Resident Evil Village’s Best Moment Makes You Powerless

Resident Evil Village’s Best Moment Makes You Powerless

May 12, 2021 0 By admin

House Beneviento is Resident Evil Village’s most impressive and terrifying section, and it stands in stark contrast to the rest of the game.

Resident Evil Village combines elements from across the franchise into a new experience, clearly taking inspiration from Resident Evil 4 among other things. Despite Capcom saying the horror elements have been toned down, Resident Evil Village still sports plenty of horrifying pieces, and its best moment makes players completely powerless.

[Warning: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village below.]

The bulk of the game sees Ethan Winters traveling around different areas of the village, each of which is ruled over by one of the “Four Lords.” The first, of course, is the infamous Lady Dimitrescu, the game’s tall lady that’s captured the adoration of fans. However, shortly after this, Ethan travels to the secluded House Beneviento.

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What follows is easily the most unique and memorable section of the entire game. This portion shows Resident Evil Village at its best. House Beneviento stands in stark contrast to the rest of the game, especially in terms of how it makes players powerless.

The Truly Terrifying House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Beneviento Door Code

House Beneviento is immediately unsettling, simply because there’s nothing happening when Ethan enters. As he wanders each room there are no enemies and nothing of note, until he reaches the very end of the basement. As the lights flicker, all of Ethan’s weapons and items disappear, leaving him completely powerless in every way possible. That idea of powerlessness applies to much more than just the lack of weapons, however, as a horrifying detail comes to light. Sitting upon a table is a wooden doll recreation of Mia Winters, with a photo of her murder by Chris Redfield sitting alongside it.

Ethan has to interact with the doll of his dead wife and even take it apart, in order to get out of the basement. He’s forced to confront his failure to save Mia and is reminded of everything he lost in the process. Throughout the course of the puzzle section, Ethan has to open his wedding music box and look at film strips involving his family. At some point, Ethan finds an empty cradle, representative of his daughter’s kidnapping. Then, the truly terrifying part happens as an utterly grotesque baby creature appears and stalks Ethan. Its childlike innocence makes the creature all the more horrific as it slides toward Ethan, leaving a trail of bloody slime in its wake.

House Beneviento is great horror on the most basic of levels, simply for the gross-out factor and jump scares. However, it also applies a level of psychological horror as well, as Ethan confronts his failure to save Mia and find Rosemary. The rest of Resident Evil Village has a huge focus on action, but the hour or so it takes to get through House Beneviento is almost totally absent of action. It’s a brilliant section that shows the true potential of the series’ horror elements and breaks up the pacing of Resident Evil Village perfectly.

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