Spider-Man Just Murdered His Greatest Villains

Spider-Man Just Murdered His Greatest Villains

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After the death of Aunt May, Spider-Man has gone on a killing spree of his greatest villains in a brand new What If…? story from Marvel Comics

Warning! Spoilers for Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #2 by Marvel Comics below!

In a world where Spider-Man kept his symbiote suit, he shockingly becomes a killer after the death of his Aunt May. Peter Parker just went on a killing spree against the villains who have wronged him throughout his time as a hero, murdering a handful of them for turning his life upside down, including Shocker, Scorpion, and most surprisingly, the Kingpin.

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow is a brand new What… If? story centered around the question, “what if Spider-Man kept his symbiote suit?” In the first issue of the series, the Hobgoblin went after Spider-Man, killing Aunt May during a fight with the web-slinger. After seeing his closest family member die, Peter murdered the Hobgoblin in an act of revenge. Seeing Spider-Man, a hero who has rarely ever resorted to taking the life of anyone unless it was the only choice available, brutally murder one of his villains was very surprising, but the killing continues in the series’ second issue.

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In Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #2 by Chip Zdarsky, Pasqual Ferry, Matt Hollingsworth, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Peter Parker grapples with the murder of the Hobgoblin. He admits he thought he would feel worse, but he does feel shame, as he doesn’t want Mary Jane to learn of the killing. After intimidating J. Jonah Jameson and being asked if he’s a killer by MJ, Spider-Man is confronted by Shocker and Scorpion. Instead of incapacitating them, Spider-Man uses the symbiote suit to go through Scoprions mouth and kill him from the inside.

Spider-Man’s next stop is the Kingpin’s home, where he brings Shocker’s arm and Scorpion’s tail. Kingpin reveals after Aunt May’s death, his men were able to research and discover his real identity. Wilson Fisk tells Peter he investigated his life, but couldn’t find any close family members he could threaten. He calls Peter sad, and as he tells him everyone he’s ever loved is dead, Peter delivers a killer punch to the mob boss’s face.

In the next panel, the Sinister Six – working with Jameson – confirm the deaths of Scorpion, Shocker, and Kingpin. As Doctor Octopus plans to kill Spider-Man, Eddie Brock reveals himself to let be known he will be the one who will kill him. Eddie’s role without the symbiote suit is completely unknown, but he clearly wants a piece of Spidey.

Even though this story doesn’t take place in the main Marvel continuity, it’s still shocking to see Spider-Man murder his villains with zero remorse for his actions. In his mind, he’s justified in committing the murders. Villains took Aunt May from him, so now it’s his turn for revenge. The symbiote suit has taken over Spider-Man’s mind, meaning no villains in Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow should feel safe. Issue two of the series is in comic book stores now.

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