Where to Find Sunface Fragments in Returnal

Where to Find Sunface Fragments in Returnal

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Returnal’s theme of returning goes beyond gameplay. After beating the game, returning players must find Sunface Fragments to unlock a secret ending.

Returnal, as the name of the game suggests, has players constantly returning to previous timelines and areas of the game. Once players have finished their first playthrough of Returnal, they may still have a sense of wanderlust for the strange planet of Atropos. There are several experiences curious players can partake in after completing the game. One of these experiences is a secret alternate ending involving the mysterious parked car in the Abyssal Scar.

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In order to unlock Returnal’s secret ending, players must collect all six “sunface fragments” scattered throughout the six biomes. These fragments are portions of a broken sun artifact that, when reassembled, will allow players to activate a short sequence in the Overgrown Ruins house. This sequence ends with Selene receiving an item allowing players to interact with the mysterious parked car and activate Returnal’s secret ending.

Returnal: Preparing For The Sunface Fragment Journey

Returnal Sunface Fragments

Before starting the journey to collect the sunface fragments, players must have three specific pieces of loot: The Delphic Visor, the Promethean Insulators, and the Hadal Ballasts. The Delphic Visor allows players to see and shoot floating blue orbs which activate hidden platforms, the Promethean Insulators allow players to cross hazardous water, and the Hadal Ballasts allow for underwater traversal.

Once these pieces of loot are secured, head back to the 20th-century house located in Overgrown Ruins. There is an audiolog inside the house which players must activate for each of the sunface fragments to spawn in the biomes. After the fragments have spawned, players can retrieve the fragments from the biomes in any order they prefer. However, the fragments do not spawn in the exact same areas for each playthrough, so players may have to search around a bit to find the correct locations.

  • Overgrown Ruins Sunface Fragment: The sunface fragment in the Overgrown Ruins is located within a room containing a large gap between two platforms. Using the Delphic Visor, players can shoot the floating blue orb above the gap to reveal platforms leading to the other side. Cross the newly filled in gap to claim the sunface fragment on the last platform.
  • Crimson Wastes Sunface Fragment: The Crimson Wastes should have a newly spawned tower after activating the audiolog. Players will find a pool of hazardous water with lasers lining the rest of the room. Using the Promethean Insulators, head down this treacherous path to find a teleporter on the other side of the water. Take this teleporter to the top of the tower, where a sunface fragment can be found on one of Selene’s corpses.
  • Derelict Citadel Sunface Fragment: The Derelict Citadel has a room containing a long bridge that players previously activated in the first playthrough. Cross this bridge and jump into the water using the Hadal Ballasts. The sunface fragment will be located underwater nearby.
  • Echoing Ruins Sunface Fragment: The Echoing Ruins features a room with hazardous water and a locked door on the other side. This sunface fragment is a straightforward find. Simply cross the hazardous water and the fragment is in front of the locked door.
  • Fractured Wastes Sunface Fragment: The Fractured Wastes has a large room with a large turretlike platform standing in the center. Shoot the blue orb in this room to reveal multiple platforms leading players to the sunface fragment at the top.
  • Abyssal Scar Sunface Fragment: Lastly, search the Abyssal Scar for a room containing several platforms jutting out from the rock walls. Tucked underneath one of the platforms’ overhangs is a blue orb. This orb sits at a strange angle, but once players find the right angle and activate it, a series of platforms is revealed. Follow these platforms to reach the last sunface fragment.

Returnal: Activating The Secret Ending

Returnal Mysterious Parked Car

After collecting each of the six sunface fragments in Returnal, players are ready to return to the house in Overgrown Ruins. Enter the house one last time to trigger a sequence that ends with Selene receiving a set of car keys. Defeat Ophion in the Abyssal Scar one more time, jump down the hole left behind by the dead boss, head to the parked car, and activate Returnal’s secret alternate ending!

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Returnal is available exclusively on PlayStation 5

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