Valheim Swimming Pool Build Gives Vikings A Chance To Take A Dip

Valheim Swimming Pool Build Gives Vikings A Chance To Take A Dip

May 8, 2021 0 By admin

A talented Valheim builder envisions a brilliant design of an inviting swimming pool with a proper lounge zone, a barbeque, and even a hot tub.

Swimming pool projects in Valheim are an excellent opportunity for medieval Vikings to throw a modern party with barbeque. It has become quite common for players to explore settings beyond the Viking age.

Thanks to one of the latest impressive projects, Valheim has unexpectedly gone full steampunk with a player-built retrofuturistic airship. Although the machine doesn’t actually move, it believably floats above the ground due to an easily recreated glitch. But while it’s already impressive as a proof of concept, the amazing design elevates the build to a whole new level. There’re engines with spinning windmills and even a shiny cockpit with rotating gears and glowing buttons.

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Loosely inspired by Valheim’s ingenious concealed spa room build, the latest experiment with water levels in the game is a modern-style swimming pool with a barbeque corner and a few chaise lounges. Courtesy of Redditor _-GH05T-, the amazing backyard pool has all there is to make the area a proper rest zone with a bar and a hot tub. The entire perimeter is lit up with glowing mushrooms hidden in wooden casings, while clever design ideas can be seen all over the place. According to the player, the build took around three hours to complete, which might sound like an insignificant amount of time for such a complicated project. It appears that the player’s real-life work experience of building as a contractor is responsible for that. To help Valheim fans to achieve similar levels of quality, the author is actually planning to release an educational tutorial, highlighting all the intriguing building techniques.

While the latest swimming pool project by _-GH05T- is quite impressive, the very same player has built an even more amazing structure before that. A few weeks ago, the talented architect managed to construct a faithful recreation of Fable 2’s famous Fairfax Castle, which was the game’s most expensive and prestigious property. Its replica in Valheim looks almost as good with a few exceptions of height and overall scale. Despite these slight discrepancies, the result is nonetheless mesmerizing, causing the game to lag severely because of the huge numbers of building assets used.

The very idea of making pools in Valheim is not that hard to implement as all it takes is to dig down until the water level is hit. But it’s the accompanying design that makes a simple hole in the ground look like a premium lounge zone. It’s quite possible that projects like the one featured above will inspire other players to put Valheim’s building mechanics to test while trying to envision modern interiors and design solutions. With community-created mods, it’ll be even easier to implement.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: _-GH05T-/Reddit

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