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Historical Events for 17th November 2015

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473 The future Zeno I is named associate emperor by Emperor Leo I.
1183 Battle of Mizushima.
1278 680 Jews arrested (293 hanged) in England for counterfeiting coins
1292 (O.S.) John Balliol becomes King of Scots.
1511 England, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire sign anti-French covenant The Treaty of Westminster
1555 William of Orange becomes member of Council of State
1558 Elizabeth I aged 25 ascends English throne upon death of her half sister “Bloody” Mary
1603 English explorer, writer and courtier Sir Walter Raleigh goes on trial for treason.
1659 Peace of the Pyrenees is signed between France and Spain.
1734 John Zenger, arrested for libel against NY col gov; later acquitted
1785 Church of England organizes in New England
1796 Battle of Arcole-Napoleon I’s French forces beat Austrians in Italy
1798 -21) Snow storms in New England, hundreds die
1800 Congress held 1st session in Wash DC in incompleted Capitol building
French Emperor Napoléon BonaparteFrench Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte 1812 Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Krasnoi during Napoleon‘s retreat from Moscow
1827 The Delta Phi fraternity, America’s oldest continuous social fraternity, was founded at Union College in Schenectady, New York.
1831 Ecuador and Venezuela were separated from Greater Colombia.
1839 Giuseppe Verdi‘s opera “Oberte Conti Di” premieres in Milan
1842 Fugitive slave George Latimer captured in Boston
1842 – Opera “Linda di Chamounix” is produced (London)
1853 Street signs authorized at San Francisco intersections
1855 David Livingstone becomes the first European to see Victoria Falls in what is now Zambia and Zimbabwe.
1856 On the Sonoita River in present-day southern Arizona, the United States Army establishes Fort Buchanan in order to help control new land acquired in the Gadsden Purchase.
1858 Origin of Modified Julian Period
Physician and Explorer David LivingstonePhysician and Explorer David Livingstone 1862 Confederate Sec of War George B Randolph resigns
1863 -Dec 4th) Battle of Knoxville, TN
1863 – Lincoln begins 1st draft of his Gettysburg Address
1866 Opera “Mignon” is produced (Paris)
1869 Englishman James Moore wins 1st bicycle race (13K Paris-Rouen)
1869 – Suez Canal (Egypt) opens, links Mediterranean & Red seas
1874 Emigrant ship Cospatrick catches fire & sinks off Auckland, NZ
1875 Amer Theosophical Society founded by Mme Blavatsky & Col Olcott
1876 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky‘s patriotic Slavonic March made its premiere in Moscow to a warm reception by the Russian people.
1877 Gilbert and Sullivan’s operette “Sorcerer” premieres in London
1878 First assassination attempt against Umberto I of Italy.
1883 23rd British Golf Open: Willie Fernie shoots a 158 at Musselburgh Links
1884 Cops arrest John L Sullivan in 2nd round for being “cruel”
Composer Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyComposer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1888 Tchaikovsky‘s 5th Symphony premieres in St Petersburg
1889 Union Pacific begins daily through service, Chicago-Portland & SF
1894 Daily Racing Form founded
1894 – Serial killer H. H. Holmes is arrested in Boston after being tracked there from Philadelphia by the Pinkertons
1900 5th Iron Bowl: Auburn beats Alabama 53-5 in Montgomery
1903 Dahomey (Benin) becomes a French protectorate.
1903 – In the Treaty of Petropolis, Bolivia cedes the territory of Arce to Brazil; Bolivia gains rail and water outlets in the east
1904 George Cohan’s musical “Little Johnny Jones” premieres in NYC
1905 The Eulsa Treaty is signed between Japan and Korea.
1906 11th Iron Bowl: Alabama beats Auburn 10-0 in Birmingham
1913 1st US dental hygienists course forms, Bridgeport, Ct
1914 US declares Panama Canal Zone neutral
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir LeninMarxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin 1917 Lenin defends “temporary” removal of freedom of the press
1918 Social Democratic Party becomes Communistc Party Holland: CPH
1922 The last sultan of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed VI is expelled to Malta on British warship
1926 NHL’s Chicago Black Hawks play their 1st game, beat Tor St Pats 4-1
1927 Tornado hits Washington, D.C.
1928 Boston Garden officially opens
1928 – Notre Dame finally lost a football game after nearly 25 years
1929 Pascual Ortiz Rubio elected president of Mexico
1929 – Stalin throws Nicolai Bucharin out of Politburo
1930 Musical “Sweet & Low” with Fanny Brice premieres in NYC
1931 Bradman scores 135 NSW v South Africa, 128 mins, 15 fours
1932 German government of von Papen resigns
1933 United States recognizes Soviet Union, opens trade
