What Barry Weiss Was Up To Before Season 13

What Barry Weiss Was Up To Before Season 13

May 12, 2021 0 By admin

Barry Weiss’s serious motorcycle accident changed his life and plans. Find out how “Bad Luck Barry” was doing before the new Storage Wars season.

Barry Weiss is a Storage Wars legend who keeps it low-key on social media, but we’ve managed to unearth a lot of information about what he was doing before season 13. “The Collector,” who’s also been called “Bad Luck Barry,” initially left Storage Wars back in 2013. He wanted to go out on a high note. Now, he’s been enticed back into the fold. He was spotted filming the show in late March of 2021, according to TMZ. Fans were thrilled when they saw Barry in the first Storage Wars season 13 trailer.

Known for being private about his past, Barry does more than bid on storage lockers with crazy contents. He’s a parent to a couple of grown-up children, Julie and Jack. As for his love life, back in 2012, he stated that he’d been single for about 28 years. However, in 2017, he sat down for an interview in Amsterdam (via ishootpeople Ferry de Kokand at YouTube) and explained that he had a girlfriend and travels a lot. On his @ItsBarryWeiss Twitter, he describes himself as a “professional slacker.” Barry was part of the first episode of Storage Wars season one, “High Noon in the High Desert.” He loves unique and interesting objects. He’s always crestfallen when those types of items aren’t stashed in the storage lockers he chooses. Barry saddened fans when he walked away from the A&E show. His quirky ways and skeleton gloves made him a fan favorite.

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Delving into Barry’s life takes dedication, just like rooting through a packed storage locker to find the hidden gems. Unless he’s appearing on reality TV, following or breaking Storage Wars rules, he doesn’t really put himself out there. However, in the Amsterdam interview mentioned earlier, Barry did share some interesting tidbits about his life, including the fact that he’s a fan of Moto GP and Formula One racing. He also shared that he was very surprised by the success of Storage Wars. On Twitter, he’s been quiet since April 1, 2014. The April 1 tweet was a promo for his one season solo reality TV effort, Barry’d Treasure:

Most Storage Wars fans already know that Barry Weiss was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Loz Feliz, California in 2019. He needed to spend time in an intensive care unit. He was 68 when the accident happened. An SUV driver reportedly failed to see Barry and his passenger while pulling out of a parking space. Barry’s buddy, who was also involved in the accident (@motogeo on Instagram), posted about Barry’s “chest and leg trauma,” as seen below, according to People:

There is also the possibility that Barry posts on IG in a stealthy and non-verified way, although he may not. The Instagram account @barryweissfanpage features a candid photo of Barry that includes the caption, “Post-Quarantine Beard. Should I keep it or shave it?” That picture was posted 43 weeks ago. Fans in the comments address Barry, whether he added the picture or not. See the post below:

Barry’s known for his love of cars, and more information about the mysterious Storage Wars cast member (the show has lots of secrets that cast members want to bury) came to light in a Hot Rod Magazine story from May 2019. The story’s author, Peter Linney, described his friend Barry as “eccentric” and “spontaneous.” While showcasing Barry’s 1939 Zephyr, he also talked about Barry’s family’s wholesale produce business in Los Angeles. The author said that Barry used to collect travel trailers, but moved on to collecting customs.

While Barry will always keep some things to himself, that’s part of his charm. He shows us what he wants us to see. The Storage Wars icon appears to be recovering from his accident and fans are very happy about that. Barry is a one-of-a-kind Storage Wars star who continues to intrigue the masses. He maintains his mystique, long after his debut on the show.

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