upon the kingdom, three heroes must join forces to stop the world from falling by her dark hand.

It’s an arcade adventure at its finest, but certainly not without its flaws. Single-player mode can be as difficult as a quarter-eating arcade cabinet, so having multiple players literally provides a better experience.

3 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley House with Logo

Not all RPGs have to be about fighting evil, casting spells, or raiding vaults for guns. Sometimes it’s just nice to unwind and plant a garden together. Enter Stardew Valley for players who just want to unwind and veg out.

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The 16-bit paradise of Stardew Valley offers more than just sharecropping to pass the time. In fact, players can mine for ore, explore dungeons, raise livestock, and even just take a simple fishing trip. Why not exchange codes and come over for some company?

2 Dragon’s Crown

It’s been said time and time again, but the reputation still stands. Dragon’s Crown is one of the most beautiful RPGs ever created, thanks mainly to the art design from Vanillaware. It checks a lot of boxes for traditional action RPGs, but it’s a classic experience any fan of the genre should have.

It’s practically a love letter to the genre and with a full party of adventurers to choose from, each offering their own way to play, it offers a great deal more than the standard fantasy beat-em-up.

1 Diablo III

While the second entry in Blizzard’s famous dungeon-crawler series is regarded as the best, Diablo III arguably brings just as much content and carnage to the table as its older brother. Plus, it’s the one that’s currently available across a multitude of consoles.

Players have their choice of heroes, armor, builds, weapons, and of course that all-important share of the loot. Raiding dungeons and killing demons will always be a go-to activity for RPG fans, and Diablo just makes that multiplayer pastime an absolute dream.

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