1933 – Marx brothers film “Duck Soup” directed by Leo McCarey and starring the Marx Brothers is released in the US
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman 1936 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy become overnight success on radio
1937 Britain’s Lord Halifax visits Germany, beginning of appeasement
1938 Italy passes its own version of anti-Jewish Nuremberg laws
1939 German U-boat torpedoes passenger ship
1939 – Jerome Kern/Hammerstein II’s “Very Warm for May” premieres in NYC
1939 – The Rome-Rio de Janeiro air connection is created.
1940 Green Bay Packers become 1st NFL team to travel by plane
1941 Virgil Thomson’s 2nd Symphony, premieres
1944 -Nov 19] Nazi raids in Dutch NE Polder
1945 “Girl from Nantucket” closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 12 perfs
1945 – New world air speed record 606 mph (975 kph) set by HJ Wilson of RAF
1947 The U.S. Screen Actors Guild implements an anti-Communist loyalty oath.
1948 Britain’s House of Commons votes to nationalize steel industry
1953 St Louis Browns officially become the Baltimore Baseball Club Inc
1953 – The remaining human inhabitants of the Blasket Islands, Kerry, Ireland are evacuated to the mainland.
1953 – The United States join the UN in condemning Israel’s raid on Jordon on October 4, 1953
NFL Legend Jim BrownNFL Legend Jim Brown 1956 Syracuse fullback Jim Brown, scores NCAA record of 43 pts (vs Colgate)
1956 – USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test
1957 WBOY TV channel 12 in Clarksburg, WV (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
1958 KAII TV channel 7 in Wailuku, HI (NBC) begins broadcasting
1959 De Beers firm of South Africa announces synthetic diamond
1959 – Giants slugger Willie McCovey wins NL Rookie of Year
1959 – William Shea shows proposed NYC stadium with transparent roof
1960 New Washington franchise is awarded to Elwood Quesada
1962 “Nowhere to Go, But Up” closes at Winter Garden NYC after 9 perfs
1962 – President Kennedy dedicates Dulles Intl Airport outside Wash DC
1962 – Simon/Coleman/Leigh’s musical “Little Me” opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 257 performances
1962 – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
LPGA Golfer Kathy WhitworthLPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth 1963 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Mary Mills Miss Gulf Coast Golf Invitational
1964 British Labour Party installs weapon embargo against South Africa
1965 General Meeting of UN refuses admittance of China PR
1965 – William Eckert is unanimously elected commissioner of baseball
1966 Leonids meteor shower peaks (150,000+ per hour)
1967 Beatles Ltd & Apple Music Ltd swap names
1967 – French author Régis Debray sentenced to 30 years in Bolivia
1967 – Surveyor 6 becomes 1st man-made object to lift off Moon
1967 – Davey Jones of the Monkees opens a boutique, Zilch I, in Greenwich Village, NY
1968 John Kander/Fred Ebbs’ musical “Zorba” opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 305 performances
1968 – KHNE TV channel 29 in Hastings, NB (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Pensacola Ladies’ Golf Invitational
1968 – “Heidi Game”, NBC cuts to show “Heidi” and misses Raider’s rally to beat Jets, 43-32
1968 – Alexandros Panagoulis is condemned to death for attempting to assassinate Greek dictator George Papadopoulos.
1969 SALT-discussions open in Helsinki Finland
1970 British newspaper Sun puts 1st pinup girl on page 3 (Stephanie Rahn)
1970 – Russia lands Lunokhod 1 unmanned remote-controlled vehicle on Moon
1970 – Douglas Engelbart receives the patent for the first computer mouse.
1972 Juan Peron returns to Argentina
1973 Greek regime attacks students with tanks, 100s killed
1973 – Teri Garr plays role of a stripper on “The Nurse”
37th US President Richard Nixon37th US President Richard Nixon 1973 – US President Richard Nixon tells AP “…people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook”
1974 Bonnie Bryant wins Bill Branch LPGA Golf Classic
1974 – Union of Banana Exporting Countries (UPEB) forms
1974 – Aliança Operário-Camponesa (Worker-Peasant Alliance) founded in Portugal as a front of PCP(m-l).
1976 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
1977 Bernard Pomerance’s “Elephant Man” premieres in London
1977 – Egyptian Pres Sadat formally accepts invitation to visit Israel
1977 – Miss World Contest – Miss UK wears $9,500 platinum bikini
1979 Daniel Okrent sketches out 1st draft rules for Rotisserie Baseball on a flight to Austin, TX
1979 – Ayatollah Khomeini frees most black & female US hostages
1979 – NY Stars (WBL) home opener at Madison Square Garden in NYC
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 1980 John Lennon releases “Double Fantasy” album in UK
1981 “1st” opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 37 performances
1981 – NBA NY Knick Bill Cartwright, ties record of 19 of 19 free throws
