The Amazing Race: 10 Best Sibling Duos Ever

The Amazing Race: 10 Best Sibling Duos Ever

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The Amazing Race is synonymous with longevity and one of the things that keep the CBS reality entertaining is the great teamwork. The rules don’t allow single participants and as expected, most contestants tend to be couples, friends, or siblings. The pre-existing relationships in such teams tend to benefit them when it comes to coordination during the legs.

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Sometimes, siblings tend to harbor extreme affection or resentment towards each other and, as a result, things either go one of two ways when such teams are concerned. The siblings either turn out to be complete train wrecks or they prove to be unstoppable juggernauts. Depending on the amount of drama or brilliance, some duos remain on the minds of fans forever.

10 Nick Spangler And Emily “Starr” Spangler

The sibling duo of Nick Spangler And Emily "Starr" Spangler races to the finish line

Nick and Starr were the architects of consistency. Appearing in season 13, the sibling duo became the first team to win seven legs in a single season and also ended up as overall victors. They also tied with Matt and Phoebe, as well as the Linz family, as the youngest teams to win the race. Their age average was 21.5.

What was even more impressive was that the two lacked travel experience (an often advantageous part of the team’s profiles) when they joined the race. Luckily, their chemistry and general athleticism made up for all other flaws.

9 Mark Munoz And Michael Munoz

Season 14 contestants Mark Munoz And Michael Munoz

There is no one cooler than people who risk their lives to make sure the movies turn out right. That’s what Mark Munoz and Michael Munoz were doing before competing in season 14. The brothers were stuntmen, who had worked on movies such as Planet Of The Apes and National Treasure.

Unlike movie sets where caution is key, they made plenty of mistakes on the race. They also violated over five rules, attracting numerous penalties in the process. Though they came nowhere close to winning, they provided the same dose of entertainment that they do in movies.

8 Victor Jih And Tamara “Tammy” Jih

Season 14 winners Victor Jih And Tamara "Tammy" Jih during their final interview

Older siblings often have the urge to control their younger brothers or sisters, and that’s exactly what happened when Tammy and Victor joined the race in season 14. The much older Victor insisted on making decisions but that almost cost them, so a change in strategy was implemented. The effects of the joint decision-making were better than expected as the duo emerged from the competition victoriously.

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Tammy and Victor managed to do it without much help from allies since most of the teams they had allied with considered them untrustworthy. It helped that they had been experienced travelers before joining the show. By winning, they became the first Asian-American team to do so.

7 Natalie Anderson And Nadiya Anderson

Season 21 contestants Natalie Anderson And Nadiya Anderson

Though they didn’t perform too well, Natalie and Nadiya brought plenty of fireworks for the manner in which they attempted to bulldoze their way through season 21. The twins even took money left behind by other contestants and kept it for themselves. They were also the inventors of the strategy of burning the second U-turn in places where there were Double U-turns.

The twins, who adorably referred to each other as “twinnie,” made history as the only two people to ever be eliminated first on both Survivor and The Amazing Race. Not one to give up, Natalie returned to Survivor: Winners at War, where she was eliminated first once again.

6 Dan Pious And Jordan Pious

Season 16 contestants Dan Pious And Jordan Pious stare at maps

Dan and Pious proved the importance of moving under the radar in competitions like this. In an installment full of heated rivalries (season 16), they opted to keep a very low profile. After all, they were only doing this to cross it off their bucket lists, not to necessarily win. This was a good strategy as other teams opted not to target them.

Dan and Pious also had the amazing ability to resolve disputes quite quickly. The brothers employed a new strategy in the final leg, where they moved themselves up to first class in the middle of a flight, enabling them to get off the plane before other teams. The advantage they got by using this move also enabled them to become the youngest, all-male team to win the race.

5 Kisha Hoffman And Jen Hoffman

Season 14 winners Kisha Hoffman And Jen Hoffman pose for a post-victory photo

Kisha and Jen might have been sisters but they were not exactly best friends, judging from how they struggled to understand each other in season 14. This led to plenty of mistakes. A decision by Jen to take a bathroom break during a crucial leg led to their elimination. However, they were not done yet.

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The two returned in season 18 and this time, it was obvious that they had made great strides in their sibling relationship. They communicated better, made fewer mistakes, and formed stronger alliances with competitors. Their impressive showing made them the first team of sisters to win the competition.

4 Jet McCoy And Cord Jarrett McCoy

Jet McCoy And Cord Jarrett McCoy pose for photos before the start of Season 16

Jett and Cord must have not been fans of flying before season 16 and they must have hated it even more after planes cost them wins in three different installments. On their first time on their reality series, they proved to be too quick with a physical task, thus placing themselves ahead in the competition. However, their decision to rest on a plane made them finish in second place after Dan and Jordan got out before them and went on to win.

Their slowness while connecting flights cost them again when they returned in season 18. Things got even worse for them in the All-Stars version when they failed to locate an airport in time. This meant that they had to wait for a second flight to Spain while other teams had left earlier. Nevertheless, their plane drama provided plenty of entertainment.

3 Bates Battaglia And Anthony Battaglia

Season 22 winners Bates Battaglia And Anthony Battaglia read a map during the race

Bates and Anthony proved that relying on brawn alone instead of brain isn’t such a bad idea. From the moment they first showed up for season 22, they were seen as threats due to their physical abilities. Not only were they muscular but they were also professional hockey players.

Despite having a physicals advantage, the brothers often struggled several other aspects. They thus resorted to simply following others and applying brute force to go through. In the final leg, they were able to pass Max and Katie, allowing them to cruise to victory. It sure does pay to be strong and fast.

2 Brian Thomas Smith And Greg Smith

Season 7 contestants Brian Thomas Smith And Greg Smith arrive at a pitsop

Brian And Greg brought with them all the coolness in season 7. Their charming personalities made them fan-favorites but their awesomeness didn’t quite translate to the legs. The brothers had a number of misfortunes, including a car accident that injured one of the cameramen.

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Ultimately, they finished sixth. After appearing on the reality series, Brian joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory, where he portrayed Zack Johnson. He also has credits in a number of B-movies.

1 Liz Canavan And Marie Canavan

Season 19 contestants Liz Canavan And Marie Canavan discuss their bad luck after being eliminated

Liz and Marie were the definitions of bad luck. What made them adorable was the fact that they remained positive as they faced all numerous challenges in season 19. The biggest disadvantage that came for the twins was when they faced difficulties while trying to exchange Indonesian Rupiah.

They thus found themselves walking long distances and begging for rides because they didn’t have money. By the time they got to Bangkok, it was too late. They thus had to settle for 8th place.

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