10 Most Disastrous Dates In Sitcom History (That Still Have Us Laughing)

10 Most Disastrous Dates In Sitcom History (That Still Have Us Laughing)

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The part that most audiences look for in any hilarious sitcom is the romance. A blossoming relationship where two people grow together and find true love is always super sweet to watch. From the first date to long-term dating, some of the most popular on-screen relationships come from TV shows. But what’s even more entertaining is watching a hilarious failure of a date unfold.

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Many viewers are familiar with the blind date spectacle that unravels, or the one-sided embarrassment of a date gone wrong. Anything unplanned is always when something goes wrong. So, what better way is there to laugh than to see a date go awry? However, since there are plenty of memorable, on-screen terrible dates, there are certainly a few that some may have forgotten. Here are 10 disastrous dates in sitcom history from recent sitcoms to the earlier days when I Love Lucy was on the air.

10 Carmen & Jason’s Parental-Guided Homework Date (George Lopez)

Carmen staring crazy in kitchen wearing black shirt George Lopez

While some may not call this a formal date, it technically is since the two become a serious couple after being on and off for quite some time. Many fans are probably reminiscing on the time when George and Angie let Jason stay in their house for baseball season when his neglectful, careless parents left him alone.

But, there is one other date that the two are on that ends up being hilarious (shout out to George Lopez). Carmen and Jason say they were just studying in her room but fell asleep, only to be loudly woken up by George. The interaction may be short, but it’s difficult not to laugh at George’s unique, overprotective parenting.

9 Sheldon & Amy’s Necessary Third-Wheel Date (The Big Bang Theory)

Although the actual couple may not view this is as a disaster, it certainly is to Penny and the audience. Sheldon wants her to tag along and become their third wheel. He has her drive him and pick up Amy for a really uncomfortable and awkward car ride to the restaurant.

The worst part of the date is really for Penny, not the couple, and that’s when they talk about having a child together. Talk about TMI on a date.

8 Penny & Leonard’s Unknown, Friendly Date (The Big Bang Theory)

Penny sitting down with Leonard at restaurant for unofficial date

Poor Leonard. This show certainly has some wacky dates and events, and although this unofficial date isn’t met with out-of-this-world insanity, it’s still a real letdown for Leonard.

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His attempt to subtly take Penny out on a date without her knowing is pretty sad but funny as viewers watch him struggle to tell her what happened to the friend hangout they were supposed to be having, in Penny’s mind.

7 Raven & Matthew’s Messy Date (That’s So Raven)

Raven wearing blue shirt talking to her mom about bad date on Thats So Raven

This had to make the list of most disastrous dates because, in all of teenage sitcom history, never have viewers ever seen a more over-the-top, terrible date. Raven’s memorable facial expressions just make the entire exchange hilarious as Matthew has no idea that he’s grossing her out in every bite of food he takes.

Spitting and drooling all the food disgusts the beautiful Raven out, even walking out and running into her mother only to ask for a little bit of help with this situation. It’s difficult not to laugh at this entire scene, especially when Raven’s dad picks her up and tells Matthew he doesn’t have to get up from the table to bid them a sloppy farewell. Poor Raven, but what brilliant comedy this is for viewers.

6 Rachel & Steve’s Anxiety-Ridden Date (Friends)

As dedicated fans know, Phoebe sets Rachel up with this guy deliberately knowing it wouldn’t go well, in hopes that she’d be led back to Ross. Poor Rachel is then set up on this blind date with Steve where all the chaos unfolds.

Rachel has to sit there and listen to Steve’s terrible life, starting with how he lost his business due to drug addiction and now is selling silk screens t-shirts, apparently. His anxiety-inducing conversation doesn’t end here though because he then starts talking about how he thinks he’s infertile. They certainly call it a “blind date” for a reason—Rachel is blindsided into this madness.

5 Eric & Donna’s Drunk & Interrupted First Date (That 70s Show)

Donna drunk and making hand motions to Eric on their first date in That 70s Show

This duo cannot catch a break on this truly disastrous, first “formal” date. First, Eric’s parents take photos of the two all dressed up before they go out to a fancy dinner. Next, Hyde is still pretty fixated on Donna, so he’s willing to crash a date anywhere, anytime. This puts a more dark twist into the scene though because Eric is his best friend and yet he still tries to convince his girlfriend to go out with him instead.

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Thankfully, the hilarious part that saves the day is Donna’s drunken state of mind. Her very happy and slurring mood just puts the cherry on top of a seriously out-of-control date. It’s a good thing that Eric is a gentleman and just takes her home in the end for the two to have much better dates in the future as a couple.

4 Miley & Jake’s Badly-Dressed & Hairy Date (Hannah Montana)

Miley wearing a big swan dress at premiere with Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana

If anyone doesn’t consider this date to be an undoubted train wreck, then they’re underestimating the powerful comedy of Hannah Montana. When Miley sees her boyfriend’s true colors emerge of a spoiled brat celebrity, she’s determined to do just about anything to drive him away.

Some may be thinking about when the two go out for ice cream with Lily and Oliver, and how Jake can’t even wait for over 60 seconds in a line, but this isn’t the terrible date that makes the list. The real disaster date is when Miley purposely wears an eyesore of a dress (a swan) and somehow gets her armpits to exceed a furry amount in order to publicly humiliate Jake and make him dump her.

3 Lucy & Ricky’s Aggressive & Impatient First Date (I Love Lucy)

Lucy and Ricky talking in their living room in I Love Lucy

Not many remember this date—even fans of the show! There is one episode that reveals how Lucy and Ricky officially met in Cuba. Aside from the cattiness that Lucy and Ethel show, the entire memory is one big date for the two only because it’s their way of meeting for the first time.

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Ricky gives Lucy a ride through Cuba and, after their disinterested and exasperated reactions to each other, says to Lucy that there is a beautiful star people look at and they fall in love. The two then lock eyes nervously and then more mini disasters unfold. It’s a good thing this entire date leads them to pursue a real relationship.

2 Will & Carlton’s Intimidating Double Date (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Will and Carlton in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air against boyfriend named Mad Dog

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air will never disappoint in its hilarity. Will and Carlton go out on a double date with two girls that they think is going pretty well, until one of them reveals she has a boyfriend, saying “of course” as if the guys were supposed to anticipate this.

Not only does this girl have a boyfriend—named “Mad Dog” no less—but her man is intent on getting rid of the two boys saying that somebody’s “gonna die.” The best part is when the boys start nervously singing “Happy Birthday” to cover up the huge catastrophe they’re currently in.

1 Steve & DJ’s Misunderstood Date (Full House)

Steve and DJ sitting in Steve's new apartment in Full House

This date is the relatable situation of two young adults trying to grow up together. Since Steve is a bit older than DJ, he’s in college and manages to get himself an apartment. So, asking his girlfriend to visit him at home doesn’t seem like a big deal. Even Danny lets DJ go at first until Uncle Jesse breaks the fun and asks “what kind of a father are you?”

This is enough to convince Danny to crash Steve and DJ’s date, as they innocently fall asleep on his couch and are under a blanket (fully clothed) having done nothing wrong. Only to Danny, this looks pretty bad for his little girl from the viewpoint he has in Steve’s door window. There goes their cute movie date watching The Terminator as Danny screams at DJ and wakes up Steve’s whole apartment complex.

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