1982 Dale Murphy wins NL MVP
1983 “La Tragedie de Carmen” opens at Beaumont Theater NYC for 187 perfs
1983 – Harm Wiersma retains checkers world championship
1983 – Phila Flyers win 13th straight NHL game
1984 Golden State Warrior scores 59 points losing to NJ Nets 124-110
1984 – Islanders score 20 assists against Rangers
1985 Howard Stern begins broadcasting on 92.3 WXRK FM New York, N.Y.
1985 – NY Jets best offensive production beating Tampa Bay 62-28
1985 – NBC’s premiere of controversial TV thriller “Hostage Flight”
1985 – 35th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Darrell Waltrip wins
1986 “Oh Coward!” opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 56 performances
1987 George Bell is 1st Blue Jay ever to win the AL MVP
Pop Star MadonnaPop Star Madonna 1987 – The Madonna compilation album “You Can Dance” is released
1988 Linda Petursdottir of Iceland, 18, crowned 38th Miss World
1988 – Neil Simon‘s “Rumors” premieres in NYC
1989 Bret Saberhagen signs record $2,966,667 per year KC Royal contract
1990 David Crosby breaks his left leg, ankle and shoulder in a motorcycle accident in Los Angles, CA
1991 “Brigadoon” closes at New York State Theater NYC after 12 performances
1991 – 1st TV condom ad aired (FOX- TV)
1991 – Detroit Lion Mike Utley is paralized in a game vs LA Rams
1991 – 41st NASCAR Sprint Cup: Dale Earnhardt wins
1992 “Gypsy Passion” opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 55 performances
1992 – Blue Jay Nigel Wilson is 1st pick of Marlins in expansion draft
1992 – Dateline NBC airs a demonstration show General Motors trucks, blowing up on impact, later revealed NBC rigged test
Playwright and screenwriter Neil SimonPlaywright and screenwriter Neil Simon 1992 – Erling Kagge begins successful exploration at South pole
1993 “Grand Night For Singing” opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 52 perfs
1993 – Antonov AN-124 flies in South Iran against mountain: 17 killed
1993 – US House of Representatives approve Nafta
1994 “Sunset Boulevard” opens at Minskoff Theater NYC for 977 performances
1994 – 3rd Germany government of Kohl forms
1994 – Irish government of Reynolds resigns
1996 “Present Laughter” opens at Walter Kerr Theater NYC
1996 – Sam’s Town Bowling Invitational
1996 – Time White and T. Assebework discover the first fossils of 2.5 million year old Australopithecus garhi, an ancestor on the human family tree, in Bouri, Middle Awash, Ethiopia
1997 Mario Lemieux enters NHL Hall of Fame
1997 – In Luxor, Egypt, 62 people are killed by 6 Islamic militants outside the Temple of Hatshepsut, known as Luxor massacre (The police then kill the assailants).
NHL Legend and Owner Mario LemieuxNHL Legend and Owner Mario Lemieux 1997 – Metallica release the album “ReLoad”
1998 Tori Amos release a compilation of her videos, “Tori Amos: The Complete Collection: 1992-1998”
1998 – Whitney Houston releases “My Love is Your Love”
1998 – Mariah Carey releases “#1’s”
2000 A catastrophic landslide in Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia, kills 7, and causes millions of SIT of damage. It is one of the worst catastrophes in Slovenia in the past 100 years.
2000 – Alberto Fujimori is removed from office as president of Peru.
2001 66th Iron Bowl: Alabama beats Auburn 31-7 in Auburn
2002 54th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Tony Stewart wins
2003 Britney Spears, at 21 years old, becomes the youngest singer to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
2004 Kmart Corp. announces it is buying Sears, Roebuck and Co. for $11 billion USD and naming the newly merged company Sears Holdings Corporation.
Pop Star Britney SpearsPop Star Britney Spears 2005 Italy’s choice of national anthem, Il Canto degli Italiani, becomes official in law for the first time, almost 60 years after it was provisionally chosen following the birth of the republic.
2006 Official naming of element 111, Roentgenium (Rg).
2008 “Twilight”, based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison, premieres in Los Angeles
2008 – Japan, the world’s second-biggest economy, slides into its first recession in seven years
2012 50 schoolchildren and a bus driver are killed after a train collides with a school bus in Manfalut, Egypt
2013 102nd Davis Cup: Czech Republic beats Serbia in Belgrade (3-2)
2013 – Sebastian Vettel wins a record breaking eighth consecutive Formula One race in the 2013 United States Grand Prix
Actress Kristen StewartActress Kristen Stewart 2013 – 50 people are killed after a Boeing 737 aircraft crashes in Kazan, Russia
2013 – Abdulla Yameen becomes the President of the Maldives
2013 – Giorgi Margvelashvili becomes the President of Georgia
2013 – Jimmie Johnson wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup for the sixth time
2014 The Church of England adopts legislation enabling the appointment of female bishops

