New Delhi, Apr 8 () With UK-based Global NCAP today hitting out at Bajaj Auto for making ‘misleading’ claims of better safety standards of the company’s quadricycle Qute, the auto major maintained that its vehicle is “relatively better” in its tests than cars did in theirs’.

“Did we therefore mean to suggest that the Qute appears to have done ‘relatively’ better in its tests than those cars did in theirs? The answer is yes,” Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj said in a statement.

“Do we infer basis the results that we have seen that the Qute has achieved a safety rating on par with several European quadricycles & superior to many other European quadricycles? The answer is yes,” the statement said.

An independent charity focused on consumer-orientated vehicle safety initiatives, Global NCAP also said although it has given a one star rating for quadricycles to Bajaj Qute, the vehicle does not perform well and there is a “likelihood of severe or fatal head and chest injuries”.

In a letter written to Bajaj, Global NCAP Secretary General David Ward said: “It is also very disappointing to read that Bajaj was also reported to be making comparisons between Global NCAP’s tests of Indian passenger cars suggesting that the Qute had performed better than cars with a zero star result. To make such a comparison is misleading and wrong.”

The auto major, however, maintained that the Qute has achieved a one-star rating in its category of quadricycles, several popular small cars have achieved a 0 star rating in their category.

“Did we mean to suggest any more than this by implying that quadricycles & cars are one category, undergo the same tests, & hence that these results are directly comparable? Absolutely not,” Bajaj Auto said.

“We would equally respectfully suggest that in the future Global NCAP reflect a little longer & exhibit greater maturity in drawing conclusions before venturing to cast unwarranted aspersion upon an organization that has a track record for integrity & performance as does Bajaj Auto,” it said further. MSS RKL BJ MR

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Source: TOI-Delhi