Every TV Show Appearance By Jay And Silent Bob

Every TV Show Appearance By Jay And Silent Bob

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Jay and Silent Bob have had many big-screen adventures, but here’s a guide to their TV show appearances, from I Love the ’90s to Yes, Dear.

Here’s every TV show appearance by Jay and Silent Bob. Clerks was an indie film sensation in 1994, with the Kevin Smith comedy being filmed for a tiny budget but thanks to its memorable dialogue and unique tone it became a surprise success. It also featured the first appearance by stoner double act Jay and Silent Bob, with the former played by Jason Mewes and the latter by Smith himself. They soon became a vital part of his View Askewniverse, his connected universe of films that also features Mallrats and Dogma.

While Smith seemingly retired the pair following 2001’s Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, he’s revived them several times in the years since, with the most recent being Jay And Silent Bob Reboot. They’ve also cropped up in various projects outside the Askewniverse, including a cameo in Scream 3 or guest appearance in the music video for Drake’s song “I’m Upset.”

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They’ve also appeared in various TV shows over the years, so here’s a quick guide to Jay and Silent Bob on television.

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Clerks: The Animated Series

Following Clerks: The TV Show, which was a poorly-received pilot Smith had nothing to do with that tried to turn the decidedly R-rated movie into a standard sitcom, The Animated Series fared far better. Sadly, the show was famously cancelled by ABC after only two episodes aired, though the six-episode season has since developed a cult following of its own. It successfully ports over the humor of the film, while giving Alec Baldwin a supporting role as villain Leonardo Leonardo.

Yes, Dear

This is a solo outing for Kevin Smith, who played himself during a season 4 episode of sitcom Yes, Dear called “The Premiere.” Smith does briefly suit up as Silent Bob during the episode, which was a treat for fans.

I Love The ’90s

Both Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith played Jay and Silent Bob for brief segments on I Love The ’90s. This VH1 produced show aired in the early 2000s and covered key pop culture moments from every year of the 1990s. It also featured regular segments like “Final Thoughts,” fronted by Jerry Springer or Jay & Bob’s “Rename Your Favorite TV Shows.” This saw them take a hit show from a certain year like The X-Files and give it a sarcastic title like Dork P**n Where Some Redhead is Hot and the Aliens Are Really Lame.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Degrassi: The Next Generation was much more involved than a mere cameo from Jay and Silent Bob. This saw Smith and Mewes visiting Degrassi Community School to film a new movie. They stick around for a few episodes too, with Smith even getting a romantic subplot.

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The Flash

In recent years Kevin Smith has directed episodes of superhero shows Supergirl and The Flash, and in the latter’s season 4 episode “Null and Annoyed” he and Mewes make special cameos. They play a pair of incompetent security guards credited as “Jay the Security Guard” and “Bob the Security Guard.” While their appearance is brief, it did mark the first time in over a decade Smith and Mewes played Jay and Silent Bob in live-action.

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