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Historical Events for 16th November 2015

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Events 1 – 174 of 174

13 General Tiberius‘ (later Emperor) triumphant procession through Rome after siege of Germany
534 A second and final revision of the Codex Justinianus is published.
1380 French King Charles VI declares no taxes for ever
1491 An auto de fe, held in the Brasero de la Dehesa outside of Ávila, concludes the case of the Holy Child of La Guardia with the public execution of several Jewish and converso suspects.
1532 Francisco Pizarro captures Incan emperor Atahualpa after victory at Cajamarca
1572 Troops under Don Frederik (the Spanish General Fadrique Alvarez de Toledo) occupy and plunder Zutphen, Nmetherlands
1632 Battle at Lutzen: Sweden beats imperial armies under Von Wallenstein
1676 1st colonial prison organized, Nantucket Mass
1677 French troops occupy Freiburg
1700 Monarch of Brandenburg becomes king of Prussia
1763 English journalist John Wilkes injured in a duel
1764 Native Americans surrender to British in Indian War of Chief Pontiac
1771 West Indian Company & Amsterdam divide up Suriname
Spanish Conquistador Francisco PizarroSpanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro 1776 1st gun salute for an American warship in a foreign port – US Andrew Doria at Ft St Eustatius
1776 – British troops captured Fort Washington during American Revolution
1798 Kentucky becomes first state to nullify an act of Congress
1801 First edition of New York Evening Post
1805 Battle at Schongrabern: Russian army stop French
1824 NY City’s Fifth Avenue opens for business
1835 Charles Darwin‘s voyage published in Cambridge Philosophical Society
1840 New Zealand officially becomes British colony
1841 Life preservers made of cork are patented by Napoleon Guerin (NYC)
1849 A Russian court sentences Fyodor Dostoevsky to death for anti-government activities linked to a radical intellectual group; his sentence is later commuted to hard labor.
1856 Amsterdam post office at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal opens
Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist Charles Darwin 1859 Aleksandr Ostrovsky’s “Groza” premieres in Moscow
1863 Battle of Campbell’s Station TN, 492 casualities
1864 Confederate retreat at Lovejoy, Georgia
1864 – Union General William T. Sherman begins march to sea during Civil War
1870 Spanish Cortes selects King Amadeus I
1875 Battle of Gundet: Ethiopian emperor Yohannes beats Egyptians
1875 – William Bonwill, patents dental mallet to impact gold into cavities
1882 British gunboat HMS Flirt fires at & destroys Abari village in Niger
1894 6,000 Armenians massacred by Turks in Kurdistan
1894 – French captain Henri Decoeurs troops reach Nikki, West Africa
1901 3 autos race on Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, fastest speed achieved by Henry Fournier who drives a mile in 51 4/5 seconds
1903 V Herbert & H Smith’ musical “Babette” premieres in NYC
Union General William Tecumseh ShermanUnion General William Tecumseh Sherman 1905 Neth/Russ Count Witte becomes premier of Russia
1907 Oklahoma becomes the United States 46th state
1907 – 12th Iron Bowl: Auburn and Alabama tie 6-6 in Birmingham
1908 Arturo Tuscanini begins conducting NY’s Metropolitan Opera
1909 EVV Eindhoven soccer team forms
1914 Federal Reserve System formally opens
1914 – Pope Benedict XV calls for peace
1916 Eugene O’Neill’s “Bound East for Cardiff” premieres in NYC
1916 – I Berlin/V Herbert/H Blossoms musical premieres in NYC
1916 – Russian La Satannaya ammunitions factory explodes, killing 1,000
1917 British occupy Tel Aviv and Jaffa
1918 Hungarian People’s Republic declared
1919 Admiral Horthy conquerors Budapest from Béla Kuns Soviet Republic
1920 Australia’s Qantas airways founded in Winton, Queensland as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited
1920 – 1st postage stamp meter is set in Stamford Conn
1922 Pope Pius XI calls on Belgian people to unite
1922 – Turkish kalief/sultan Mehmed VI asks British army for help
1924 Cleveland Bulldogs lose to Frankford Yellowjackets, ends 31-game undefeated streak (NFL & major-league football record)
1925 American Association for Advancement of Atheism forms (NY)
1925 – Philip Barry’s “In a Garden” premieres in NYC
1926 NY Rangers 1st game, beat Montreal Maroons 1-0
President and Dictator of Brazil Getulio VargasPresident and Dictator of Brazil Getulio Vargas 1933 Brazilian President Getulio Vargas declares himself dictator
1933 – Roosevelt establishes diplomatic relations with USSR
1935 Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart’s musical “Jumbo” premieres in NYC
1936 German air force begins bombing of Madrid
1938 K B Regiment refuses round-table conference in East-India
1938 – LSD is first synthesized by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland.
1939 Al Capone freed from Alcatraz jail
1939 – German U-boat torpedoes tanker Sliedrecht near Ireland
1940 World War II: In response to Germany’s leveling of Coventry, England two days before, the Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg.
1941 German troops conquer Kertsh (probably)
1942 Assault of US B-17 Flying Fortresses on airport at Sidi Ahmed
1943 World War II: American bombers strike a hydro-electric power facility and heavy water factory in German-controlled Vemork, Norway.
Gangster Al CaponeGangster Al Capone 1944 US 9th division & 1st Army attacks at Geilenkirchen
1945 Yeshiva College (Univesity), chartered in NY, 1st US Jewish College
1945 – UNESCO is founded.
1945 – Two new elements discovered by Glenn Seaborg, James, Morgan and Albert Ghiorso were are announced: americium (atomic number 95) and curium (atomic number 96)
1945 – “The Lost Weekend”, based on Charles R. Jackson’s novel, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman is released (Best Picture 1946)
1947 15,000 demonstrate in Brussels against mild sentence of nazis
1948 Operation Magic Carpet – 1st plane from Yemen carrying Jews to Israel
1950 Egyptian King Faruk demands departure of all British troops
1950 – UN gets US government approval to issue postage stamps
Filmmaker Billy WilderFilmmaker Billy Wilder 1950 – US president Harry Truman proclaims emergency crisis caused by communist threat
1952 Papagos’ Greek Concentratie wins Greeks parliamentary election
1955 1st speed-boat to exceed 200 mph (322 kph) (Donald Campbell)
1955 – KLM orders 8 DC-8s
1955 – Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Yussuph V returns to Morocco
1957 “Copper & Brass” closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC after 36 perfs
1957 – Celtic Bill Russell sets NBA record of 49 rebounds beat Phila 111-89
1957 – US murderer and bodysnatcher Ed Gein kills his last victim
1957 – Okla’s NCAA win streak ends at 47 after losing to Notre Dame 7-0
1959 “Sound of Music” opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC for 1443 perfs
1960 NL batting champion Dick Groat wins MVP
1961 Great Britain limits immigration from Commonwealth countries
Murderer and Body Snatcher Ed GeinMurderer and Body Snatcher Ed Gein 1961 – US President Kennedy decides to increase military aid to South Vietnam without committing US combat troops
1962 Kuwait adopts constitution (1st, Islamitic)
1962 – Wilt Chamberlain of NBA SF Warriors scores 73 points vs NY Knicks
1963 Toledo, OH newspaper strike began
1963 – Touch-tone telephone introduced
1964 Radio CJCX Sydney Nova Scotia (Canada) starts shortwave transmission
