Chennai/ Coimbatore: The Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination results, published on Friday, showed a 0.5% drop in the pass percentage from 2015. The performance of girls remained the same as last year (99.02%), but that of boys fell from 99.74% in 2015 to 98.72% this year. There is a marginal increase in the pass percentage at the national level.
This year, five students from Chennai topped in the ISC exams in the state. Interestingly, four of the five were from Sishya. Roshini Chandrasekhar from Sishya secured the first rank with 98.75% marks, the second rank (98.25%) was shared by Deborah Yazhini C of Sishya and Aparna Shankar from The School, KFI, Adyar, and the third rank (98%) was shared by Advaith Ramkumar and Raahul Jagannathan from Sishya.

Principal of Ida Scudder School, Vellore, Renita Muthusami said, “The syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12 is getting voluminous, and we are expecting the books to become bulkier for 2016-17. Also, the syllabus is quite challenging, especially for physics and chemistry.”

In ICSE, N Kailaeshwari (98.6%), from Stanes School, Coimbatore topped in Tamil Nadu. The second rank went to Shruthi Ravishankar (98.4%) from Vaels International School, Chennai, and the third place went to Keerthana Inian from Ida Scudder, Vellore. While the number of students who took the ISC exams increased from 688 to 725. The number of students who appeared for ICSE exams had risen from 2,547 in 2015 to 2,975 this year, showing a 17% increase.

There is a marginal increase in the number of schools too. And, students and parents say they shifted from Samacheer Kalvi to ICSE because, Samacheer failed to offer the kind of education they were looking for. “I studied Samacheer in Class 6, and was not happy with the content. So, I switched to ICSE in Class 7,” said N Kailaeshwari, the state ICSE topper.
Source: TOI-Che