PlayStation Reveals Work On 25 New PS5 Games, Half From New IPs

PlayStation Reveals Work On 25 New PS5 Games, Half From New IPs

May 12, 2021 0 By admin

In a new interview, PlayStation promised tons of new PS5 exclusives, including a variety of new IPs of different sizes, genres, and more.

Sony has confirmed that it has over 25 PlayStation 5 exclusives in development and half of them are new IPs. This comes just after a general concern about the line-up of games for PS5, as rumblings of lack of risks and more remakes/sequels bubbled up following a recent report from Bloomberg.

The report noted that Sony was investing heavily into Naughty Dog properties, so much so that this behavior was seemingly leaking into other studios like Bend Studio, partially resulting in games like Days Gone 2 getting rejected by Sony. A new Uncharted game was being developed by Bend for a brief period of time before being scrapped, and a remake of The Last of Us was also in development at another new studio, before it was eventually given back to Naughty Dog. The news of Days Gone 2 being dead in the water and a remake of a game from 7 years ago caused concern among fans.

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In a piece for Wired, PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst noted that there are over 25 diverse PlayStation exclusives in development, and nearly half of them belong to new IPs. This should hopefully ease concerns among PlayStation fans, showing a big and bright future for the brand. This piggybacks off of PlayStation aggressively investing in exclusives this year, showing that the company’s reputation for developing big marquee titles is not going anywhere.

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PlayStation has a great line-up for 2021, but it’s looking like some of its big titles could move into next year. Titles like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are a lock, and Sony was able to secure third-party exclusives like Deathloop, so it won’t be a quiet year by any means, but some of the big system sellers like God of War: Ragnarok may be pushed to 2022. The company is also expanding some of its offerings to PC which will allow for plenty of increased revenue and an expanded audience.

Regardless, Sony may not need to meet 2021 dates for its upcoming exclusives as the PlayStation 5 is expected to have short supply until at least mid-2022 at the earliest. This means Sony isn’t exactly racing to satisfy a particularly large audience, as the company would likely rather use this lull as an opportunity to ensure that the games can be as good as possible and release to the largest possible audience. It’s not hard to imagine that Sony will hold its own summer event this year and detail some of these upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusives.

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Source: Wired

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