1964 – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1965 Venera 3 launched, 1st to land on another planet (crashes into Venus)
1965 – Walt Disney launches Epcot Center: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
1966 Dr Sam Sheppard freed by a jury after 9 years in jail
1966 – Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente is named NL MVP
1968 The Derry Citizens Action Committee defies a ban on marches in Derry, Northern Ireland, by marching with an estimated 15,000 people
Baseball Player Roberto ClementeBaseball Player Roberto Clemente 1969 1968 Mỹ Lai massacre of between 347 and 504 unarmed South Vietnamese civilians by US soldiers is first reported
1969 – US President Nixon becomes first president to attend a season NFL game while in office: the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 41-28
1970 Two men are shot dead by the Irish Republican Army (IRA)
1970 – South Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky defends operations in Cambodia because communist forces could overrun South Vietnam “within 24 hours” if troops operating there were withdrawn
1970 – Elton John records a show in New York City which was later released as his 11-17-70 album
1971 The Compton inquiry is published, acknowledging that there was ill-treatment of internees, but rejected claims of systematic brutality or torture (Northern Ireland)
1971 – The US increase air activity to support the Cambodian government as fighting neared Phnom Penh
Singer Elton JohnSinger Elton John 1972 “Dear Oscar” opens at Playhouse Theater NYC for 5 performances
1972 – British Prime Minister Edward Heath warns against a Unilateral Declaration of Independence
1973 John Lennon releases “Mind Games” album
1973 – US Presidennt Richard Nixon authorizes construction of Alaskan pipeline
1973 – Skylab 4 launched into Earth orbit
1974 1st intentional interstellar radio message sent, Arecibo telescope towards M 41, a cluster of stars some 25,000 light years away
1974 – John Lennon‘s only solo #1 “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”
1974 – Milwaukee Bucks lose their 11th straight NBA game (team record)
1974 – ABBA begin their first tour of Europe – their first tour outside of Sweden
1975 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Jacksonville Ladies Golf Open
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 1976 René Levesque’s Parti Québécois wins elections in Quebec
1976 – Rick Barry (SF), ends then longest NBA free throw streak of 60
1977 Rod Carew wins AL MVP award
1978 Major Indoor Soccer League holds its 1st draft
1979 Paul McCartney releases “Wonderful Christmas”
1980 Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB Doug Williams throws for 486 yards
1981 “Merrily We Roll Along” opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 16 performances
1981 – Dennis Lillee kicked Javed Miandad, who waved his bat at Dennis
1981 – President Reagan decides on a covert plan to block the Cuban aid to Nicaragua and El Salvador
1982 5th Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 5-lands at Edwards AFB
1982 – Aggrement reached ending 57 day football strike
1982 – Space Shuttle Columbia completes its 1st operational flight
1982 – Tom Stoppard‘s “Real Thing” premieres in London
Cricketer Kapil DevCricketer Kapil Dev 1983 Kapil Dev takes 9-83 v WI at Ahmedabad, but India still lose
1984 14th Shuttle Mission (51A) -Discovery 2- lands at Kennedy Center
1984 – Houston blocks 20 Denver shots tying NBA regulation game record
1984 – Imran Khan makes his 1st appearance for NSW Cricket
1984 – John Lennon’s ‘Every Man has a Woman Who Loves Him’ released posthumously
1985 President Reagan arrives in Geneva for a summit with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
1986 36th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Dale Earnhardt wins
1987 Paul McCartney releases “Once Upon a Long Ago”
1988 Estonia declares sovereignty in internal affairs
1988 – Jose Canseco is 1st unanimous AL MVP since Reggie Jackson
1988 – Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto‘s PPP wins 1st free Pakistani elections in 11 years
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike TysonHeavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson 1988 – Robin Givens sues Mike Tyson for $125 million for libel
1988 – President Reagan and the First Lady participate in the official state arrival ceremony, meetings and a state dinner with Margaret Thatcher
1988 – President Reagan meets with Jerusalem’s mayor Teddy Kollek
1989 “Gypsy” opens at St James Theater NYC for 477 performances
1989 – 6 Jesuit priests are killed by El Salvadorian troops
1989 – South Africa president FW de Klerk announces scrapping of Separate Amenities Act
1989 – UNESCO adopts the Seville Statement on Violence at the twenty-fifth session of its General Conference.
1990 Manuel Noriega claims US denied him a fair trial
1993 “Any Given Day” opens at Longacre Theater NYC for 32 performances
1993 – Russian President Yeltsin shuts Lenin museum
1995 US Attorney General Janet Reno announces she has Parkinson’s disease
Consort of George VI Queen Elizabeth, the Queen MotherConsort of George VI Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 1995 – Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother undergoes hip surgery
1996 “Into the Whirlwind” closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 2 perfs
1996 – 18th ACE Cable Awards: Lifetime wins the Golden CableACE for “Lifetime Applauds: The Fight Against Breast Cancer”
1997 “1776” closes at Criterion Theater NYC
1997 – 85th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto beats Saskatchawan, 47-23
1997 – After nearly 18 years of incarceration, the People’s Republic of China releases Wei Jingsheng, a pro-democracy dissident, from jail for medical reasons.
1997 – 47th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Jeff Gordon wins
1998 Monica Lewinsky signs a deal for the North American rights to a book about her affair with US President Clinton
2000 Bill Clinton becomes the first U.S. President to visit Vietnam since the end of the Vietnam War.
Iraqi President Saddam HusseinIraqi President Saddam Hussein 2002 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein says that he had to accept UN Resolution 1441 because the United States and Israel had shown their “claws and teeth” and declared unitlateral war on the Iraqi people
2003 91st CFL Grey Cup: Edmonton Eskimos defeats Montreal Alouettes, 34-22
2003 – Lionel Messi makes his official debut for FC Barcelona
2003 – 55th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Matt Kenseth wins
2008 60th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Jimmie Johnson wins
2009 “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, directed by Chris Weitz, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison, premieres in Los Angeles
2010 In University Park, Texas, the groundbreaking ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center takes place
2010 – Engagement announced between Prince William and Catherine [Kate] Middleton at Clarence House, London
Wife of Prince William Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeWife of Prince William Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 2012 ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ grosses $500 million in 24 hours to become the biggest entertainment launch of all time
2014 Klaus Iohannis wins the Romanian Presidential election
2014 – Kevin Harvick wins the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Source: History


