Hannah Dragged for Toxic Behavior Toward Castmates

Hannah Dragged for Toxic Behavior Toward Castmates

May 9, 2021 0 By admin

Summer House fans have complained about Hannah all season long. The comedian’s behavior at the cast reunion only made opinions of her worse.

After her actions towards the Summer House cast, fans can’t stop talking about Hannah Berner…and not in a good way. The 29-year-old became the de facto villain of season 5. The way she treated her fellow cast members, especially supposed best friend Amanda Batula and her fiancé Kyle Cooke, lead people to turn against her onscreen as well as off. Since her behavior at the reunion only made things worse, viewers have reached their limits with the comedian.

Hannah managed to make an enemy out of almost all her co-stars. She and fiancé Des Bishop had sex in Amanda and Kyle’s bathroom, making the couple feel violated. Though claiming to be happy with Des, her fighting with and spreading rumors about former hookup Luke Gulbransen created lots of drama. Instead of working to make amends, she spent the entire reunion crying, making excuses, and deflecting criticism. After admitting a previous apology to Kyle was fake, her next apologies were hard to believe. Even Giggly Squad co-host Paige DeSorbo wasn’t pleased. This all made for a very tense reunion, leaving the cast – and viewers – even angrier at Hannah.

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Following the reunion, a fan posted to the Summer House Reddit, “I am so grossed out by Hannah pretending she is a ‘woke’ feminist. No real feminist would hide behind feminism as a way to avoid accountability. She weaponizes phrases like, ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘triggered’ as a way to justify her behavior.” The rest of the subreddit overwhelmingly agreed. One wrote, “A ‘woke’ women wouldn’t manipulate, plot, or put people against eachother all in the name of a reality tv career. She isn’t a woke feminist, she’s the equivalent to a high school mean girl that vows to ruin her crushes life because they don’t like her back, and ruins girls lives who turn against her.” Many more Redditors were quick to dismiss both her “woke feminism” and tearful reunion behavior as an act.

Hannah berner in her pajamas on bravos summer house

Other fans were utterly baffled by her words and actions, writing, “she had the audacity to admit she was faking that whole big apology to Kyle and then call everyone else the toxic ones and say she just had a bad edit…she did it to herself.” Another Reddit user brought up her attempt to downplay using the podcast to accuse Carl of using drugs. “She has a podcast where she consistently talked trash about the whole cast and lies saying she didn’t say it.” They added, “Podcasts are recorded audio. How can you lie about that!?” 

Most of all, fans are exhausted of Hannah. It remains to be seen if she will be asked back for another season of Summer House. Though villains are great for drama, Bravo has let some of its most toxic personalities, like Vanderpump Rules‘ Jax Taylor and Real Housewives of Potomac‘s Monique Samuels, go. Hannah has already lost podcast sponsors after insensitive jokes. Between this, the brutal fan backlash, and the disdain of most co-stars, could she be next?

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