What Day The 35th Anniversary Actually Is

What Day The 35th Anniversary Actually Is

May 13, 2021 0 By admin

The 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series is fast approaching, and it looks like Square Enix is about to announce the next game in the series.

The 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest is drawing near and Square Enix has already set a date to celebrate the occasion. 2021 marks a number of different video game anniversaries, but not all of them have been celebrated by their creators.

Dragon Quest is a series of turn-based JRPGs that are massively popular in Japan. The series has had more of a cult following in the West, though that has started to change in recent years, with the highly-acclaimed Dragon Quest 11 and a number of Dragon Quest mobile games being big hits for Square Enix. The next confirmed entries in the series are related to the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai anime/manga, with no word as to when the next mainline Dragon Quest game will be released.

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The Dragon Quest franchise turns 35 later this month. The original Dragon Quest game was released for the Famicom on May 27, 1986. It took several years for the game to be released in English, as it was localized as Dragon Warrior for the North American market in 1989. Unlike The Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary, which has mostly been overlooked in 2021 so far, Square Enix actually has plans for the Dragon Quest anniversary.

How Square Enix Is Celebrating The Dragon Quest Anniversary

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According to FamitsuSquare Enix will be hosting a Dragon Quest 35th anniversary livestream on May 26, 2021 (it will technically happen on May 27 in Japan, due to the time difference, so it will happen on the anniversary there). The livestream will be broken into two parts. The first part will be focusing on existing titles, like the Japan-exclusive Dragon Quest 10. The second part is more interesting, as it will involve Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii discussing brand new games in the series that are being developed. It’s possible that Dragon Quest 12 will finally be announced, the new Dragon Quest Monsters game might finally be discussed in more detail, or the rumored remake of Dragon Quest 9 will be unveiled after it was discussed in a previous livestream.

The most interesting aspect of this livestream is that it will be dubbed for international fans, meaning that this will be the first Japanese Dragon Quest livestream broadcast with an English option. This suggests that Square Enix is taking an international approach with the future entries in the series, as previous Dragon Quest titles were released in Japan first, and localized into different languages at a later date. This gives hope that Dragon Quest 12 could see a simultaneous worldwide release.

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The Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream will take place on May 26, 2021.

Source: Famitsu

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