Historical Events for 15th November 2015

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Events 1 – 200 of 203

655 Battle of Winwaed: Penda of Mercia is defeated by Oswiu of Northumbria.
1315 Battle of Morgarten: Swiss beat duke Leopold I of Austria
1348 Rudolph of Oron claims Jews have confessed to poisoning wells
1491 Anne of Brittany becomes devoted to end “la guerre folle”
1492 Christopher Columbus notes 1st recorded reference to tobacco
1492 – In La Guardia, Spain, 6 Jews & 5 Conversos are accused of ritual murder
1515 Thomas Wolsey is invested as a Cardinal
1527 Treaty of Beautiful garden (emperor-ecclesiastical goods)
1532 Pope Clemens VII tells Henry VIII to end relationship with Anna Boleyn
1533 Francisco Pizarro arrives at Cuzco
1577 Sir Francis Drake aboard Pelican travels from Chile to Washington
1583 Gelders Earl Willem of the Bergh flees
1620 Myles Standish leads 16 men in a foot exploration of the northern portion of Cape Cod
1660 First kosher butcher (Asser Levy) licensed in New Amsterdam (now New York City)

Military LeaMilitary Leader of Plymouth Colony Myles Standishder of Plymouth Colony Myles Standish

1679 English house of Commons accept Exclusion Bill
1688 Prince Willem III’s army lands at Torbay, England; the ‘Glorious Revolution’ commences
1715 Barrier Treaty, Austria cedes area to Netherlands
1720 Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and John Rackham are captured by Capt. Jonathan Barnet and brought to Spanish Town, Jamaica, for trial
1727 NY General assembly permits Jews to omit phrase “upon the faith of a Christian” from abjuration oath
1763 Charles Mason & Jeremiah Dixon begin surveying Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania & Maryland
1777 Articles of Confederation adopted by Continental Congress
1791 1st Catholic college in US, Georgetown, opens
1806 1st US college magazine, Yale Literary Government, publishes 1st issue
1806 – Explorer Zebulon Pike sights Pikes Peak (Colorado)
Pirate Anne BonnyPirate Anne Bonny

1813 Allied troops occupies Groningen
1813 – Tax revolt in Amsterdam
1824 Series of fires kills 10 in Edinburgh, Scotland
1826 Dutch Business Me gets monopoly on opium trade in Java/Madura
1827 Creek-indians lose all their property in US
1832 Felix Mendelssohn’s “Reformation” premieres
1835 Charles Darwin reaches Tahiti on board HMS Beagle
1837 Isaac Pitman introduces his shorthand system
1845 Opera “Maritana” is produced (London)
1849 1st US poultry show opens in Boston
1854 In Egypt, the Suez Canal, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, is given the necessary royal concession.
1864 1st US mines school opens in basement of Columbia University, NY
Union General William Tecumseh ShermanUnion General William Tecumseh Sherman

1864 – Union Major General Sherman leaves Atlanta on the “March to the Sea”
1869 Free postal delivery formally inaugurated
1870 Bathe becomes member of Noordduitse Union
1881 American Federation of Labor (AFL) founded (Pittsburgh)
1882 British HMS Flirt destroys village of Asaba, Niger
1884 Colonization of Africa orgainized at international conference in Berlin
1887 British SS Wah Yeung catches fire on Canton River off Hong Kong
1889 Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, deposed; republic proclaimed
1899 Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill captured by Boers in Natal
1901 James J Jeffries TKOs Gus Ruhlin in 6 for heavyweight boxing title in San Francisco
1901 – 6th Iron Bowl: Auburn beats Alabama 17-0 in Tuscaloosa
1902 Leopold II, King of Belgium almost assassinated by Italian anarchist
1903 Eugen d’Albert’s opera “Tiefland” premieres in Prague
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. JeffriesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries

1911 Proclamation sets designs for Canadian $5 & $10 gold coins
1913 9th Australasian Championships: Ernie Parker beats Harry Parker (2-6, 6-1, 6-3, 6-2)
1914 Italian socialist Benito Mussolini founds newspaper Il Populo d’Italia
1916 William George Barker, flying very low over the Ancre River, spots a large concentration of German troops massing for a counter-attack on Beaumont Hamel, and sends an emergency Zone Call brought to bear all available artillery fire in the area onto the specified target. The force of some 4,000 German infantry was effectively broken up, and Barker is awarded the Military Cross
1919 US Senate 1st invokes cloture to end a filibuster (Versailles Treaty)
1920 Ernst Toller’s “Massen und Menschen” premieres in Nuremberg
1920 – Free City of Danzig forms under League of Nations protection
1920 – League of Nations holds first meeting in Geneva
1921 KYW-AM in Philadelphia PA begins radio transmissions
First World War Flying Ace William George BarkerFirst World War Flying Ace William George Barker

