Leah Says She’s Done Having Kids But Would’ve Liked a Son

Leah Says She’s Done Having Kids But Would’ve Liked a Son

May 11, 2021 0 By admin

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer has revealed that she is done having any more kids but would’ve liked a son and to raise a little boy of her own.

Leah Messer of Teen Mom has revealed that she is done having any more kids but would’ve liked to have a son. The mother of three daughters is closing one chapter of her life and moving on toward the future, leaving some dreams behind.

MTV fans have watched Messer raised her twins Ali and Aleeah, as well as Addie, for years. While she at first struggled after her divorce from the twins’ father, she has regained her footing and has been making all the right choices. She is hands-on with her daughter’s disability and works every season to better herself. The 29-year-old had come a long way from when she was 16 and pregnant, and every season, fans continue to root her on. 

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Messer is totally happy with being a girl mom even though she has admitted she would have really like to have had a son. Messer spoke candidly on her Instagram Stories on May 8 and asked her fans what they would like to know? Multiple fans asked if the West Virginia native wanted more kids. She honestly replied saying, “Eh…not really. I would’ve loved to have had a boy, but…I’m content.”

She shared with fans that she was happy with her life and that it will be all she ever needs. She also revealed that she had tried dating again, but it had not gone so well after she introduced her children to the mystery man. The MTV personality revealed that her daughters’ feelings and emotions will always come first, and she will now think twice before introducing them to a future partner. Fans also watched her open up about her breast cancer scare on the season premiere of Teen Mom 2, where she revealed she had found a lump while driving in her car. It was a jarring situation for the single mother, and fans empathized with her fear.

She recently updated fans, letting them know that the lump was benign but had grown in size. Currently, doctors still don’t feel it needs to be removed but are keeping an eye on it. This new season is sure to be packed with doctor’s visits, baby daddy drama, and hopefully a little romance for the hard-working mother. In addition, this season will surely explore the reality stars’ health struggles in great detail with the hope of educating fans about their health.

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