Jason X’s Mother Scene Would Have Shown How Evil Jason Has Become

Jason X’s Mother Scene Would Have Shown How Evil Jason Has Become

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Jason X, the Friday the 13th sequel that went to space, almost featured a cameo from Pamela Voorhees that was meant to show Jason’s deterioration.

Jason X, the Friday the 13th sequel that took the horror franchise to space, almost featured a cameo from Pamela Voorhees that was meant to show Jason’s deterioration. Jason Voorhees isn’t a good person, that much is clear by the fact he chooses to spend his time murdering people by the dozen. What’s sometimes easy to forget though is that at his heart – at least when it’s not bleeding black and hypnotizing coroners into eating it – Jason is above all else a mama’s boy.

Jason becoming a killer goes back to his witnessing the decapitation of his vengeful mother Pamela by final girl Alice at the end of the original Friday the 13th, seemingly driving him to take up her cause of punishing those she would’ve deemed wicked. At least that’s probably what happened, as the continuity of the sequels is all over the place. It still doesn’t really make sense why Pamela even killed camp counselors out of revenge for her dead son, when Jason wasn’t dead at all and lived close enough by to see her die.

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Either way, Jason loves his mom and has experienced several visions of her over the course of the series. He clearly misses her, and even long after Jason became a zombie, Freddy was able to use her image to wake him up from Hell. It turns out though that Jason X originally planned to sever the Voorhees family ties in a deleted scene illustrating how far gone Jason truly is after decades of rampaging.

Jason X Almost Used Pamela Voorhees To Make Jason More Evil

Pamela Voorhees appearance in the friday the 13th series

As much as the concept of Jason X tends to be the butt of jokes, it’s actually an underrated entry into the franchise. Sure, the plot isn’t award-worthy, but putting Jason in space sets up all kinds of creative kills and funny gags about how the Camp Crystal Lake killer doesn’t understand this far future world he’s suddenly found himself in. For example, a hilarious scene in Jason X sees Jason distracted by a virtual reality program in which two young female camp counselors approach him, extolling the virtues of drug use and premarital sex. Jason is then shown beating one virtual girl to death with the other, in a callback to Friday the 13th Part VII‘s infamous sleeping bag kill.

In the original script by Todd Farmer though, Jason was planned to have an entirely different VR experience. He would’ve heard a voice calling his name from the lake, and gone to find out it was his mother Pamela. Now freshly rebuilt into Uber Jason, the formerly dutiful son would’ve held the virtual Pamela underwater, drowning her, and echoing his original “death” as a child. This Jason X kill was designed to show that after years as a zombie – and now partially a cyborg – Jason had lost every last shred of humanity he once possessed and not even his beloved mother was beyond his murderous urges. Director Jim Isaac wasn’t a fan of that idea and scrapped it. He considered doing a different VR gag with Pamela, but her inclusion was thrown out when actress Betsy Palmer declined to appear.

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