1922 British Conservative Party wins election; /Labour Party comes second
1924 Dutch Christian Radio Society (NCRV) forms
1926 1st formal radio network, RCA takes over AT&T 25 station Network (NBC)
1926 – AT&T sells WEAF radio to RCA (NYC)
1932 Walt Disney Art School created
1934 Nobel for chemistry awarded to Harold C Urey (deuterium)
1935 Commonwealth of Philippines inaugurated
1936 Nazi-Germany & Japan sign Anti-Komintern pact
1937 First US congressional session in air-conditioned chambers
1938 First telecast of an unscheduled event (fire), W2XBT, NY
1938 – Farewell Parade of International Brigades in Barcelona
1939 Anti-German demonstrations in Czechoslovakia
1939 – FDR lays cornerstone of Jefferson Memorial in Wash DC
1939 – Nazis begin mass murder of Warsaw Jews
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt

1939 – US Social Security Administration approves 1st unemployment check
1940 1st 75,000 men called to armed forces duty during peacetime
1940 – 1st black to sign hockey contract-Arthur Dorrington & AC Seagulls
1940 – NY Midtown tunnel linking Manhattan and Queens opens to traffic
1941 Cow Palace opens in San Francisco
1941 – Yugoslav government in exile names Draza Mihailovic premier
1942 World War II: First flight of the Heinkel He 219.
1944 Surprise attack on office of Nethche Bank
1945 The rules are revised for election of modern players to the Hall of Fame
1946 House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) interrogates astronomer Harlow Shapley
1946 – Ted Williams is picked as AL MVP
1947 Bradman scores his 100th 100, 172 v Indians at the SCG
1947 – Soccer team GVVV forms in Veenendaal
10th Prime Minister of Canada Mackenzie King10th Prime Minister of Canada Mackenzie King

1948 Mackenzie King retires after spending 22 years as the Prime Minister of Canada
1948 – Louis St. Laurent is sworn in as the 12th Prime Minister of Canada
1949 KRON TV channel 4 in San Francisco, CA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1949 – WSAZ TV channel 3 in Huntington-Charleston, NV (NBC) 1st broadcast
1950 Arthur Dorrington, 1st black man in organized hockey is signed (Atl City Seagulls of Eastern Amateur Hockey League)
1951 Cricket 1st-class debut of Hanif Mohammad, Pak XI v MCC, Lahore
1951 – NY Yankee Gil McDougald wins AL Rookie of Year
1953 WIBW TV channel 13 in Topeka, KS (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 – WRBL TV channel 3 in Columbus, GA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1954 1st regularly scheduled commercial flights over North Pole begins
1955 Poland & Yugoslavia sign trade agreement
1956 “Li’l Abner” opens at St James Theater NYC for 693 performances
Singer & Cultural Icon Elvis PresleySinger & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley

1956 – Elvis Presley‘s 1st film “Love Me Tender” premieres in NYC
1957 US sentences Soviet spy Rudolf Ivanovich Abel to 30 years & $3,000
1959 Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Smith murder four members of the Clutter Family at their farm outside Holcomb, Kansas (subject of Truman Capote book In Cold Blood).
1959 – Cleveland Browns’ halfback Bobby Mitchell sets club record for longest run from scrimmage (90-yards), beat Wash 31-17
1960 Elgin Baylor of NBA LA Lakers scores 71 points vs NY Knicks
1960 – USS G Washington, 1st sub with nuclear ballistic missiles, launched
1961 Comet C/1961 T1 (Seki) approaches within 0.1019 AUs of Earth
1961 – Roger Maris is voted AL MVP
1961 – UN bans nuclear arms
1962 Don Drysdale wins Cy Young Award
1964 Ajax soccer star Johan Cruijff debuts against GVAV
American Baseball Player Roger MarisAmerican Baseball Player Roger Maris

1964 – KBYU TV channel 11 in Provo, UT (PBS) begins broadcasting
1964 – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA San Antonio Civitan Golf Open
1964 – Mickey Wright shoots a 62, lowest golf score for a woman pro
1964 – Sudan Premier Ibrahim Abbud resigns
1965 Craig Breedlove sets land speed record (600.601 mph-966.57 kph)
1966 Gemini XII (Lovell & Aldrin) returns to Earth
1967 Boston’s Carl Yastrzemski wins AL MVP
1967 – Michael Adams in X-15 reaches 80 km
1967 – WLTV TV channel 23 in Miami, FL (IND) begins broadcasting
1967 – The only fatality of the X-15 program occurs during the 191st flight when Air Force test pilot Michael J. Adams loses control of his aircraft which is destroyed mid-air over the Mojave Desert.
1968 1st date in controversial Jim Bouton baseball diary “Ball Four”
1969 1st Jackson Five record to enter top 100 (I Want You Back)
MLB Outfielder Carl YastrzemskiMLB Outfielder Carl Yastrzemski

1969 – 1st commercial ad on English TV: Birds-Eye Peas on ATV (Midland)
1969 – 250,000 peacefully demonstrate in Wash DC against Vietnam War
1969 – Janis Joplin, accused of vulgar & indicent language in Tampa, Fla
1969 – Wendy’s Hamburgers opens
1971 Intel advertises 4004-processor
1972 Circle-in the-Square Theater opens at 1633 Broadway NYC
1972 – Small Astronomy Satellite Explorer 48 launched to study gamma rays
1972 – White Sox Dick Allen wins AL MVP
1973 Egypt & Israel exchange prisoners of war
1974 Ringo Starr releases “Goodnight Vienna” & “Only You” in UK
1974 – International Energy Agency formed in Paris within OECD framework in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis
1975 Miss Teenage America Pageant
1976 Syrian army conquerors Beirut
39th US President Jimmy Carter39th US President Jimmy Carter

