Rosé Releases Debut Single ‘The Devil In The Details’

Rosé Releases Debut Single ‘The Devil In The Details’

May 10, 2021 0 By admin

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 finalist Rosé released a new single “The Devil In The Details”, and the fans are living for this 1980s pop fantasy.

Rosé, the resident showstopper of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13, is sashaying into the music industry with her debut single “The Devil In The Details.” The top four finalist dropped the track on Friday, and fans and queens alike are living for this 1980s pop fantasy. After introducing the world to her powerhouse vocals in the Drag Race Rusical, performances with girl group Stephanie’s Child, and YouTube covers, Rosé is taking her artistry to the next level by releasing original music.

Early on in the RuPaul’s Drag Race competition, it was clear that Rosé was a triple-threat force to be reckoned with. She had flawless comedic timing in the Snatch Game as Mary Queen of Scots and instantly caught on to intricate dance routines. But above all, Rosé could belt out any riff or run, even during that heated Werk Room encounter when she sang to Tina Burner, “That’s what you juuust did.” Outside of Drag Race, Rosé’s resume includes singing alongside fellow queens Jan Sport and Lagoona Blue in Stephanie’s Child, who appeared on America’s Got Talent season 14. She also garnered over 234,000 views on YouTube for her cover of “Gimme What I Want” by Miley Cyrus.

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Now, Rosé has emerged as a solo artist with her new single “The Devil In The Details,” which was released on all digital streaming platforms last week. Upon making the announcement on Instagram (as seen below), Rosé said: “You are going to stop whatever the f*ck you’re doing, take off your shirt, and dance into summer. I cannot wait to share this piece of my soul with you.” Moments after, Rosé’s feed was flooded with excited comments from #TeamRosé and queens like Jackie Cox, Gigi Gorgeous and, of course, Rosé’s Drag Race bestie Denali. There wasn’t a negative comment in sight about the song, which is all about embracing a romantic connection and getting “out of your head.”

Overall, “The Devil in the Details” is a catchy song for summer dance parties (and drive-in drag shows, for now). Rosé is currently performing it as part of her set on the current Drive ‘N Drag Saves 2021 tour, which she recently joined. Despite coming in fourth place on Drag Race season 13 – much to the disappointment of her faithful fan base – Rosé isn’t letting that get her down. In fact, setbacks only seem to ignite a fire in her. Following her lip sync loss to Olivia Lux on the premiere episode, which saw Rosé sent to the dreaded Pork Chop Loading Dock, she fought to prove her worth throughout the competition. That fire is only burning brighter as Rosé brings her drag and original music to crowds across the country.

This RuPaul’s Drag Race queen has the opportunity to forever change the trajectory of success for drag musicians. Sure, RuPaul has a number of hit singles under his belt, but most of Ru’s recent songs do not make their way to mainstream radio stations. “The Devil in the Details” has Top 40 potential, and Rosé has ultimate pop star quality. The fans have their fingers crossed that more music is on the way, whether it be another single or a full EP.

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Source: Rosé on Instagram

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