10 Characters That Fans Would Love To Be Friends With

10 Characters That Fans Would Love To Be Friends With

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The Pokémon anime introduced a wide array of characters over its 1,154 episodes. Some are friends, and some are foes, but they are all entertaining and engaging. They add extra color to an already colorful story without ever taking protagonism away from the titular pocket monsters.

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Ash’s companions, in particular, hold a special place in every fan’s heart. They help the young hero learn and grow, both as a Trainer and a person. Time and again, they prove just what great friends they are, supporting and encouraging Ash every step of the way. Any person would be lucky to have them in their life, that’s for sure.

10 Jessie, James, & Meowth

Sure, Team Rocket’s moral compass doesn’t exactly point north, but they’re not evil. In fact, they’re too foolish to excel as villains. They are arguably just people-pleasers who happen to be employed by a genuinely bad guy. They keep disappointing him, though, because they’re not really cut out to be big bads.

Still, Jessie, James, and Meowth are loyal and persistent, sometimes to their own detriment. They constantly risk their lives in the pursuit of their goal and refuse to back down. The three also share an incredibly close bond and are always there for each other. In a way, the three became a small and dysfunctional but still wholesome family.

9 Bianca

Bianca celebrating after catching a Pokémon

Bianca only plays a small role in the anime, but she makes a strong impression. She’s one of Ash’s friendly rivals in Unova, an enthusiastic and overly energetic girl who always seems to be in a rush. She loves her Pokémon so much that she cries when they get hurt, making her an ineffective Trainer but a wonderful Pokémon Breeder.

Despite her flaws, Bianca is as sweet as they come. She loves her friends and isn’t afraid to show it. In the anime, whenever she met with Ash and his friends, Bianca would run towards them in joy. Despite being a little silly, Bianca still pursues her goals and encourages others to do the same.

8 Goh

Goh and Scorbunny celebrating

What Goh lacks in practice, he makes up in theory. One of the most intelligent characters in the series, Goh is an encyclopedia of Pokémon facts but an inexperienced Trainer who still makes rookie mistakes. Goh remains determined to reach his goal of catching every Pokémon, including the Mythical Mew.

Goh’s overconfidence can be overwhelming to others, which makes it hard for him to make friends. However, once he gives his friendship to someone, his loyalty is unwavering. He is fiercely protective of his friends and goes to great lengths to protect them, losing his temper if someone tries to get in between them.

7 May

May waving goodbye and smiling

Sweet and optimistic, May is an adventurer at heart. Anyone who’s friends with her will win an enthusiastic traveling companion who can make brighten any situation. May is all about experiencing new things, traveling to new places, and getting to know new people and Pokémon. As such, she’s overly friendly and can form close bonds rather quickly.

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May also loves food and will become enraged if anyone steals or ruins any of her meals. She’s a supportive and faithful friend who can turn any experience into an exciting adventure.

6 Cilan

Cilan showing off in the Pokémon anime

Like Brock, Cilan is Unova’s resident mentor and know-it-all. He’s a Pokémon Connoisseur who’s highly perceptive about both people and Pokémon. He often acts as an older brother to his friends, offering helpful advice and guidance that is usually very useful and accurate.

Put together and logical, Cilan is quite patient and understanding, making him an ideal friend for nearly every situation. Cilan is also an excellent cook and enjoys preparing elaborate meals for his friends and loved ones.

5 Misty


Misty can be explosive and overly dramatic, but she’s also courageous and loyal to a fault. At the beginning of the series, she’s just as immature as Ash, and the two constantly clash over the silliest things. Throughout their journey together, they both do a lot of growing up and help each other become better Trainers and persons.

Although she’s grumpy and nosy, Misty is also optimistic and persevering. She also isn’t afraid of a challenge and welcomes change, showing a high level of adaptability more than once. Misty can be the best of friends to anyone willing to look past her hot-headed personality and see the caring person beneath.

4 Lillie

Lillie holding a Z Crystal and celebrating with Snowie in the Pokémon anime

Like Goh, Lillie knows a lot about Pokémon and their behavior. Lillie is very kind and caring. She’s very polite and innocent and is willing to lend a hand to anyone who asks for her help. She always sees the best in people and has high emotional intelligence, making her the ideal friend for troubled times.

Lillie also shows great determination when it comes to protecting her loved ones. Despite coming from one of the wealthiest families in Alola, Lillie is humble and unassuming and treats everyone with kindness and respect.

3 Clemont

Clemont celebrating a victory in the Pokémon anime

Without a doubt, Clemont is the anime’s most intelligent character. He loves inventing new things that will improve human-Pokémon relationships. His creations don’t always work, but he never loses his enthusiasm and usually ends up persevering.

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Clemont struggles with confidence and self-esteem issues, despite excelling as an inventor and a Trainer. Despite this, he’s quick to celebrate his friends’ achievements, constantly encouraging and validating them while also providing helpful advice.

2 Dawn

Dawn and her Piplup in the Pokémon anime

Dawn is one of the anime’s coolest characters. She’s not only resourceful and enthusiastic but also very confident in her abilities. Her excitement is contagious, and it’s impossible not to become inspired by her passion and hunger for adventure.

Dawn always encourages her friends, pushing them to be the best version of themselves. In the anime, whenever Ash challenged a gym, Dawn would put on a cheerleading uniform and perform a routine alongside her Pokémon. Now that’s a true friend right there!

1 Brock

Brock Family Pokemon

Brock is like the older brother everyone would want to have. Mature, wise, and levelheaded, he’s the ideal person to have around in times of crisis. He’s a natural caretaker who’s always there for humans and Pokémon alike, lending his warm and healing hand to anyone who needs it.

As Ash’s longest-serving traveling companion, Brock is arguably the most experienced character in the show, even more than Ash. In numerous ways, Brock is like the Hermione Granger of the Pokémon world: bright, ingenious, rational, and always prepared for any situation.

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