KOLKATA: His fast life reminded one of Bollywood movies. Even when on the run, it resembled a racy crime thriller. He hopped cities to evade arrest and even while doing so, Kader Khan – the main accued in the Park Street rape case – maintained a flashy lifestyle. But where did the money come from?

All along, police have maintained that Kader’s relatives help him financially and logistically to move from one city to another. Even after his arrest on Friday, they stuck to their guns. “Don’t forget that Kader was absconding and he had no source of incoming. But he still managed to move from one city to another with ease. He spent time in expensive places like Delhi, Noida and Mumbai. Who was funding all this? We have reports that his brothers and other family members were helping him out,” said a police officer.

However, Kader’s elder brother Akbar Khan steadfastly refused any links with his absconding brother, just as he has been doing over the last few years. “We had no clue where our brother was. We did not help,” said Akbar. Another brother Salim, elder to both Naser – another accused in the same case – and Kader, claimed that they were innocent and hoped that the truth would soon come out. “We have faith in law,” he said.

The family came to know about Kader’s arrest from a relative in New Delhi early on Friday morning. “Kader was arrested last night. Ali was also with him,” the relative told a shocked Akbar. Akbar immediately broke the news to his six brothers. The Khan family on 5 North Range off Park Street could not get more details about the arrest for a few hours. The confirmation came from the Lalbazar around 9am. Khan reached the court around 3pm where his brother was sent to police custody for two weeks.

According to a relative of the family in Kolkata, one of the brothers tried calling up on Kader’s phone but it was switched off. The family has always maintained that they had no clue where Kadir is. Punching hole into the family’s claim that Kader was on his own throughout, the relative said: “The brothers in Kolkata did not manage to get any details for the next few hours because Kader’s phone was switched off.”
Source: TOI-Kol