What Lindsay Hubbard Has Been Up To Since Season 5

What Lindsay Hubbard Has Been Up To Since Season 5

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Summer House season 5 wasn’t easy for Lindsay Hubbard. Since the show aired, she’s been rethinking her romantic goals and living her best life.

Lindsay Hubbard had a drama-filled Summer House season, and we’ve found out what she’s been up to since the Bravo reality show aired. During her stay on Summer House season 5, Lindsay grappled with romantic drama. Her then-boyfriend was marketing director Stephen “Stravy” Traversie, who threw her for several loops. From bidding adieu to toxic boyfriends to tearing up her unrealistic “Timeline 4 Life,” Lindsay Hubbard has been busy after the show.

Lindsay is one of few Summer House stars (including Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke) who has been a main cast member since the series debuted in January 2017. Lindsay is known for the emotionally turbulent relationships she’s had in the Hamptons during her five seasons on the Bravo reality show. From her first on-screen boyfriend Everett Weston to her newest ex Stravy, Lindsay’s extensive history of unsuccessful flings suggests she should stop looking for love during her Summer House vacations. Her most recent ill-fated relationship with Stephen on season 5 led to one of Lindsay’s most brutal heartbreaks. The 34-year-old Leo Lindsay Hubbard’s disastrous relationship with Stephen hit a crisis point when Lindsay’s birthday dinner ended in a harsh argument between the two. For the rest of the season, Lindsay had to decide if dating Stephen was worth the downside.

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Lindsay has made a clean break from Stephen. While promoting the beginning of the new season in February, Lindsay clarified that she and Stravy were no longer dating. She cited the difficulties of dating during COVID-19. However, Lindsay and Stephen’s fights during the summer of 2020 probably also played a role in their split. Lindsay says she has no hard feelings towards Stephen, but she’s also made it clear that they won’t be rekindling their relationship. During an April appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lindsay revealed that she had blocked Stravy. This means it will be hard for him to find his way back into her heart. Lindsay also shared that she was angry at friend and fellow Summer House castmate Kyle Cooke for hanging out with Stravy after season 5 wrapped. Kyle claimed that was “[his] bad.”

Lindsay Hubbard Summer House

During season 5, Lindsay received criticism due to her “Timeline 4 Life,” which was a personal to-do list. It included freezing her eggs in July 2020 and getting married to Stephen (and pregnant with their child) by August 2022. Lindsay’s timeline didn’t work out for her. Fans were disconcerted by the reality star’s penchant for planning her future. Lindsay saw the fan feedback (some of the best-ranked Summer House castmates also commented on the timeline). She has since declared that she is no longer trying to follow the timeline. In an Instagram post memorializing the end of season 5, @lindshubbs declared, “I promise, no more timelines.” Since shredding her strict love life plan, Lindsay has been able to focus on her work as the president of Hubb House PR. Additionally, Lindsay has a fully-stocked shop, where fans can purchase the reality star’s merch, including bucket hats, swimsuits, and mugs.

Overall, Lindsay has made lemonade from the lemons she was force-fed during season 5. After a dysfunctional relationship that rendered her “Timeline 4 Life” useless, Lindsay has dedicated herself to moving forward. Without a boyfriend or an iron-clad plan for the next decade, who knows what Summer House season 6 has in store for Lindsay Hubbard.

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