HYDERABAD: As the affiliation process by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU-H) concluded, officials blacklisted total 903 fraudulent faculty members on Friday from various colleges.

The university issued a list of names on its official website under which majority faculty members were found to be flouting the JNTU-H Affiliation Regulations 11.9.1b, 12.9 and recommendations of standing committee on affiliation.

The regulation 11.9.1b states that in case of mobility of faculty members from one college to the other, the faculty has to intimate the university by registering the new college on the university portal. It clearly states that “if they fail to do so, it amounts to fraudulent presence in multiple colleges and suitable punitive action may be initiated on such faculty members.”

The list of name reveals that majority faculty members were registered in multiple colleges with minor changes in their names. “Few faculty members are registered in as many as five colleges at once. We have initiated legal action against these fraudulent faculty members,” said N Yadaiah, registrar of JNTU-H.

The university found that even if the faculty members registered themselves on the university portal, many had registered with the university faculty registration portal with fraudulent identity proofs, degree certificates, experience etc. leading to non-fulfilment of norms as per 12.9 affiliation regulation. Officials also found few faculty members who were studying post-graduation programmes while they were working in other organizations.

The fraudulent faculty members were identified when the university examined the mandatory information uploaded by faculty members on the university website after a hue and cry was raised over the quality of engineering colleges in Telangana last year. While several colleges had moved court against the JNTU-H affiliation process, even Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had raised the issue of mediocre colleges and faculty.

Teachers argue that since the pay scales is low in various engineering colleges, teachers are forced to have work in multiple colleges. “Although the salaries are fixed by the University Grants Commission, there are very few colleges that adhere to it. Most of them are taken on contract basis, leaving them insecure about their jobs. Therefore, wherever there is requirement, teachers take up jobs as part-time earning,” said Ramakrishna Reddy, president of Telangana Affiliation Engineering Teachers Association. He further stressed that instead of blacklisting these faculty members, the college managements must pay teachers well so that they don’t turn as scapegoats.

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Source: TOI-Hyd