Why Big Ed Brown Always Falls In Love Way Too Fast

Why Big Ed Brown Always Falls In Love Way Too Fast

May 13, 2021 0 By admin

Ed got into a relationship with Rose too quickly, which ended in a messy breakup. Soon, he fell for Liz, who called him a narcissist on social media.

Big Ed Brown is a controversial 90 Day Fiancé star who was recently smitten with a new woman named Liz, and we’re here to explain why he always falls in love too quickly. Big Ed and Liz broke up just months after getting to know one another. The recent split has made many fans feel that Ed moves too fast and sets himself up for heartbreak. He first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days alongside Rosemarie Vega. The couple met through Facebook, and within a few months, Ed traveled to the Philippines to meet her face to face. Ed mentioned that he fell in love with Rose as soon as he saw her picture. He was ready to welcome her to the United States. Still, he lied about his height and said he wanted kids when he didn’t.

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Rose was shocked by the way that Ed looked, including his height (he’s shorter than she is). She tried to work on their relationship anyway. However, Ed’s offensive and disrespectful behavior ended that relationship soon enough. Ed then appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life and started working with a dating expert and fitness trainer. Soon, he felt attracted to another woman, Liz. Even though the restaurant manager, who has said that Ed annoyed her, tried to avoid him, she agreed to go on a first date with him. Since Liz had experienced two failed marriages in the past, she wanted to take things slow. However, Ed broke all the ground rules every time. He was possessive and tried to pressure Liz into being his girlfriend.

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It seems like Ed is scared to live alone and wants a companion to spend the rest of his life with. Whenever someone makes him feel good, he quickly falls in love and starts making plans for the future. Even though Liz wanted to ease into the new relationship, Ed tried to kiss her on the lips on one of their first dates. He was probably trying to make the relationship more serious as soon as possible. He also asked her to move in with him, which wasn’t really appropriate so early on. The restaurant manager didn’t want to move too fast, but Ed was somehow able to convince her.

During a confessional, San Diego resident Ed (who’s already gotten cozy with a new woman after the breakup with Liz), revealed that he would propose to Liz soon. He had a ring in mind. Even the show producer was shocked by this new piece of information. He ended up saying, “What?” The couple had already broken up. Liz took to her Instagram and announced that they weren’t together. She thanked Ed for the memories and then removed all of his pictures from her Instagram. Ed revealed that Liz got out of her last relationship just two weeks before she started dating him. He admitted, “the biggest hurdle in our relationship is we both moved too fast.

It is also possible that Ed fakes falling in love for the sake of reality fame. Otherwise, how is it possible that, within a limited time, he asked Liz out, fell in love, and then planned to marry her? All of this happened when Liz was hesitant to get into a relationship and make things official. Some fans think that the couple was never in love. They speculate that the two probably worked out a deal and just acted like a couple for cameras. Ed comes across as a person who loves the limelight. The 90 Day Fiancé celeb may well have faked being in love to stay relevant on social media and keep making money through Cameo.

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