What The Leaks Say You Should Expect

What The Leaks Say You Should Expect

May 11, 2021 0 By admin

This could be what the new M2 MacBook Air looks like. The upcoming laptop is said to feature a redesigned body, new color options, and a lot more.

Apple is likely to unveil a new M2 MacBook Air later this year, and a few months before the announcement is expected, leaked product renders of the upcoming laptop have been revealed. The renders showcase a very different-looking Mac compared to the current generation, suggesting Apple is working on one of the biggest MacBook design refreshes in years.

The latest generation MacBook Air was released in November 2020, with its big new feature being Apple’s M1 chipset. This makes the current MacBook Air the fastest and most efficient model Apple has ever created, and with a starting price of $999, it’s also a surprisingly good value compared to similarly-priced laptops. As good as the MacBook Air is, the rest of its hardware is starting to feel a bit too familiar. 2018 was the last time Apple drastically changed the Air’s design, and while the current one is fine, it’s also not the most exciting. According to the latest round of leaks, that’s something Apple is addressing head-on with the upcoming 2021 release.

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In a YouTube video uploaded on the Front Page Tech channel, leaker Jon Prosser shared a new round of 2021 MacBook Air renders. RendersByIan created the renders, but they’re based on images of the MacBook Air shared by one of Prosser’s sources — meaning they should provide an accurate look of what’s to come. Prosser indicates that the new MacBook Air will feature an Apple M2 chip, which is the direct successor over last year’s M1. Considering how capable the M1 is, the idea of having even better performance with the M2 is enough to get excited about on its own.

The M2 MacBook Air Comes In Multiple Colors, Has A White Display Bezel, And Two USB-C Ports

Render of the keyboard and trackpad on a green M2 MacBook Air

As for the design changes, it all starts with the new color options. The M2 MacBook Air will apparently come in seven colors that mimic the new iMac, including green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and silver. That level of continuity is great to see, and it suggests that even more Apple gadgets could adopt all of these fun colors at some point down the road. All of those colors will be found on a redesigned body for the MacBook Air, which ditches the current tampered design in favor of one that’s completely flat. The overall body of the M2 MacBook Air is said to be thinner than the M1 Air, meaning it should still be extremely easy to carry around or throw in a backpack.

There are also big changes found with the display and keyboard. While the bezel and display size have yet to be confirmed, Prosser seems confident that the MacBook Air will feature white bezels around its screen — just like the M1 iMac. That white paint job also carries over to the keyboard, which has redesigned keys and a larger function row. The Touch ID sensor also features a circular cutout, mimicking the Magic Keyboard included with the M1 iMac.

The M2 MacBook Air will reportedly feature two USB-C ports (one on either side), with there being no indication of MagSafe charging. A previous MacBook Air leak indicated that MagSafe will return to the M2 MacBook Air, so this aspect of the laptop remains unclear. The bottom of the laptop also has a new look, now featuring two long rubber support strips instead of four feet in the corners. Assuming these renders are accurate, the M2 MacBook Air is bound to be one of Apple’s most talked-about releases of the year. Many of the changes appear to be ripped straight from the M1 iMac, which has already received a lot of mixed reactions since its unveiling. If anything, this leak makes it’s clearly evident that Apple is making a lot of big hardware moves this year. They may not be perfect, but it’s still pretty exciting to see.

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Source: Front Page Tech

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