Warzone Armored Truck Driver Uses Gas To Dispose Of Unwanted Passengers

Warzone Armored Truck Driver Uses Gas To Dispose Of Unwanted Passengers

May 11, 2021 0 By admin

A quick-witted Warzone truck driver comes up with a brilliant solution, taking care of armored truck stowaways without firing a shot.

Unwanted passengers in Call of Duty: Warzone’s armored trucks can be effectively solved using the game’s deadly gas circle, as demonstrated by one quick-witted player. The notorious vehicles have recently become the source of absolute mayhem in solo Warzone play, forcing developer Raven Software to recently remove them from such matches.

Since Warzone’s trucks can withstand an unreasonable amount of damage, they are extremely useful as a moving cover or a vehicular ram, especially in the Solos mode. Quite recently, bored solo players resorted to making their own fun due to the monotony of the armored truck meta. After each round’s initial battle royale violence, what’s left was usually a Mad Max-style road war. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even close to those movies’ furious action, as players were simply forming caravans and driving in circles, unable to kill each other without leaving their protective vehicles.

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Although Warzone’s trucks have been recently removed from Solos, they are still available in other modes, causing hilarious situations like Redditor Rodolfogd‘s recent experience. In a hilarious video, the armored truck-driving player dispatched two would-be stowaways by cleverly taking advantage of the encroaching gas cirlce. Both opponents were downed upon landing and decided to stay in Rodolfogd’s truck bed, but the gas was close behind the truck and the driver decided to put it to good use. While carefully matching the speed of the shrinking gas circle, the player kept safe in their truck’s cab while the bed was deep in the green stuff, literally choking out their enemies until they were killed by gas damage.

Means of transportation are crucial to any battle royale game, but in Warzone, they can sometimes result in game-breaking glitches. Quite an unfortunate story happened to one player who stumbled upon a bizarre texture glitch during a Warzone match. Because of it, roughly half of all the game’s surfaces were missing, making the player unable to navigate in a semi-disappeared world. Weirdly, a tactical rover they were driving vanished completely as all of its textures were gone. As the result of the annoying glitch, the player’s character was left floating in the air, clinging to an invisible seat and steering wheel.

It’s always fascinating to watch players’ fast thinking in hilarious situations like this smart armored truck driver’s. Instead of putting themselves in danger by stopping the vehicle, the gamer came up with a brilliant solution to their problem at hand. It’s quite impressive that the game allows for interactive plays like that, and it’s possibly among the key reasons why Warzone continues to enjoy so much success.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Rodolfogd/Reddit

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