Who Is Loki’s Cartoon Clock? Miss Minutes Explained

Who Is Loki’s Cartoon Clock? Miss Minutes Explained

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The new Loki show, available on Disney+ beginning June 9th, will heavily involve the Time Variance Authority, and its cartoon mascot, Miss Minutes.

The newest poster for the upcoming MCU Disney+series Loki features a better look at Miss Minutes, the Time Variance Authority’s mascot, leading some to wonder what the story is behind the cartoon clock first spotted in the trailer. The upcoming series pits Tom Hiddleston’s trickster god against the TVA, whose point of contact is Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius. Though the trailer and poster only offer brief snippets of information on the show’s premise and the structure of the TVA, more information, as with most MCU properties, can be found in the original comics, allowing devoted fans to predict what the writers will draw upon for the new series.

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In the first three phases of the MCU, Loki underwent a redemption arc full of betrayal and backsliding, but ultimately culminating in his defending Asgard alongside Thor in Thor: Ragnarok. He’d come a long way since serving as the primary villain of the original Avengers film, but to begin Avengers: Infinity War, he attempts to deceive Thanos and is killed. But this was not the first time Loki had apparently died, nor, it appears, would it be the last time he’d make a return. Another version of Loki escapes with the Tesseract during the “time heist” second act of Avengers: Endgame, apparently alerting the TVA and resulting in his capture and enlistment in undoing the temporal mess Loki had made of the timeline.

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Loki‘s premise suggests it will focus on the struggle of the TVA to repair the damage done as well as Loki’s own struggle to escape and/or work with his captors. The TVA itself has a long history in Marvel Comics, stretching back to Thor #372 released in 1986. Miss Minutes, the cartoon clock who makes a brief cameo in the Loki trailer, is the mascot of the TVA. It’s fitting, given their primary function: monitoring the multiverse, policing time-traveling characters, and dealing with timelines they deem too dangerous. In the trailer, she appears on a television screen, pictured behind bars and wagging (read: ticking) her finger in a scolding fashion. This could be a reference to Loki’s apparent incarceration under the guard of the TVA after having been “naughty,” as the mid-century designed cartoon clock suggests. But her appearance on the Loki poster hints that she may have a bigger role to play than just being a meaningless cartoon mascot.

Loki show poster Tom Hiddleston clock

Loki series creator and head writer Michael Waldron is one of multiple Rick and Morty alums to parlay their talents on the animated sci-fi comedy into writing gigs on MCU Phase 4 properties. The TVA is functionally similar to the four-dimensional beings who intervene in the second season opener “A Rickle In Time,” in which two unsightly time cops, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, confront the titular heroes. The two hapless cops make return appearances occasionally in the show’s subsequent seasons. This dynamic certainly helped prepare Waldron for a narrative of Loki‘s design. Waldron’s involvement, and the animated character of Miss Minutes making multiple appearances, indicate Loki maybe be weirder and wilder than audiences are anticipating. Perhaps it will even be a blend of animation and live-action, with Miss Minutes coming to life as an actual character.

Miss Minutes ultimately appears to be a small but significant part of the expansive, multi-dimensional world that Loki seeks to explore. Her smiling, cartoon clock face is the face of the Time Variance Authority, but she may have a larger part to play. With Hiddleston always relishing stepping back into the role of the God of Mischief, and the wild possibilities inherent to the multiple timelines concept, audiences are no doubt eager to see what Waldron and company choose to do come early June.

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