Apex Legends Bocek & Spitfire Weapon Nerfs Incoming

Apex Legends Bocek & Spitfire Weapon Nerfs Incoming

May 11, 2021 0 By admin

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment announced that nerfs for the Bocek Bow and the Spitfire will be added to the game sometime today.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed that the Spitfire and the Bocek Bow will receive nerfs today in Apex Legends. The game’s new Legacy update introduced Arenas to the spacefaring shooter. The new 3v3 mode is reminiscent of Titanfall and Titanfall 2, Respawn’s previous first-person shooter games. Aside from the completely new mode, Legacy introduced the Bocek Bow, a compound bow that deals an incredible amount of damage. For Respawn, it seems, the weapon is simply too powerful, and a change for the newly introduced weapon is on the way.

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In a Tweet today, Respawn’s Director of Communication Ryan K. Rigney announced that the studio will apply nerfs to the Spitfire and the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends sometime today. These updates came later courtesy of Respawn‘s own Twitter account. The developer is decreasing the per-shot damage and magazine size of the Spitfire, and increasing the charge up time of the Bocek bow, as well as decreasing the damage it deals when at full charge.

With such a quick patch after the launch of Legacy, it appears that Respawn didn’t quite iron out the bow’s kinks in testing. As of now, the Bocek Bow deals 70 damage to the body and 123 damage to the head when an arrow is fully drawn. With the incoming patch, that damage will be decreased to provide a more level playing field. Fans have hoped for a Spitfire nerf for a while now. The LMG’s large magazine, high damage, and low recoil combine for a fairly overpowered weapon, so Respawn is definitely right to scale back the powerful weapon. The studio is known for fixing overpowered characters or weapons, so players can continue to expect more changes as Apex Legends receives more updates.

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