PS5 Survival Game Abandoned Gameplay Reveal Is Coming Soon

PS5 Survival Game Abandoned Gameplay Reveal Is Coming Soon

May 11, 2021 0 By admin

BLUE BOX Game Studios, developer of upcoming PS5 survival horror game Abandoned, has announced that a gameplay reveal will be coming soon.

A gameplay reveal for Abandoned, a realistic indie survival horror game developed by BLUE BOX Game Studios, is set to arrive in the near future. Abandoned will put players in the shoes of Jason Longfield, a man who wakes up abandoned in the woods and soon encounters a mysterious cult. The first-person horror title has been announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but little else has been revealed about the game.

An announcement teaser, released on April 7, contains what little information is known about BLUE BOX Game Studios’ Abandoned. The teaser trailer demonstrates the PlayStation 5 exclusive title’s nearly photorealistic graphics, with several breathtaking views of the game’s wilderness setting. A voiceover narration describes the premise, with protagonist Jason being abandoned in the woods and forced to survive attacks from a bloodthirsty cult. Survival and combat mechanics are hinted at by the presence of a campfire and a handgun, and the game’s release is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021. Several rumors soon sprang up suggesting that Hideo Kojima, renowned director of games such as Metal Gear and Death Stranding, was secretly involved in the development of Abandoned. However, these rumors were subsequently denied through an official announcement by BLUE BOX Game Studios.

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An official announcement from BLUE BOX Game Studios‘ official Twitter account reveals that a gameplay reveal of Abandoned is coming soon. The announcement is quite understated, with no actual date or time specified for the gameplay reveal. However, the Twitter post does reaffirm that the game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive release.

The survival horror genre has experienced a rise in popularity in recent years, with hugely successful and influential releases such as SOMA, Resident Evil 7 and Alien: Isolation. This momentum of success continues with Capcom’s release of Resident Evil Village, the most recent installment in the iconic and long-running franchise. Reviews for the game praise its more action-oriented gameplay and unique enemy monsters, which compare favorably to its predecessor. The game’s first-person perspective allows for tense enemy encounters, and its story offers many connections to previous installments in the franchise.

While not much is really known about Abandoned, the survival horror title is already quite interesting. Its graphics are almost photorealistic, an impressive feat for an independent developer even with the advanced hardware offered by the PlayStation 5. While the game may not be the Hideo Kojima horror title that fans desire, it appears that BLUE BOX Game Studios and Abandoned will have a lot to offer players when gameplay is revealed in the near future.

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Source: BLUE BOX Game Studios

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