10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit)

10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit)

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If it wasn’t for Reservoir Dogs, the world may never have been introduced to celebrated filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, his unique filmmaking style, or his sharp dialogue. It all started with this film, one of the best directorial debuts, and now the banter about tipping, the Mexican standoffs, and the criminal activity are all tropes that Tarantino fans have come to expect.

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The director has lived up to the high bar he set with the film on countless occasions. But as the movie often sits somewhere in the middle of his filmography when fans rank them, it has led to a ton of unpopular opinions, ones that both resoundingly praise the debut, and others that question what made it so successful in the first place.

10 There Is No Story

Being a heist movie that doesn’t actually show the heist, Reservoir Dogs expertly depicts the aftermath of the heist gone wrong, and viewers get hints of what happened through conversations between the characters.

But not everybody sees it that way, as a select few think that it ends just as it begins. Though the user argues that there is no story or plot, it’s actually a brilliant self-contained thriller that ingeniously reveals details at its own pace.

9 The Opening Scene Is Terrible

Opening scene from Reservoir Dogs with the whole ensemble at breakfast

Reservoir Dogs opens with the criminals all sitting in their iconic black and white suits, drinking coffee and eating breakfast in a diner before the big heist takes place.

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What ensues in the diner are conversations about the meaning behind Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and tipping etiquette. It’s one of the funniest scenes in the movie, but not everyone agrees. One Redditor thinks everything about it is terrible, from the revolving camera to the banter between the dogs.

8 It’s One Of The Most Boring Movies Ever Made

With Reservoir Dogs often being referred to as a clever heist movie without the heist, one user doesn’t understand why it’s seen that way and goes as far as to call it boring. They go even further by calling it nothing more than a “policeman goes undercover” story, and though that’s essentially what it is, it had never been done in such a creative way in a Hollywood movie before 1992.

But the most outlandish statement the user says is that the dialogue in the movie is boring, and if there’s one thing above all else that the movie is praised the most for, it’s the dialogue.

7 The Characters Are Taken From “The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three”

In what is a scathing review of Tarantino’s filmmaking style, one Redditor argues that the characters are lifted from the 1974 heist movie, The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three. They believe that the characters are more than just “borrowed,” as the criminals in that movie also go under code names that are colors.

But the pastiches in Reservoir Dogs is one of the ways it established Tarantino’s style, as there are homages to The Killing and White Heat too.

6 The Movie Gets More Credit Than It Deserves

Reservoir Dog's Mr. Blonde Cuts Off Family's Ears While In Quarantine

Arguing that Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies they’ve ever seen, one Redditor thinks that its predecessor shouldn’t be held in the same regard. However, the user doesn’t back up their claims, and if it wasn’t for Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction wouldn’t exist, as the music, the dialogue, and the world-building that was used in Reservoir Dogs paved the way for the classic movie.

Though Pulp Fiction is regarded as Tarantino’s best movie, many feel that Reservoir Dogs is still a fascinating and intelligent movie that deserves all the credit it gets.

5 Steve Buscemi Was Miscast As Mr. Pink

One of the biggest takeaways from Reservoir Dogs is Buscemi’s incredible portrayal of Mr. Pink. The actor plays the character in his typical oddball, scrawny, and fidgety attitude. But one fan believes the character was completely miscast, arguing that his size and looks don’t match how he’s always right, correctly predicts what happens, and gets away with the diamonds.

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But others feel that is exactly the point, as he’s the least likely to be the only one to make it out alive, and nobody listens to him because of his stature, even though he’s always right. If a tough guy was cast as Mr. Pink, it wouldn’t have been half as interesting.

4 The Film Is Dumb

Reservoir Dogs mexican standoff

One Reddit user makes the claim that Tarantino is an overrated filmmaker, especially compared to the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola, and other cinema auteurs that he’s mentioned in the same breath as. They use Reservoir Dogs as the prime example, proclaiming that the film is simply dumb.

As Mr. Brown, the director himself, says that “Like a Virgin” is a metaphor, but the Reddit user claims it is a feeble attempt to be quirky and falls flat.

3 It’s Too Ultraviolent

Mr Pink shooting at the cops in Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino is known for many different things: his memorable soundtracks, the pop-culture references, and, of course, all of the violence. With Reservoir Dogs, it was a bit too much for one viewer, as they claim the film is “ultraviolent.”

However, the heist isn’t shown, and most of the violent scene between the cop and Mr. Blonde is off-screen. The most graphic the movie gets is in showing blood-soaked white shirts. And compared to the director’s films that followed, like Kill Bill and Django Unchained, both of which feature massacres, some would likely think it is more than a little strange to call out Reservoir Dogs for being ultraviolent.

2 The Entire Plot Is Stolen From City On Fire

Just like with The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three, one user believes that Tarantino didn’t just borrow from City On Fire, but completely stole the whole narrative. Granted, City On Fire is about a jewelry heist gone wrong and some shots in Reservoir Dogs are lifted straight from the Japanese movie, but it’s just one of many of Tarantino’s homages to foreign movies.

However, fascinatingly enough, there’s also the line of dialogue in City On Fire: “They’ve killed Bill,” which could have also influenced the filmmaker.

1 It’s One Of Only Two Good Movies Tarantino Has Ever Made

The guys walk through the parking lot in Reservoir Dogs

Claiming that the director tries too hard to be edgy and cool, one user argues that Pulp Fiction is the only great movie Tarantino has made, and Reservoir Dogs is just “decent.” While Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are arguably his best movies, that’s not to say he doesn’t have a vast filmography of colorful Westerns and period dramas.

In the grand scheme of things, even his least successful movies are considered hits, and he has only ever had one actual flop, the 2007 b-movie, Death Proof.

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