1977 Pres Jimmy Carter welcomes Shah of Iran
1978 183 die as Icelandic Airlines DC-8 crashes in Colombo, Sri Lanka
1978 – Harold Pinter’s play “Betrayal” premieres in London
1978 – Pirates outfielder Dave Parker wins NL MVP
1979 Iran cancels all contracts with U.S. oil companies
1979 – ABC-TV announces it would broadcast nightly specials on Iran hostage
1979 – British government identifies Sir Anthony Blunt, art advisor to the Queen, as 4th man in Soviet spy ring
1979 – A package from the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski begins smoking in the cargo hold of a flight from Chicago to Washington, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.
1980 Pope John Paul II began 5 day visit to West Germany
1980 – 30th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Dale Earnhardt wins
1981 “Camelot” opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 48 performances
Soviet General Secretary Leonid BrezhnevSoviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev

1982 Funeral service held in Moscow’s Red Square for Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev
1982 – 4th ACE Cable Awards: “Bernstein/Beethoven” by Horant H. Hohlfeld and Harry J. Kraut
1983 75th hat trick in Islander history-Mike Bossy
1983 – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus proclaimed
1985 A research assistant is injured when a package from the Unabomber addressed to a University of Michigan professor explodes.
1986 2nd time “Saturday Night Live” uses a time delay (Sam Knison hosts)
1987 28 of 82 aboard Continental Airlines DC-9, die in crash at Denver
1987 – Carla Beurskens runs Dutch female record marathon (2:26:34)
1987 – Leile McBridge (Denver), crowned Miss Black America
1987 – NY Giant Raul Allegre kicks 2, 50 or more yard field goals in a game
1987 – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Ice Hockey Great Mike BossyIce Hockey Great Mike Bossy

1987 – 38th Formula One WDC: Nelson Piquet wins by 12 points
1988 91 m radio telescope dish at Green Bank, WV, collapses
1988 – Dodgers outfielder Kirk Gibson wins NL MVP Award
1988 – PLO proclaims State of Palestine, recognizes Israeli existence
1988 – Soviet space shuttle makes unmanned maiden flight (2 orbits)
1988 – The first Fairtrade label, Max Havelaar, is launched in the Netherlands.
1989 “Batman” is released on video tape
1989 – “Few Good Men” opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 497 performances
1989 – Bret Saberhagen wins AL Cy Young Award
1989 – France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1989 – Test Cricket debut of Waqar Younis & Sachin Tendulkar at Karachi
1989 – Walter Davis (Denver) begins NBA free throw streak of 53 games
1990 US President Bush signs Clear Air Act of 1990
US President George H. W. BushUS President George H. W. Bush

1990 – Producers confirm that Milli Vanilli didn’t sing on their album
1990 – US 68th manned space mission STS 38 (Atlantis 7) launches into orbit
1991 Dow Jones avg drops 120.31 points (5th largest dive)
1991 – Ricky Pierce (Seattle) begins NBA free throw streak of 75 game
1992 Cuban Ilyushin IL-18 flight to Puerto Plata crashes, 34 die
1992 – Praveen Amre scores century on Test Cricket debut (103 v SA, Durban)
1992 – 42nd NASCAR Sprint Cup: Alan Kulwicki wins
1993 Howard Stern radio show premieres in Myrtle Beach SC on WYAV 104.1 FM
1993 – Joe Buttafuoco sentence to 6 months for statutory rape of Amy Fisher
1993 – 13 Cuban refugees land in Florida after stealing a crop-duster in Cuba.
1994 “Glass Menagerie” opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 57 performances
1994 – 6.7-8.1 earthquake strikes Philippines, killing 45
1994 – Helmut Kohl elected German chancellor (341-340 votes)
1994 – Nepal Communist party Dutch Communist Party-UML wins election
1995 “Master Class” opens at Golden Theater NYC for 601 performances
1995 – Space shuttle Atlantis docks with orbiting Russian space station Mir
1996 “Into the Whirlwind” opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 2 perfs
1997 19th ACE Cable Awards: Nickelodeon wins the Golden CableACE for “The Big Help”
1999 Next transit of Mercury visible in North America
2000 A chartered Antonov AN-24 crashes after takeoff from Luanda, Angola killing more than 40 people
2000 – New state of Jharkhand comes into existence in India
2002 Hu Jintao becomes general secretary of the Communist Party of China.
2003 The first day of the 2003 Istanbul Bombings takes place, to be followed by additional bombings on November 20.
2005 Boeing formally launches the stretched Boeing 747-8 variant with orders from Cargolux and Nippon Cargo Airlines.
2005 – 39th Country Music Association Award: Keith Urban & Gretchen Wilson wins
2007 A devastating Cyclone named Sidr hit Bangladesh, killing an estimated 5000 people and destroyed the world’s largest mangrove forest, Sundarbans.
2012 At least 95 people are killed in Syrian conflicts
2012 – Deep Horizon Oil Spill: BP settles for $4.5 Billion
2012 – The Eurozone economy returns to recession with a fall of 0.1% in GDP in the third quarter of 2012 following a fall of 0.2% in the previous quarter
2013 5 people are killed and 10 are injured after a train derails in Nashik, India
2013 – Sony launches the Playstation Four, selling one million units on the first day
Russian President Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin

2014 Vladimir Putin‘s press secretary says media reports that the Russian president plans to leave the G20 Summit in Brisbane early are nonsense

Source: Today in History

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