Bryant Wood’s Job, Age, Instagram & More

Bryant Wood’s Job, Age, Instagram & More

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Bryant Wood was the first player blocked from The Circle season 2. Find out everything you need to know about Bryant’s company, Instagram, and more.

Bryant Wood was the first player blocked from The Circle season 2, but we have all of the information for fans wanting to know more about this player. Unlike several of his catfishing competitors, Bryant entered the Netflix reality competition as himself. Despite being the first out, Bryant’s career in entertainment has never been so promising. From his job as an actor to his status as a burgeoning influencer, here’s everything to know to keep up with this rising star.

The fans got to know Bryan Wood as a contestant on The Circle season 2. Also known as Angel Ikar Wood, he is a triplet who was born on December 23, 1993. Originally from Chico, Los Angeles, Bryant is now 27 years old along with his two brothers James and Richard Wood. By the age of 15, Bryant had left his home to pursue a career in modeling and showbiz. In 2015, Bryant attended Weatherford College in Texas, where he began work in the fitness industry. Additionally, Bryant studied at Grand Canyon University on a full wrestling scholarship. Contrary to his artistic pursuits since leaving his home, Bryant majored in business during his time in college. Bryant’s business background came in handy when he took on executive positions at Poletus and The Krim Group in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Today, Bryant is the co-owner of the lifestyle brand Modern Nirvana, which is accessible through Patreon.

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Although Bryant Wood only lasted a couple of episodes on The Circle season 2, this entrepreneur was able to demonstrate his skills as a breathwork coach. A true jack of all trades, in addition to business, Bryant also works as a breathwork teacher as supported by the certification that he received from the Pranashama Yoga Institute. Bryant utilized his breathing skills during his brief time on The Circle when advising his competitors to take deep breaths and exhale the “bad vibes.” Even though Bryant is accomplished in both business and breathwork, he has made a name for himself as an actor and model as well. Bryant broke into the modeling world as well as the reality competition world as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Much like his fleeting experience on The Circle, Bryant’s journey on cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model only lasted 3 weeks.

Besides his latest appearance on The Circle, Bryant can be found on his Instagram profile @bryant.give. On his IG, Bryant shares an array of photos to relay his expansive career pursuits. Bryant often shares videos as a breathwork mentor, teaching his followers new breathing techniques as well as explaining why the skill is important to him. On the other hand, Bryant utilizes his Instagram to promote his modeling career and appearance on The Circle. With over 537,000 followers, Bryant is one of the most popular The Circle contestants. Bryant provides a variety of content for fans trying to keep up with the actor-model-breathwork instructor. In addition to Instagram, Bryant can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Unfortunately, Bryant’s was far from The Circle‘s season 2 winner. Luckily, that does not mean that he is not an accomplished reality star. With experience as a model, yoga mentor, businessman, and now a The Circle contetant, Bryan has earned the love of over 500,000 followers on social media.

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