The Most Shocking Things Leonard Ever Did

The Most Shocking Things Leonard Ever Did

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Leonard is supposed to be the best in the group in The Big Bang Theory. He isn’t condescending to his friends as Sheldon is, he has no problems speaking to women like Raj does, and he doesn’t come across as a creep to them as Howard does. However, nobody is perfect, and Leonard has certainly done some shocking things to Penny, Stuart, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard.

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That being said, not all of Leonard’s shocking acts are bad. He has also done things for Penny that arguably very few boyfriends would do for their girlfriends. Do these justify the horrible things that he has done? Probably not, but there are certainly people on the show who have done worse.

10 Gave Bad Advice To Stuart About Dating Penny

Big Bang Theory Stuart Penny Date

In season two’s episode 22, “The Classified Materials Turbulence,” Stuart has a date with Penny and asks Leonard for advice on how best to approach her. Leonard takes this opportunity to say everything that Penny doesn’t like and presents it as things that Stuart should do.

It turns out the date goes really well until Penny says Leonard’s name. But, given that Leonard is supposed to be the best of the group, even if he is jealous, his moral compass was definitely off course in this act of sabotage that he certainly wouldn’t like to have happen to him.

9 Left Penny To Look After Sheldon

In the eleventh episode of season one, “The Pancake Batter Anomaly,” Sheldon becomes ill and Leonard immediately runs out of the apartment and phones the others making sure they stay away from Sheldon so they can avoid having to take care of him.

However, in doing so, Leonard leaves Penny to take care of Sheldon all by herself. Knowing how insufferable Sheldon is at the best of times, it was not nice to abandon his friend, but also abandon the girl he loves to take care of him.

8 Read Penny’s Diary

Leonard and Penny

It goes without saying that reading a girl’s journal is a strict no-go zone. Sure, the urge is there, but a lot of men have the restraint to respect their girlfriend’s privacy. The exception, of course, being Leonard in the season nine episode “The Platonic Permutation.”

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Granted, he did apologize and don a ridiculous outfit, but this is certainly a violation of Penny’s privacy, an aspect that Leonard has likely been protective of in the past.

7 Falsified Sheldon’s Data

In the first episode of season three, “The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation,” it is revealed that the gang falsified Sheldon’s data in order to make him easier to live with. Doing this also meant that, upon the confession, Sheldon had to retract his data and potentially ruin his reputation as a scientist.

Not only should Leonard have thought about how the data could have affected the world viewed Physics and magnetic monopoles, but also about how Sheldon would have been affected both professionally and personally.

6 Calls Penny Fat (Essentially)

It finally happened; after nine seasons, Penny and Leonard get married, but the happy moment doesn’t last too long until Leonard tries to carry Penny across the threshold but struggles to do so.

Leonard makes the ‘smart’ decision to blame it on Penny’s weight gain. This is the last thing a man should say to a woman, even in day-to-day life, let alone after just getting married. Leonard will, of course, have a bit of confidence after finally tying the knot, but this was really not the right thing to say.

5 Made Fun Of Zack

The Big Bang Theory - Penny's Ex - Zack Johnson

In season four’s eleventh episode “The Justice League Recombination,” Penny is dating Zack, who is not exactly known for being the smartest in the show. After Zack makes some dumb comments about science, atoms, and planets, the gang starts to make fun of him.

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Usually, this would be expected from the rest of them, but even Leonard says that dolphins might be smarter than “some people,” referring to Zack in front of Penny. Leonard certainly lets his insecurity get the best of him and decides to be horrible to Zack when he should know it’s the wrong thing to do.

4 Bought Penny A Car When She Was Upset

In the seventeenth episode of season seven, “The Friendship Turbulence,” Penny’s car completely breaks down, and she is worried she will have to go back to the Cheesecake factory. Feeling sorry for her, Leonard decides to buy her a car.

The car is by no means fancy, but it will get her from A to B when she needs it. This was certainly a shocking move, but in a good way, as there are likely very few people who would do this for their significant others.

3 Betrayed Howard

In season two’s eighth episode, “The Lizard-Spock Expansion,” Howard ends up on a date with a girl Stephanie, who ends up getting with Leonard by the end of the very same evening.

This isn’t the first time that Leonard has betrayed his best friend’s trust, but, to make matters worse, while they are kissing, Leonard constantly goes on about how Howard is such a good friend and how loyal he is to him.

2 Cheated On Penny

The incident with Stephanie wasn’t the last time Leonard was involved in cheating. In season eight’s twenty-fourth episode, “The Commitment Determination,” Penny and Leonard are told that they haven’t made any sort of progress in their engagement and decide to go to Las Vegas to get married. On the drive over, Leonard confesses to Penny that he kissed another woman while they were dating.

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Not only did he cheat on Penny, but he also makes the questionable decision of waiting to tell her on the drive to their actual wedding, not great behavior, or timing, from Leonard.

1 Asked Penny To Quit Her Well-Paying Job

In season eight’s twentieth episode “The Fortification Implementation,” Penny and Leonard go on Will Wheaton’s podcast where Leonard learns that Penny makes twice what Leonard earns. Leonard is shocked at this and tries to get Penny to quit her job.

Given that in an earlier season Leonard tried to get Penny to go back to college, this is a 180 from his earlier reservations about Penny not being successful.

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