Sara Gore Shares Challenges Of Filming Open House During COVID-19

Sara Gore Shares Challenges Of Filming Open House During COVID-19

May 10, 2021 0 By admin

Sara Gore is the host of the New York staple, Open House, which gives inside looks into lavish homes. Here’s how they worked through the pandemic.

Sara Gore made her way from cooking and acting to eventually becoming a host of the popular daytime real estate show Open House. The show, which has aired for 13 seasons, gives an inside look into some of the most unique homes in the New York area. She also hosts the show of the same name that has taken her across the country, but the pandemic led to several unforeseen challenges.

Sara said in an exclusive interview that she was working as a personal chef when she decided to pursue acting in an off-Broadway play. It was there that she found an agent that was able to find her jobs that combined her passion for the entertainment business and cooking. After several hosting jobs, she became a staple on TV with her popular lifestyle show New York Live! and real estate show, Open House.

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The veteran host of Open House had been going around the state, and eventually the country, with a large team of people in order to be able to show viewers inside these lavish homes. However, with the pandemic, the production and program itself became very difficult to film due travel restrictions. She said that filming the show quickly became a family affair.

Sara’s husband, Matthew Miele, is a filmmaker who is known for his works such as Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s, Crazy About Tiffany’s, and Always at the Carlyle. She said since he had all of his filming equipment, he was able to film six months worth of her Open House leads that are sprinkled throughout each episode. Sara and Matthew also have three young children who got involved in the filming of the show, with Sara saying, “they were checking audio and holding my camera, and it was a lot of fun. They got into the end of a couple of episodes.”

Sara said she had the same challenges with filming New York Live!, but that she “had to pivot and just figure out how we’re going to do it from home, but we did.” She gave a big shoutout to her whole team for making it all possible during those hard times. Especially difficult was the fact that for awhile they were unable to go into anyone else’s homes, which is the entirety of the show. Luckily for fans, they “have been back in the saddle for awhile now, producing new content, doing new shows, and bringing people what they want – which is more Open House.

Sara also mentioned in the interview that one of the most notable changes in houses was that “wherever you go, there’s nobody there.” She said she has faith that the city will bounce back soon and hopes that people can watch the show as an escape. Sara said that “hopefully we can take people’s minds off things for half an hour.” Fans will be happy to see the passion behind bringing Open House to them, even amidst a global pandemic.

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